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    The underlying premise of NOM’s argument is that a father somehow contributes to his children simply by being male, which is to say that he makes a contribution that doesn’t require any effort on his part (the mother, on the other hand, is expected to put in lots and lots of thankless effort).

    If two mothers can do as good a job of raising their children as a mother and father, that does not even remotely imply that fathers are “irrelevant”; since the majority of people are heterosexual, most children who are raised by two parents will be raised by a father as well as a mother and the father, by virtue of being one of the two parents raising the kids and the effort he puts into that job, will most certainly be “relevant”.

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    There have been some studies on migration patterns. Gay men, for example, show a definite tendency to migrate from rural areas to large urban areas. Lesbians, on the other hand, do not show this tendency. I’m not aware of research on bisexuals or (straight) transgender people; there are likely to be problems with inadequate sample size there.

    This is one of those cases where we shouldn’t sacrifice accuracy for inclusiveness: we shouldn’t assume that all members of the “alphabet soup” behave the same way.

  • Take all the vowels out of “Reince Priebus” and what do you get?

  • Malek famously complied with Nixon’s request to compile a list of prominent Jewish people in the Democratic party and in some government offices (though it appears that he feels actual remorse about it now).

  • Am I the only one who wants to read it as “Conservatives Unite Moneyshot”?

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