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    This is one example of why it’s so important that people stop conflating legislation with what is actually legal: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2013/01/25/arizona-republicans-propose-bill-that-would-not-allow-atheists-to-graduate-high-school/

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    It is not legal to store data on Americans’ communications in a giant database which is exactly what they are doing. It’s in Utah, it’s far larger than what would be necessary to store the data they admit to storing. This diary is nonsense and the writer should be taken back to 7th grade civics [...]

  • As I see it, they did so well on limiting health care reform and pushing anti-contraception laws that they felt they really had something going on here and decided to push it as far as the country would let them. Now, they see their limits. They still got pretty far with the help of Republicans and some Democrats.

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    This isn’t a fight for the party’s identity. It’s a goofy 25 year old Deaniac turned Obamabot turned MoveOn guy vs. an Israel first Democrat vs. a really good progressive candidate who came in late due to a personal situation. Sheyman was one of those kids in the orange jackets and hats that lost Iowa for Howard Dean. His little MoveOn group sat on the Yahoo Group of the Illinois Single Payer Coalition and attacked the single payer advocates. So much for his health care creds. I live in the district and fought Mark Kirk and Bob Dold for years. This candidate is being shoved down our throats by PDA, DFA and PCCC. Maybe he’ll win the primary, but it’s a long road to beat Dold in November and I’m left wondering if PDA, DFA and PCCC will see this through or whether Sheyman will impress or disappoint should he become the congressman. I personally have worked with him and never found him impressive.

  • A lot of courts blow by statutory requirements in foreclosures and evictions because no one is there representing defendants and few other than plaintiffs’ attorneys ever show up. If the Occupy Movement wants to do something that is very long, boring and out of the limelight, but also very meaningful, they should go observe these hearings. I DO NOT MEAN protesting courtrooms or causing a scene. That will only get you put out of court. I do mean going, dressed appropriately, and sitting quietly in court, noting whether the plaintiff is requires to prove proper service, ownership of the note and other statutory requirements. You might also want to note if the judges are chummy with plaintiffs’ counsel as that sometimes happens when they are the only ones in court together all day long. Sometimes it’s casual harmless chummy-ness, but it can get bad. I was once in a suburban eviction courtroom where the judge’s clerk would not allow anyone not a plaintiff’s attorney to even look at the form orders that were supposed to be public documents for everyone to look at or take and I’ve seen judges and plaintiffs’ counsel yuck it up over defendants who were merely trying to defend their cases. It can get bad, particularly in rural or suburban courts, because no one is there to see or complain about it. If people regularly went to observe, even if they stayed quiet while in court as they should, perhaps some of this would change.

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    This is some sort of strategic initiative of the mortgage industry. They just got a law passed in my state of Illinois to prevent foreclosure defendants from raising jurisdictional defenses after 60 days from the date of their first appearance. This means that almost no one will be able to raise lack of standing because by the time a defendant gets an attorney, that attorney conducts discovery and the discovery is returned, the 60 days will have long passed. We tried hard to stop this bill from passing, but the Democrats in Illinois were more than happy to help lenders and servicers avoid questions into their note ownership and foreclosure practices.

  • At least Democrats on the hill are starting to wonder what it’s going to be like to run in their states/districts with a record of having cut Social Security benefits and raising the Medicare age.

  • Thanks Jane. Sorry to see you taking so much heat and sadly astounded by the chorus of Democrats supporting this stuff just to keep the “hope” alive and Obama in the White House for what reasons I cannot understand. I learn the Democrats can actually replace long policy descriptions for smear and hate, but only against the left and never against the right. A real learning experience. It will be interesting to see the Republican response in 2012 and I expect to see commercials attacking Obama and Democrats for cutting Social Security and Medicare. When incontinent grandmas and senile grandpas start moving into all the under water luxury homes of their children and grandchildren, I imagine people across America will get mad and wonder how we got to this point.

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    If Obama is playing chess when everyone else is playing checkers, he’s lost all his rooks and knights and is about to lose his queen. Republicans are probably already filming the commercials showing starving, homeless seniors and blaming Obama for cutting Social Security and Medicare. How’s he going to answer? “You made me do it”? If they don’t vote for it in any large numbers, and they won’t because they don’t have to, no one will buy Obama’s defense. No, this was never any grand scheme. Just more Democratic party nonsense. I’m sorry I supported this guy or any of my Dem reps and I’m done with them now.

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    He got a good bit of support in Chicago too. Here are some pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/60814633@N04/?saved=1

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    I’d like to know what the charges are going to be. The guy was fairly soft spoken and despite the silly euphemism he used, he was polite to the officers. He made no physical move toward the TSA agents, so there’s no assault. They didn’t try to arrest him, so there’s no resisting arrest. He didn’t get on the plane or try to get on the plane. He simply refused and explained why. Seems to me that the so-called crime here is the disagreement itself. Perhaps it’s going to the be public disagreement, but what about free speech? Target has free speech. Whole Foods has free speech. Goldman Sachs has free speech. Don’t human beings have free speech anymore? Will it soon be illegal for any of us bloggers who disagree with the TSA searches to fly, even if we submit to the search? This will probably only be settled when people stop flying because of the search policy. Those who have bought into the fear keep telling the rest of us not to fly if we don’t like it. Maybe we shouldn’t and give the airlines some economic stimulus.