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  • e b bortz wrote a new diary post: state of the union chemical poisoning

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    the pipelines & holding tanks are never empty poised to fill & dispense another lethal dose so depended on like an inrush of new capital to the fossil industrial complex breaking down a body’s natural resistance as the migrating waters move toward death don’t say the consequences are never perceived when the spin doctors call [...]

  • e b bortz wrote a new diary post: impatience leads

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    like there might not be an escape or a next and the politicians blow out one more fracking scheme and the regiment of schemers grows in the up-tick of the dow and even on a cloudless day the sun sneaks off before awakening and the bus riders step off in town with strollers and blank [...]

  • e b bortz wrote a new diary post: earth note 257

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    i’m ready to make the leap to the withering away of the state right now rules are made & broken by an unelected homo sapiens filter who consulted the others? what manifesto-bible gives a single untold story? dreams are wet in the rainforest from an out-of-body experience pelicans fish past sunset long after the nets [...]

  • e b bortz wrote a new diary post: there is no ‘two-party’ system

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    free advice from the annals of facebook users on the liberal dem side there will always be ‘lesser-evil’ ‘take what we can get’ ‘capitulation forever’ ‘fracking is a bridge’ (to the abyss) ‘our corporations are progressive or health insurance related’ ‘sorry…we’ll have to cut/gut the students & seniors to satisfy the other side’ ‘drones = precision’ [...]

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    thanks for reading it.

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    hearing john mellencamp  ask america what’s left of our soul like who do we want to impress  now the exxons of the world or the folks sinking & slipping off the side waking up to find the only thing real  is the inequity & when & where did the lady from ellis island lose her [...]

  • e b bortz wrote a new diary post: if there’s any possibility

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    that the nsa is reading my poetry blog i guess it behooves me to cloak every word in a new & obscure language & super subtlety that most mfa graduates would throw out as gospel poetry critics expound on highfalutin literary editors solicit snoopers erotically pour over in visors & dark glasses congress codes away [...]

  • e b bortz wrote a new diary post: i’m writing this for my own clarity

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    The cosmos has spoken. The ideological storm coming will transpose everything we thought of previously as ‘politics’.  There will be no vindication or rescue:  liberal, progressive, moderate, socialist, libertarian, tea partier, large or small d Democrat, large or small r Republican, independent this or that, revolutionary, 99%, a believer or non-believer, corporate monarchist or safe-haven [...]

  • e b bortz wrote a new diary post: Assad and Gaddafi: Joined at the Hip

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    One only needs to look at the popular indigenous democratic movements in Syria and Libya, the collective blood lost, the historical pain of anti-democratic repression, and the militarization of large segments of these respective governments, to see the “end game” objectives that Assad and Gaddafi share.  They simply want to survive at all costs…even though it [...]