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    “Capital gains” are income “earned” through giving money to others to make money from it without doing anything yourself to earn it. Elsewhere, it is commonly called “unearned income”. One has to have a lot of money – to have paid for rent, food, electricity, gas, taxes, education, transportation and insurance – before one has [...]

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    Mrs. Thatcher eagerly used her military intelligence services to destroy the credibility of the unions, most especially the miners’ union and its head, Arthur Scargill. Dirty tricks were the order of the day. The US, for whose foreign policy the UK is a controlled subsidiary, unhesitatingly supported such moves, anti-unionism being the blood brother to “anti-communism”. Both, it seems, are regarded by some as necessary substitutes for democracy, an attitude indistinguishable from this order of prioritizing the public good: “Bonesmen first; God second.”

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    Lynching was something second graders used to have to deal with in person. As was listening to dad or grandad sitting on the front porch all night with his shotgun to make sure it didn’t happen to anyone in his family that night. Death was a possible consequence for sitting in the wrong seat on [...]

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    I agree that drone jockeys have a job to do, that it requires certain refined skills, and that the fate of others may be at risk in how well they do it. But they are not putting their lives on the line, the usual prerequisite for serious medals. They risk haemorrhoids and being late for [...]

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    I am a Very Fine Worker, thanks very much.

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    I wonder how many seconds it takes Gaggle to make US$7 million?

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    Gaggle and its pale competitors are what give the feds their privacy-invading juice. It’s beginning to make MS look as staid and rule-of-law oriented as the old IBM.

  • Routine expression of state capitalism. Give private corporations national security data for free, because they’ll use it more responsibly and make more money from it than the government could or should. Mr. Obama is beginning to make Mr. Cheney seem liberal.

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    Sanctify accountability-free, risk-free, backroom killing. All in a day’s work, really. Then again, since Mr. Obama refuses to admit he has drone programs here and abroad, there isn’t anyone to reward.

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    Let’s give varsity letters to bench sitters and Monday morning quarterbacks. Any of them could tell the coach how much better they would have played if they had actually been on the field. Let’s give full ROTC scholarships to the all day gaming crowd. They are tomorrow’s Medal of Honor recipients. Let’s staff San Diego’s [...]

  • Mr. Breuer, of course, is just the public face of the DoJ’s and Mr. Obama’s priority to protect the FIRE sector as if their lives, or at least their political fortunes, depended on it. His falling on his sword for the good of his tribe should not deter critically examining those for whom he has temporarily interrupted his career. Incidentally, it will be interesting to see what soft landing his sponsors provide him.

  • I agree with your critique, but suggest you not devote so much energy to this point. The Union is independent from the university, but it is and has been intimately connected with it for over 150 years. It is more connected to it than, say, Dartmouth’s rightwing student newspaper is to Dartmouth University or the Crimson is to Harvard. Lively misspoke, and stands corrected, but his is an error a laundry list of others would have made, too.

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    This “solution” bakes the cost of birth control into the premiums charged the bishops and their institutions, but allows them to claim they are not directly funding something they consider odious. It is a jesuitical exercise of form over substance, an art form the Church has made its special province for over a millenium.

    As for the bishops, I expect they will apply their arguments on this issue to explain to a carefully listening Mr. Obama why the Church’s “errant” priests ought not to be liable for their sexual crimes. It would offend the conscience to so assert civic over religious authority. Never mind the underlying behavior.

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    Thank you, Jon, for another elegant piece on this topic.

    I would add that governors, state party chairs, top state senate and house pols and all their consultants and top donors would have had a hand in this pie. The banksters have grabbed the four and twenty blackbirds and left burnt crust for former homeowners, their communities and county and state treasuries. This settlement also promises to upset 300 years of land title rules, which will do lots for calming the residential and commercial real estate market.

    This process sets a precedent that will make more likely the next bubble and ensure that the banksters will be back for more subsidies, immunities and exemptions from liability. It will make it more likely that standard corporate business models disdain current laws – SEC, IRS, accounting, workplace and environmental rules, ad nauseum – even more than they do now.

    Barack Obama, the constitutional lawyer. That is a phrase of praise that belongs in the dustbin. William Howard Taft was a HLS-trained constitutional lawyer. Before becoming president and a supreme court justice, he was a heavyweight machine pol from Cincinnati and governor of the newly acquired imperial colony of the Philippines.

    Taft’s tenure in the Philippines was great for American corporations, and for local police and militia. The latter developed state-of-the-art methods for identifying, cataloguing, tracking, intimidating, interrogated, and incarcerating would be political opponents. When we ignore history, we repeat it.

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    Precisely. Thanks for this piece, Scarecrow. This is not about religious freedom. This is about a special interest seeking exemption from civic and personal rights that have national application. This is about permitting archaic levels of social control to be exerted by a private party over not just its voluntary members but its employees, too. [...]

  • Note to Jane Hamsher:

    As is obvious to everyone, David Dayen deserves praise and a national journalism award for his coverage of this issue.

    Thanks to you as well for giving him a journalistic home from which to do such sterling work.

  • This is not a function of religious freedom. The issue is the fair application of employment laws, which should not favor one employer over another, allowing one to discriminate but holding another to common standards.

    Politically, of course, this is part of the bishop’s and the hard right’s (a redundant description) national campaign to restrict or ban access to constitutionally protected rights under the guise of religious “freedom” and budgetary arguments.

    Mr. Obama can be relied upon to cave on both fronts. It makes one recall that William Howard Taft, before becoming president and a supreme court justice, was one of the harshest colonial governors of the American occupation of the Philippines. He, too, was a Harvard Law School grad and constitutional lawyer who used his scholarship to restrict access to civil rights and enrich his most favored corporate supporters. The difference, apart from his immense girth, was that he admitted to be a Republican and a machine politician.

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    Hard to imagine a more daring example of false advertising. Then again, Time has been a government propaganda arm since before Stanley Karnow was its Paris correspondent.

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    The claim that drones offer a superior way to monitor human rights abuses is Orwellian. That might be a possible purpose, but not the most probable or likely purpose to which a security state would use drones. The US claim to be a credible human rights monitor is weak at best. Other states are nearly as poorly qualified.

    Drones are overwhelmingly utilized by the state to wage war on the “global” battlefield and to monitor citizens’ ordinary and potential extraordinary behavior. They are a mechanism of control and a vehicle for physical punishment. That they have beneficial potential uses is a fig leaf for their primary uses as weapons of control and punishment.

    Tasers, too, were touted as improvements in policing and as a “non-lethal” alternative to the use of a firearm. Their common use, however, is to assert emotional dominance over victims and to apply excessive, illegal violence over non-violent and already controlled victims. And they kill hundreds of people a year, hence, the Orwellian insistence that they are an “alternative” to the use of deadly force.

  • The correct issue is whether sexual predators are fit to be employed and given authority over the young when they commit felonies using the power given them by their institutions. The issue has nothing to do with sexuality or sexual orientation or parenting. It is about predation, in this case, sexual, and the lengths institutions go to cover it up and thereby abuse the innocent, themselves and the purposes for which they are chartered.

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