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  • I have that XM/Sirius radio in my car so was listening to the “Progressive” station on my way into work (in which any onlooker could see me ranting at the radio). I do look for the Pacifica station on my internet radio at home. I find I have enjoyed shows by M. Feder (sp?) and Mike Malloy in the past. The XM/Sirius have changed the station line up quite a bit and I no longer listen to it that much preferring the less stressful “love songs” station and I also like to listen to NPR which has a larger variety of programming (not all political talk all the time).

  • I was pretty gobsmacked yesterday listening to a rebroadcast of Stephanie Miller to hear her speak of Snowden as not a whistleblower or hero but a leaker and a coward. She cited him seeking asylum (as if he had any other choice that did not involve incarceration since the US gov. rescinded his passport) with Russia (“the biggest surveillance state ever”–which they are not, the US is) and “making Putin look good” (he had nothing to do with making Putin look good– it was Putin deciding to offer him asylum which made him look good). Then accusing Glenn Greenwald of bullying other journos using his powerful media resources/access (a Twitter account?– really?) it was like I woke up in an alternate universe. Progressive radio really does have it’s head resting in Obama’s transverse colon.

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    I remember nursing my son and honestly, would not wish to be on a jury doing this as I felt my brains were being sucked out along with the breast milk.

    I think she should have been allowed breast feed breaks. If that is too much for the court, they could have excused her from the jury duty.

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    I am beginning to understand how the people under mid 20th century Soviet/DDR rule and those under dictatorships felt/thought–that sense of futility, helplessness, uncertainty and a shot of paranoia– kind of like an Emergency Room visit in an inner city hospital. Nurse Pelosi pulls on the nitrile glove and….

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    My son is 20 and does not have a car. He didn’t have the money. we were not willing to purchase one for him as it is a large responsibility and we wished his focus to be on his studies. I feel that owning a car adds to his distraction factor as his carfree friends (of which he has many) will be bumming rides etc and he is generous to his friends. Learning to read a bus schedule and knowing how to transfer and use public transportation is a life skill and I never want him to feel that he is too good for the bus which is an attitude many upper middle class kids have around here. In addition, I feel, if he really wants one, he will be willing to put the work into earning one and purchasing it on his own. Having a car was not a priority for him. He shared my car when he needed one or took the bus. He would get a monthly bus pass. Sometimes he would call for a ride if the bus schedule was inadequate (weekends, nights). Right now he is boarding where his boss lives so gets a ride from him. When he goes back to school, he will likely live in the dorm. He plans to live in a metropolitan area where there is mass transit or bikeable distances. He figures he will have little earning power in his field of study (journalism) after graduation and his goal is to graduate without debt and keep a low overhead expense wise. Having a car, to him, weighs him down.

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    From my email box:

    Get on the Bus for Bradley Manning!
    Join the Peace Council  June 1   on a trip to Fort Meade for a national rally and March for whistle-blower Bradley Manning, on the eve of his court martial. Bradley has been imprisoned for four years, and the outcome of this trial will determine whether a conscience-driven 25-year-old [...]
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    When I was voting on election day, one thing I noticed on my ballot is that 3rd/4th parties were only running in the presidential, senate and congressional races. No alternate party candidate was running in the races for judgeships, sheriff, state assemblymen, school board, town clerk, county seats nor state senate. If no one knows [...]

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    Around here, an empty chair in the yard or driveway means someone went inside for another beer.

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    HCR involves cuts to Medicare that are taking place this year. For example, the government will not reimburse healthcare providers (hospitals, doctors) for readmissions within 30 days for 3 common diagnoses: pneumonia, congestive heart failre, and acute MI. They want to push it to more admissions and the window to 90 days. If the hospital does not get paid by the government for a hospital admission, who do you think they will bill? Grandma and Grandpa. Collection agencies will be a calling and homes will be put up on a shitty sluggish real estate market. Good luck chuck.
    There will be an outcry like you won’t believe.

    Now you know why HCR was postponed until after 2012 elections.

    Hospitals will either have to close or turn people away. Doctors will be telling patients to either embrace palliative care or find another doctor because they are also facing deep cuts. How can Drs. and hospitals be responsible for someone’s adherence to a medical regimen or, the fact that advanced disease does not get better? They are trying to do to healthcare what they are doing to education.

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    I supported him in 2010. I hate Buerkle.

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    Thanks, I think I fixed the link. We really need to push multiple parties.

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    http://downwithtyranny.blogspot.com/2012/01/how-neutral-is-dccc-when-it-comes-to.html   I have to say this really pisses me off.  Brianne Murphy is a local citizen who walks the talk.  She is familiar with the issues in our district and is a true progressive.   Dan Maffei — no one sees him unless it is election season, basically a 3 piece politician.  I guess he [...]

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    The election with real consequences will be that of Congress and the Senate. Obama has shown us how utterly powerless the office of the Presidency is. In order to advance any legislation you need the Congress. We are probably at least 20 years of work to get actual progressive leaders that aren’t paid off lackeys and that doesn’t account for recidivism.

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    As if they won’t be importing Mexican, Honduran, and Chinese to build that pipeline. It will all be contracted out. Ever see Verizon “contractor” crews in your neighborhood? Remember the crews hired for N.O. after Katrina? That is how they do business. I recall they promised jobs when NAFTA was being negotiated and the Obama Admin trumpeted jobs with his latest FTD. I don’t see any new jobs. I see more places laying off.

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    Just wanted to add that I think Ron Paul probably will take New Hampshire.

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    One has to wonder what it was Bachmann said to turn Sorenson against her. If we could only hear from the fly on the wall. Something happened. I don’t think it was money. Do you think he had some epiphany on the depth of her insanity? Maybe Marcus made a pass at him instead.

  • There was a front page article in our local paper about Occupy Syracuse on 12/12/2011, that’s a little over 2 weeks ago. Here’s a link:

    “..Members of Occupy Syracuse are preparing to camp out through a long Central New York winter — and Syracuse officials are willing to let them.
    Movement members have erected a triple-walled Army surplus tent at the concrete and brick plaza in front of One Lincoln Center on South Salina Street. Lined with a floor made from plywood and shipping pallets and equipped with a handmade, 10-slot bunk bed, the 18-foot-by-18-foot shelter is where occupiers will spend the night. It will replace the half-dozen small domed sleeping tents that now huddle in the shadow of the office building.
    “We’re stocking up on shovels,” said Ryan O’Hara, an online auto parts warehouse manager from Weedsport who does communications for Occupy Syracuse.
    The campers are collecting warm clothes, gloves and hats – “everything you need to stay outside in the winter,” O’Hara said.”

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