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    Thanks for heads up, I’ll be adding him to my summer reading list.

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    It’s John Scalzi, no?

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    Thank you… I am proud to share this little ball of mud with you, sweet woman-warrior.

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    I’ve been working on the issue of mass incarceration (the racist drug war being a big part of the prison explosion of the last 30 years) for some years and, along the way, I’ve HAD to make alliances with looneytarians here and there. However, what Paul doesn’t get is why the drug war is racist. He isn’t addressing institutional racism. He has no interest in addressing the core issue of racism, he just sees it as a government program. While stopping the drug war (and I doubt that in today’s political climate any president could exert even his constitutional powers, but that’s another topic) would go a long way in decreasing the arrest rates of people of color, it wouldn’t address the racism that creates these racial disparities in the first place.

    In any case, this is a moot point as I would never vote for a racist to begin with.

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    As a Latino, I find Paul’s newsletters,which (contrary to his protestations) he VIGOROUSLY defended until 2001,offensive and racist. To my knowledge, he’s never outed the people who wrote them, he’s profited from them, and takes money from racist organizations such as Stormfront and the CCC.

    I doubt it very much that we would be having these discussions if it were a Latin@ candidate.

    But fuck that shit. apparently a woman’s reproductive rights and the rights of minorities don’t mean squat to certain people. Fine. And that bullshit about his stance on the drug war demonstrating a sensitivity to people of color because it impacts us disproportionately is bullshit. As a person of color, I know all too well what these motherfuckers mean by “states rights.”

    I realize that pointing out the extreme racist views of a candidate won’t cause many people much discomfort, so let’s do the economic piece: what about his neoliberal economic policies, the same policies that have brought all of us down this road to serfdom? Is smoking weed that important that we would vote for an idiot who would make the Bush/ Obama disastrous economic policies look like a walk in the park?

    when I think of Paul and his professed vision, I think of Somalia.

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    I’ll see your point and raise you one: Perhaps the reason why the teabaggers never got marginalized, gassed, beat and trampled is more directly correlated to the FACT that the teabggers never had over 1000 cities around the world coordinate solidarity marches involving MILLIONS of people. At least that’s what I will tell my Glenn [...]

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    Great article and an important issue.

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    for me, this is not even open to debate. the way our society is structured today si that there’s a possessive investment in “whitesness”: racism is a matter of interests as well as attitudes, a problem of property as well as pigment. Above and beyond personal prejudice, whiteness is a structured advantage that produces unfair [...]

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    Part of the problem with SOME african americans and Latin@s and other people of color is that there’s a rift in progressive politics. Racial rifts (among others) that have their roots since the 60s when grassroots movements splintered. I know many people of color are going “Huh?” when seeing this movement grow when many of [...]

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    This has been a HUGE problem here at OWS and both women and people of color (POC) have voiced similar concersn. What we’re trying to do is offer trainings in order to help thoise who don’t speak up, or are ignored learn to empower themselves and become spokespeople for the movement. Some white men have [...]

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    I am also a friend of Bill’s and I agree with your sentiment. I do feel, however, that as a movement, we must supply the support and tools necessary to create a bridge to fill in the grievances, many of which are valid.

  • Exactly, the implication being that they own blacks (“OUR blacks… “). they can’t even see this bullshit.

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    Thanks, I wrote this much too quickly and there’s more to plumb here. But I am inspired by the willingness of many of those involved to be fearless in this work.

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    OMG!! No offense meant, my friend, I just have a warped sense of humor. Glad to hear you’re “here” with us, as we need those whose shoulders we walk on to be around to show us. — Paz

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    ¡Hola Mi Gente! Sometimes you can tell the effectiveness of a movement by the amount of venom spewed at it. The corporate-owned media still cannot effectively put a spin on #OccupyWallStreet because its strategy and conceptualization is foreign to the current paradigm. Fox News accuses us of being anti-Semites one day, secretly run by George [...]

  • As someone who has worked in NYC nonprofit sector for almost two decades, I KNOW FOR A FACT that there are people referring the hungry to the OWS “soup kitchen.” A few days ago, I was told by someone I trust that they are sending recently released Rikers Island inmates to the OWS site.

    Rikers Island is the largest penal colony in the world and is also the de
    facto “warehousing” of the homeless and the mentally ill.

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    I believe that if we’re still here in May, we will be talking about a different world.

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    Thumbnail¡Hola mi Gente! Haven’t been writing as much lately mostly because I no longer have a laptop and I’m spending most of my free time (when I’m not looking for full-time work) at #OccupationWallStreet. There’s so much I want to share, but things are happening so quickly, it’s hard to keep up. * * * Thinking is an action; [...]

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    the danger here is to fall into the trap that this is a Tony Bologna issue. It isn’t. It’s a systemic NYPD issue. We (OWS) must apply the same frame we use to uncover the erosive effect of the financial institutions and bring it to bear on criminal justice issues.

    I’m hoping to do an announcement at a GA asking those with narratives re: police brutality and violations to tell share their stories with a grassroots campaign I’m involved with:

    PROP: Police Reform Organization Project

    Our purpose is to…

    “… to stop the current wasteful, ineffective, unjust, illegal, bullying, homophobic, and racially biased practices of the NYPD; to create a strong, independent entity that monitors and assesses police priorities and policies and that effectively investigates and punishes abusive conduct; and, to establish and implement local problem solving measures that strengthen communities while reducing crime.”

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    I’m suprised we haven’t put the magnifying glass on Bloomie since he’s a poster child for what’s fucked up with the system:

    “… Bloomberg spent an average of $185.10 for each of the 585,466 votes he got in the Nov. 3 election, when he beat Democrat William Thompson by a narrower-than expected 50,597 votes – a margin of just 4.4%.”

    More here:

    “Bloomberg’s campaign tab: $108,371,685.01. Getting relected to a third term as NYC mayor? Priceless.”

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