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  • I was hoping she would go into porn.

    Hey, the holy rollers have been trying to kill porn for decades. That’d be one way to do it, for sure.
    I’m guessing she’d be the one wearing leather and chains, brandishing a whip.
    Aaargh. I gave myself a terrible need for brain bleach.

  • Maybe Miss Cheney just needs to grab her carpet bag go on a listening tour.

    Take her about half a day to find and talk to all the intelligent Wyomians.

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    McCain and Hillary, by contrast, haven’t yet shown evidence of that dread disease.

    Really? You mean he was always Grandpa Walnuts, yelling at clouds?

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    Sam Adams was a raving revolutionary. Damn I’m tired of these half-baked, a-historical twits.

    Hell, by the 1750s, the Puritans pretty much weren’t Puritans anymore. From the history of First [Puritan] Church of Boston, founded in 1630 and still going:

    Salvation of all Men (or Universal Salvation) was known and discussed among Boston ministers from the 1750s. It was not published until 1784, but marked a major shift in theological thinking. The results are shown in the 1786 Declaration of Faith which replaced the original 1630 First Church Covenant. Gone were such burning issues as covenant theology, visible saints and the conversion experience. In a now Enlightened congregation, early Puritan piety declines. This is a document which anticipates a movement toward Unitarianism:


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    Beatniks and bohemian, he was, and we all know how dangerous they were (at least those of us old enough to have known actual beatniks and bohemians)!
    Best quotation from the link is right at the top:

    An Oregon native, Geis had a “religious experience” at age 10 one summer day while reading a science fiction pulp magazine on the beach,

    I did too, at about the same age, but religious had nothing to do with it.

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    … because one or two of them will have a gun-related accident. “I didn’t think it was loaded . . .”

    Natural selection. Proves Darwin was right, no matter what they think.

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    I know the right to seek legal redress is sacrosanct (at least if you have the resources and time and/or money), but isn’t there some way to rein in the most egregious abuses of the system, such as this?

    There are rules in Federal and many state courts. IANAL, and I don’t play one on TV, but I can link.

    I (unfortunately) knew this guy.

    Martin was born in 1945 in Middletown, Connecticut.[7] His father, Ralph Beneducci Martin-Trigona, was of Italian, Maltese, and English descent, and his mother, Helen Anthony (née Vasiliou), was Greek American.[8][9] He received a B.A. from the University of Illinois in 1966, and a J.D. from that institution in 1969.
    In 1973 the Illinois Supreme Court refused to grant Martin a license to practice law in the state due to such conduct as attempting to have a parking violation thrown out because it had been “entered by an insane judge” and for commenting that an attorney, who suffers from a mild case of cerebral palsy, was “shaking and tottering and drooling like an idiot.” The court also cited Martin’s Selective Service record, which attributed to him a “moderately severe character defect manifested by well-documented ideation with a paranoid flavor and a grandiose character.”[10] Martin holds that the remark was written out of spite by an evaluator with whom he had a dispute.[3]
    Martin then became involved in consumer advocacy and referred to himself as “the people’s attorney general”. He took credit for being the first to file suit under the civil component of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), as well as the first to file antitrust actions against the Big Three television networks for anticompetitive practices in network affiliation agreements.


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    That woman should be so thoroughly disbarred that she’s forbidden to set foot in a food court.

    Wasn’t she in trouble with the Federal district in Atlanta(?) for failing to pay fines they imposed on her for refusing to withdraw a frivolous suit, or something like that? Didn’t the court threaten her license?

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    You really have to appreciate the business model of local news stations who send “reporters” from the Live At 5 News Action Eyewitness Doppler Radar We Care Action Action Team down to the big box stores to hype the run-up to the Black Friday sales.

    Its in Chapter VII of the TV News Director’s Manual – Covering the Holidays with Skeleton Staff. Especially in a small market like mine (Providence RI).
    Tuesday: Send a reporter to a supermarket. Subtext: Hurry up the turkeys are flying away, you glutton slob.
    Wednesday: a reporter to the airport to marvel at the Caluctta-like crowds. Backfired here this week – the airport was mostly empty, so they had to ad lib a story about how everybody left Tuesday, and drove.
    Thursday: Run stories from the national reel, with maybe a visit to a nursing home and a soup kitchen.
    Friday: The aforementioned BUY IT NOW NOW NOW! stories.

    BTW last time I was in any mall was to buy a tie for my father’s funeral, in 2004. Sometimes at this time of year I’ll order on line for in store pickup, but actually “shop” there? I’d move the holiday to March, first.

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    Damned good thing that none of the wingtards read this blog.They get enough crazy ideas of their own. And they have no concept of satire or irony in their tiny little epistemically closed minds. They’d run with this for at least a couple of hours.

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    One more thing: let the market decide. I’ll bet they’ll eventually, but quietly, restore the porn.

    Hell, if Mittster loses, I’ll bet they restore it by the end of election week. “Bidness,” indeed.

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    Shouldn’t he be filling stadiums with cheering crowds ready to go out and set the world on fire to get him elected?

    Well, since he won’t pay minimum wage to the “crowds”, he couldn’t get anyone to come to the “rallies.”

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    You’re not prejudiced.
    You hate everybody.

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    One of the orderlies at the Brighter Tomorrow Reverse Mortgage Senior Center has wheeled Country Bear Jamboree Fred Thompson (remember his presidency?) into the dayroom where upon Fred proceeds to O-pine and fulminate…

    Nobody’s gonna’ notice, since Uncle Grandpa Fred is already doing actual teevee commercials for the aforementioned Brighter Tomorrow Reverse Mortgage Senior Ripoff Center. Its just more background growling with a drawl.

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    Let me just say that if you are judging a candidate by his tax returns, you’re not trying hard enough. Democracy is, as Andrew Shepherd counsels, advanced citizenship, and requires due diligence. Lotta work.

    But we’re not judging him by his tax returns. We’re (or we’re hoping the electorate is) judging him by his hypocrisy and mendacity.
    This is not a principle debate between Horace and Plato [picked at random - sit down, classics majors!] Its politics of the “ain’t beanbag” school, which has been the case in the US since the country was founded.

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    To do so is to abandon the soul; to do so is to abandon every thing that defines what it is to call yourself “liberal” continue to lose elections.


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    Sorry, but reasoned, factual argument, or counter-examples, are useless in this discussion.
    I was a freshman in college (and wearing my ROTC uniform) when JFK was shot. There are more weapons out there, fewer laws and more lax enforcement, than at any time in my life. Some PhD candidate can study the reasons and the history; I don’t own a gun; I only pretend-shot during my six-year reserve enlistment; I’m glad I live in a state, surrounded by other states, with strict gun laws. I sincerely believe we won’t stop the stupidity in my, or my daughter’s, or maybe my [prospective] grandchild’s lifetime.

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    In any event I mourn for the center of the country who deserve better.
    Why, exactly, do they deserve better. They voted for the assholes. Its not like the TeaHadis sneaked up on them, or something. Elections have consequences.

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    I don’t ever remember a license being taken away, or even seriously threatened, for offensive content. “Having assholes on the air” is not a loss-of-license offense.