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    I understand that the Dems are Liars and Cheats. I think they are a little less obvious about it, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are Liars and Cheats. The main thing I wanted to put out in my post is that there are obvious bargaining tools that the Dems never pick up, [...]

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    Thanks for pointing me there, to what an excellent post, especially the laws at the very beginning:

    Mitchell’s laws: ●The more federal budgets are cut and taxes increased, the weaker an economy becomes. ●Austerity is the government’s method for widening the gap between rich and poor, which leads to civil disorder. ●Until the 99% understand the [...]

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    You know, I think Americans are stupid too, stupid for listening to media that constantly lies blatantly and implacably. A stupid person will fall for repetition of a lie. Now, an ignorant person doesn’t even know about the other problem, which is the specialty of media in America, the lie by omission. If Americans were [...]

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    These people leave me beside myself with anger because they are such liars about their desire to help the citizens of the United States. If they are sincere, they have a damn funny way of showing it.  Just the other day Barack Obama made noises, after having solemnly promised through his surrogate Joe Biden not to touch Social Security, [...]

  • Thing is, Peña Nieto did steal the election. I live here in México and I saw how he did it. It is no secret–it was extensively reported upon in Proceso magazine during the entire election process. Right here in my little town people were paid 500MXP (that is around 45 dollars) to go vote for the PRI. A bus was even brought for them. Other people I know were told by their employers to get ten IFE cards (that is the Voter ID card Mexican citizens use as their primary identification card) for Peña Nieto or be fired from their jobs. Lopéz Obrador “lost” just like he did six years ago against Calderón. A bunch of right wing business men backed Peña Nieto and also he had the support of Televisa. Polls were skewed–reporting was slanted–the whole nasty and very usual business was done to steal the election. People here are so poor that their vote can be bought by giving them a meal or some cheap junk. And generally folks here are ignorant and that is the way PAN and PRI like it. PRI/PAN is only interested in POWER. They do not care at all about how miserable and poor the citizenry becomes, as long as they can get into power to enrich themselves and their cronies. Sound a little like the Republican Party in the U.S.?
    PRI and Peña Nieto are making a big deal out of nothing around this supposed threat to peace and order during the Peña Nieto inauguration. There is NO THREAT–Lopéz Obrador is a peaceful man, and his supporters are not stupid. But if PRI can make the public perceive a threat, or even make a threat happen through a false flag operation, then no matter how non-existent the threat from MORENA, PRD or PT might be, the repression that follows the inauguration can be described as necessary. Fascists always work this way.
    Americans had better start getting smart about what is going on down here in the yard of their next-door neighbor, especially since American dollars and the stupid American drug war are causing so much damage here, but that is anther story, and this is running long.

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    “Demographics make the GOP irrelevant, Democrats make it unnecessary.”

    Excellent. Makes a great bumpersticker. Thanks, Eli!

  • I recommend _The Wild Blue_, by Stephen E. Ambrose. It’s a good read, and you learn all about McGovern’s war record. He was an outstanding Army Air Force officer who flew 35 combat missions over Italy, France and Germany in WWII in B24s. He won the Distinguished Flying Cross. I don’t remember any political use [...]

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    I think what you do is vote Obama. This gives time to fight back against an adversary who is possible less prone to open violence than a Republican president. You also vote any progressive candidates, obviously, and you monetarily support progressive candidates. You work against Blue Dog Democrats and Republicans in any way you can. [...]

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    Obama had a great opportunity to punch back hard on Romney’s failure to show us his tax returns and on the Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts. Such an easy target, and Obama chickened out . . .

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    Lee Camp is awesome. He has a great podcast over on iTunes called Moment of Clarity. You can download all his stuff there and it is really worth listening to.
    While I am plugging podcasts, treat yourself to The Jimmy Dore Show, a comedy show with a clear-eyed liberal perspective. Really funny stuff.

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    Here are my five reasons for voting for Obama, in spite of his horrible record: 1) The Republican opponent, whoever that person may be, will be infinitely worse. The Republicans are all, “I’ve got mine, so screw you” me-firsters of such low moral character that no feeling human being could ever vote for any of [...]

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    I read that the original wording of Eisenhower’s speech read “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial-congressional complex.”
    He was advised to take out the word “congressional” and he did so.
    He should have left it in.

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    I’m done with CREW.

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    If you’re a Democrat, and you still support Barack Obama, you need to get your head examined. He is going to buckle before the Republicans again, and throw another of his promises out the window: He’ll extend the tax cuts for the rich for two more years, and then he’ll fight, during a reelection campaign [...]