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    Yes, I have many options open to me. Even before getting an offer from UC Berkeley, I had offers from Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Stanford, UNC, Charles University in Prague, and so on. I will explore those options instead.

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    After returning home from my vacation in Japan, I emailed the admissions department in UC Berkeley telling them that I have decided not to pursue my PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science. I know that I have been approached by them various times, and I was excited to go, but with the addition of John [...]

  • I was planning on starting this fall semester at UC Berkeley for my PhD in Computer Science and Mathematics. Looks like I have a reason to never go there until they remove his ass.

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    Thumbnail Feeling patriotic? Here’s a few facts about America. As the nationalistic ritual known as the 4th of July approaches, let me start off by listing a few facts about the US that you may or may not know: Current Prison Population in the United States: 716 prisoners per 100000 . (as of 2009) Healthcare Expenditures in the US: $8,508 per [...]

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    I remember in 2009 when the “Tea Party” movement started, and there was this whole thing about protesting government spending and being against big government. Back then I did agree with the movement on many things, but as years passed by I became disillusioned and realized that they never really cared about true government corruption [...]

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    Yeah, in retrospect she is right, but for the wrong reasons. She is sadly an Obama supporter through and through and will blindly vote for Clinton because she thinks all the good things he allegedly did for America will continue under Clinton. You are right in saying that she will continue the legacy, and you [...]

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    That’s the thing, some people actually think like that. In my view, the Obama legacy will be remembered for his increase in drone strikes, continuation of the Bush doctrine even though he pretends that he’s different from Bush, continuing to spy on Americans, punishing whistleblowers and protecting the corporations so that he could curry favor [...]

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    Thumbnail Hillary Clinton – Caricature As Hillary Clinton prepares for something that may be another presidential run, I ask myself, why? When I visited the D-Day memorial in Normandy I reflected upon those who have died and was wondering to myself why anyone would send young people of my age back then to a war that [...]

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    Nancy Grace, she is the judge, jury and executioner with pancake make up.

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    As a bisexual man, I get sick and tired of when someone tells me or anyone from the LGBT community that we are sinners and that they hope that we repent and ask god for forgiveness. But hey, it’s a monotony of insanity that continues as days go by. We are told that they love [...]

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    Most definitely. It’s something I wrote a few months ago while living in exile in the Pacific Northwest.

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    Hello world. I have been on  a very long deserved hiatus. Let me take 2 seconds to come out as bisexual. Okay, now here is a poem dedicated to politicians who have long used their power to walk on the people they claim to support. For those who have read my posts from the past, [...]

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    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to everyone. Take that Fox News!

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    War is a racket.

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    The suspension was unwarranted, but that was the decision of the hierarchy. Anyways, that pales in comparison to Fox News and the fact that they have potential 2012 candidates on their payroll. I like Dylan Ratigan, but I like where he is at.

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    As I watched the elections yesterday, I had the same reaction I had in 2008 and 2006, “the only winners today were those who helped perpetuate the status quo.” Even though I was happy to see some of the candidates I supported win (i.e. Justin Amash) and some who I knew were going to win [...]

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    Your sarcasm is as clear as air. I wonder what Jon’s executive producer have to say after he got arrested for assaulting a 9/11 activist.


    “Restore Sanity” my ass.

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    I agree with you, there really was no difference between Glenn Beck’s Perpetuating Tyranny Rally and Jon Stewart’s Silencing Dissent Rally. Both rallies did accomplish one thing: keep people in line and demonize those who have legitimate dissent. Glenn Beck, Jon Stewart, and company are nothing more than gatekeepers of the status quo pure and [...]

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    True, I can’t stand that corporatist stooge McConnell. We’ll see how things go on election day.

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    Exactly, and that’s the problem. Politicians always pay lipservice to AIPAC and if you stray from the pack, you are labeled anti-Israel. For those who love Israel so much, why don’t they move? They seem to love Israel more than America so they should move out already.

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