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  • As if I weren’t depressed enough already. Fall is coming, my vacations are over, the endless winter sits just over the horizon….

    Oh, screw it. Best of everything, Mr. Bogg. You’ve been a joy to read over the years, and even a Tweet here or there will be greatly appreciated.

    Bon voyage!

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    Summing it up, precisely. Godfuckingdammit. I want to go to bed but I won’t sleep for hours, so what’s the point.

  • Can we start calling him “Big Danny Woodhead”?

    Or, could be yet another Belichick attempt to mindfuck the J – E – T – S Jetsjetsjets. Watch him start kicking extra points during a Patriots blowout…

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    Are you talking about Wolff or McMegan? Not sure if either of them is in imminent danger of reproducing.

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    Hmmmm…. I am an actual graduate of the University of Rhode Island.

    They shall be hearing from me tomorrow.

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    Gang rushing is way more effective if you begin by throwing Himalayan sea salt in the shooter’s eyes.

    Ask any Sherpa.

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    In other Cheney-related news (h/t Charlie Pierce) Robin Yount bagged a blue-capped manager bird..

  • Somehow this vanguard of American entrepreneurship manages to operate restaurants in Canada. Even has a cute little maple leaf on his company logo. Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Better Health Care.

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    Because nothing is more effective in uncovering the diabolical power of mind control than a PowerPoint presentation.

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    The first 15 minutes of Maddow’s show last night was classic. Should be required viewing in PoliSci 101 (or Journalism) classes for the next 20 years. Maybe the next generation will watch that segment and laugh uproariously at the ridiculous stupidity that was the Republican party ca. 2012. Just like Tbogg nation does now.

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    1. Vote for Romney Stay home on November 6th – Boycott the Evil!
    2. Wait for the Grand Awakening four years eight years later
    3. ?????
    4. No more drones Single-payer Health Care!

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    Has he ever tried to bury it in the living room?

  • edub commented on the blog post Eric Holder And His Bitchin’ ‘Fro Was Once An Angry Black Man

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    I’m so old I remember when the Padres could sign free agents like Oscar Gamble, Rollie Fingers, and Gene Tenace.

    Ah, memories…

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    And what if I could fly by inhaling unicorn farts?

    I’m sure you’re just a Republican shill, as opposed to a sincere, well-meaning Nader voter (big difference), but it’s just tiring, because reason and logic have no room in the conversation.

    Do you get extra points on comment threads for inciting vitriol? If so, I’m sorry for contributing, although it does do me proud to consider myself a “Job Creator.”

    For tbogg, OT, but still and then some… Charlie Pierce has beaten you to the Tebow speculation this week.

    I still think he should have landed with the Chargers, to ensure the end of the Norv Turner error era

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    He’s also a regular on Stephanie Miller’s radio show.

    If you wander over to Charlie’s site, he’s gotten into a comment war with Michelle Malkin’s evil minions over a misinterpretation of “New Order.” Scroll down a few posts. You can’t miss it.

    I just sent him some love, Mr. Rogers style. Why don’t y’all do the same?

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    And now, thanks to you, I have my “Morning Coffee,” which will make my daily early morning web surfing (that which takes place before the boss arrives) even more efficient.

    Pretty awesome add-on.

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    Since I think our cute little puppy at #4 gets extra credit points for direct responses, I’ll refrain from mentioning him/her by name.

    But, I will say, if that piece of tripe was handed to me as a 7th grade term paper, it would get less than a passing grade.

    Boilerplate, much?

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    I won’t believe it until I see it in the Daily Aztec.

  • I thought it was “eat a bag of salted dicks,” but then, I’m a purist when it comes to this kind of thing.

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    So, I’m not really edub but using his login! My daughter, same age, lived for a year in SoHa, 113th St. You can be cool and call it that! Now she lives further towards Midtown after a couple of years in Morningside too. It was safe enough, easy to park there if you ever have a car there. She really didn’t have any problems; her building was a conglomeration of many different types of folks. There are lots of restaurants near Columbia, and a couple of good book stores. As others said, don’t run through Morningside alone or at night. Walking the streets seems fine. I love the restaurant Community. It’s kind of happenin’ although a little pricey. Well, it is NYC. If you visit, don’t miss Barbuto. Way downtown but fun! I always told my daughter if it got really late to just take a cab. They really aren’t as expensive as you’d think. My child adds “Cafe Amrita on 110th St” as a best tip. Have fun! I grew up in Queens and left as fast as I could, but now I’m back all the time!

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