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    I grew up around an engineering department of one of our top tier universities in Texas. My tenured professor parent raised millions of dollars to fund research, graduate students, construction of facilities, purchase of computers, and more. Lots of boring textbooks were written – by engineers for engineers – but they teach that way there. The faculty has an equal number of democrats and republicans. Republican donors have given and continue to give hundreds of millions of dollars to the engineering school. I honestly don’t see NASA, general dynamics, thiakol, etc., hitting that research and hiring those Ph.Ds educated from $10,000 non-tenured professors. No med schools, Law schools, A&M Vet school.

    Maybe Perry’s had it with lazy astronauts, space shuttles, doctors, lawyers, engineers, vets, But he doesn’t have a shot in hell on this one. Just a thought from my little corner of the world.

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