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  • dyanisme commented on the blog post More Austerity for Greece, Recapitalization for Euro Banks

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    Just how the hell do they think that reducing their citizens to poverty is going to help?

  • There was a young boy… this was just a few years ago. I think he was 10 or eleven. I don’t remember his exact age, but I remember him and can picture him to this day.

    He basically died from a tooth ache. His family didn’t have dental insurance, and he knew that they couldn’t afford the dentist. So he didn’t tell his mother that he had a tooth ache. The tooth became infected, and the infection traveled to his brain.

    He died because he was poor and had a tooth ache.

  • It’s important to remember why Congress had to pass that law in 1986. During the early part of Regan’s presidency, hospitals had begun turning away people who lacked insurance. There were more than a few cases of people dying because they were being shuttled from hospital to hospital. One, in Kansas City, was a young girl whose parents lacked insurance.

    And GOP voters want to return to that? That shows a very ugly side to American.

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    Yeah. But maybe if things get bad enough, people will get off their asses and take to the streets.

    viva la revolucion!

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    I started watching……. and less than five minutes in all I could think was ‘blah blah blah’ and had to turn off the channel.

    I am liberal to the core. In my ENTIRE adult life, I have never failed to vote a straight Democratic ticket. Even before I reached voting age, I went door to door to support Democrats. So I never seriously thought I’d live to see the day when I can’t stand listening to a Democratic president. Yet, I have hit that point.

    All in all, I second whoever said “viva la revolucion!”

  • dyanisme commented on the blog post Russ Feingold Won’t Run Next Year

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    I’ve often said that we were better off without Feingold. I remember in the healthcare debate …….. I can’t remember the exact issue, but I think it might have been the push for Medicare for all. At the point, there was serious headcounting and talk of using reconcilation. And we needed every vote and every voice of support we could get.

    Where was Feingold? He announced that he was a ‘no’ vote. Not because he didn’t agree with the end result, but because he didn’t agree with the process being used to achieve the goal. And I remember sitting in front of my tv with my mouth hanging open. We were losing to GOP obsruction, lives of millions Americans were being affected, and he didn’t like the PROCESS???

    I knew right then and there that he was one of those ‘all talk’ liberals and not a fighter. We need fighters.

  • dyanisme commented on the diary post Families of London Rioters to Be Evicted, and Denied Welfare. by Robert Alexander Dumas.

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    The US does something similar now in the name of our “war on drugs”. People, including entire families, lose their homes and what little benefits they have if anyone is caught using or possessing drugs. It’s insane, but the average American is okay with it.

  • Maybe, some day, Americans will also wake up to the fact tht our elections are being rigged.

  • dyanisme commented on the blog post It’s Gonna Be a Weird, Weird Election

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    Yeah, i don’t know what to do this coming election. I was perfectly willing to vote for the most liberal candidate that I could find even if that meant the Republican would ultimately win.

    Then came along Rick Perry. That man just scares the utter shit out of me.

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    And this is happening under a Democratic president. (very sad)

  • dyanisme commented on the diary post Wisconsin and the Case of the Dogs That Didn’t Bark by Scarecrow.

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    Interesting post. It sort of validates my gut level reaction all day. The thought kept going round and round in my head, “I blame YOU, Obama!” And the more rational part of me would think “Why? I know that I’m angry with Obama in general, but is it really fair to also blame him for [...]

  • dyanisme commented on the diary post Lt. Dan Choi Needs Our Help. by Brian Sonenstein.

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    Yeah….. what does he think he is? A corporation?? Or maybe he thinks he’s a Republican. I hear they still have free speech rights.

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    Did they have a choice?

    Yes, there is always a choice. THAT is what drives me nutty about this learned helplessness among liberals and Democrats. After that mess of a Supreme Court election and knowing this was going to be one of the critical races tonight, Democrats should have done whatever they needed to do to ensure that shit never happens again. I don’t know what options there were because I don’t know the laws, but I do know this……

    If the current situation isn’t working to your favor, you do what you have to do to change things. You hire lawyers. You make such a big stink and prolonged stink that no one can ignore it. And if the other sides paints you as a nut, you make a bigger stink and hire more and smarter lawyers. F**king hell! Republicans know how to do this. They take a bone and DO NOT let go until they get their way. They find cracks in the rules and twist them to suit Republican goas. Why is it that when it’s SO important, all Democrats can do is shrug shoulder to say ‘what choice do we have?’

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    This is nothing less than a disaster. I’m glad that we picked up on, maybe two. But the national press is going to spin and spin to the right.

    I think until we put all of our focus into setting up safe-guards for fair and accurate elections, then we’ll never make any real progress. We HAVE to have verifiable results. We can work and work, but we’ll be going uphill with a ten pound weight on our backs the entire way.

    I do not believe that this country is as conservative as recent elections seem to show. But without accurate results, we’ll never know for sure one way or another. And if the GOP is truly stealing the elections as many of use believe, then we’ll never win if we continue to play under their rules for monitoring elections.

    If I’m not mistaken, Waukesha is where the lady who keeps votes on her personal computer is in control. Why did Democrates go into that election with that still in place???

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    Brad Friedman has been reporting that exit pollsters have been banned for doing their work.

    Ban the exit pollsters….. of course. That would have given us independent verification of the results. Now we have nothing but the good word of the people in control, all good GOP’ers.

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    The Tea Pary had the financial backing of right-wing corporations. Lately, I find myself thinking more and more “little fish meet big fish”.

    At the most, we’ll win two. And I’m not at all optimistic about that. So what’s next? I’m not kidding when I suggest that we begin voting for the most extreme Republicans we can find. It’ll take something big to truly wake up the American voters and bring them to the streets, so maybe the smart move is to try to hasten that.

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    Oh the hell is this happening? ALL of them? We’re going down in ALL of them! Are there any secret Democratic pockets that haven’t been counted?

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    SHIT!!!!!! I know that lately I’ve been the doom and gloom poster, but a part of me couldn’t help but hope. There was so much exictment today; I can’t believe it’ll end in favor of the GOP.

    Oh please God…..

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    I used to be so very confident in the future for our country. All through the Regan nightmare….. through everything as my friends would freak out, I’d have the same, calm response ‘It’ll work out. We are too strong of a country to fall.’

    And now, I’m not so sure. I started to fear, really fear, as I grew to believe that our elections were being stolen. And the fear settled in over the last few weeks, as I watched the president I voted for try his best to gut Social Security and Medicare. Then as the polling results from Wisconsin began to come in and all the lefty talkers began rationalizing the coming loss.

    I know that I’ve said this over and over, and I know that I’ve probably annoyed a few people with my doom and gloom predictions. But we haven’t a clue about the massive wave of right-wing money coming our way.

    I don’t expect good things tomorrow. Not after the 7,000 votes suddenly found to shift the Supreme Court election in April. And not after the Shock Doctrine events of the last month and today. Even if we pull off a couple of wins, it’s going to do little more than give the GOP a benchmark on how much more they need to spend.

    For the first time in my life, I don’t see a way out for our country.

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    Why can’t liberals learn to stand up and scream ‘foul’??? The GOP has pulled every dirty trick in the book to Democratic votes in Wisconsin, and already I see us explaining away the loss.

    I am so f**king tired of losing. But more, I’m tired of endless excuses to explain it away. Like it really matters. If we lose tomorrow, it’s a disaster! The GOP will shove it down our throats as “proof” that America really is a conservative country and how “Americans” support what they do.

    And just saying ‘we came close’ or ‘this as an expected result’ just ain’t gonna cut it!! If we were going to lose anyway, then we just made damned fools of ourselves in the process.

    I’m sorry. I’m really tired and can’t take this shit anymore. Can’t we managed to win ONCE in a while?

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