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    Let’s talk about it. drop me a line at eekunin at gmail dot com

    We have to start trusting ourselves sight unseen although I am in a business (I’m a lawyer) where when someone says “trust me” I count my fingers to make sure they’re still all there.

    As for state legislators, I wouldn’t count on them either.

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    What are you talking about? I assume Mr. White refers to the Declaration of Independence (I count 56 signers, but no matter) as an example of laws being nullified by citizens. Some commenters here are quick to yell “troll”. Why they so object to an opposing POV (and Mr White’s is not an opposing POV)I have no idea.

    As for the settlement, it is beyond bad. It is an in our faces take down, a shut up and what are you going to do about it moment. The words we use to describe it don’t matter. It is a huge step away from that which we supposedly hold near and dear.

    The question is what, if anything, we can do about it? Are we of the opinion we can do nothing? As for those who suggest riots, take a look at Syria. Do you think we in the US are inclined in that direction? We haven’t been the home of the brave for some time. The establishment is armed to the teeth and we are not, but all need not be lost unless we can’t even bring ourselves to talk amongst ourselves.

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    Human behavior has two possible sources, heredity or environment.  Anyone with children (we have three sons) knows infants with the same mother and father display different personalities from the get go. Heredity certainly plays a role, but to say heredity controls, lets us off the hook too easily. If while in the armed forces we [...]

  • You’re right. I didn’t realize he was a federal prosecutor. How could anyone in his right mind assign him this case? You can get paranoid and conclude they do this because they don’t have a case. They want Manning to remain in jail until some appellate court says there is a conflict of interest, which there certainly is.

  • It is difficult to understand Coombs’ strategy. Does he expect Almanza to say you’re right I’m prejudiced? His other reasons, that he prosecuted 20 cases is a reason to be biased? If I had a dollar for every prosecutor who becomes a judge, I’d have a bit of money. As for the delay, the motion, if granted, guarantees more delay. I don’t understand the witness thing. I’m not up on military justice (an oxymoron?) but the idea you cannot produce any witness you want in your defense goes against the freedoms we supposedly hold near and dear. How does not closing the hearing prejudice the defendant? I haven’t understood the B. Manning case from the start. Still don’t.

  • Gingrich has been so all over the place, it’s hard to get a handle on him. He’s the guy who would shut down the government because he didn’t like his treatment on Air Force One. Nothing happened since to make me believe he developed emotional maturity.

  • OK everything you say is so. Do you plan to vote for Gingrich? If you’re looking for someone worse than Obama, he’s it. Voting Green? Good luck with that. I think Gingrich may win. Read somewhere there’s nothing so scary as running into a ten year old with an AK-47 as happened often in Africa. The US is a ten year old with an AK-47. Is there nothing we can do to disarm the kid?

  • If you think the Supreme Court will get us out of this, think again. They already ruled prisoners are entitled to habeus corpus (the system works!!)but nothing happened. The conservative DC circuit ignores the Supreme’s opinion (it was only 5-4) and now the Supremes don’t grant cert because they don’t want to be exposed as the powerless jurists they are.

    The real culprit is Congress. When a president ignores a supreme court order he (or she) should be impeached. In our system of checks and balances any two branches should overrule the third. Since there is no example in recorded history of either a legislature or a supreme court becoming a dictator, the only cause for concern is the executive. When the other two branches don’t have the courage of their convictions, they may find themselves convicted along with a good many others.

    We also are somewhat to blame since we should be thinking of ways to get the system to work for us, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards either.

  • I am trying to suggest something different. Occupy Wall Street does something I suggested some time ago, many demonstrations all over, not a single million person march in DC. OWS goes half way. We need to create a national network, town by town which can turn into whatever we want including a third political party. The trouble with third parties is that people don’t know how many will vote them a la Ralph Nader. We need to demonstrate numbers, get confidence in ourselves. Then we can take things over at the ballot box. First we get together on a small scale which I have not persuaded anyone to do. I don’t have anything to offer OWS but my sincere best wishes. I might try an occupy Bridgeport, but I’m not sure how to start it . In the end I don’t see it accomplishing what we need to accomplish.

  • The question is what the newer generation, the backbone of the Occupy movement, the majority of enlistees in our adventures abroad, a generation poised to do worse than its parents and experiencing record high unemployment currently, plans to do about it.

    Is there anything we can do? Fighting the hierarchy is difficult and dangerous if you fight really hard. There may come a time when people who threaten torches and pitchforks pick them up, but we’re nowhere near that. The trouble, my friends, is not with the stars but with us. We’re all liberals here even when someone suggests someone gets banned and opposing points of view are scorned as trolls. We call it moderating, but it is censorship. Some posts, like selling sneaks, should be deleted (I don’t know how they get past the moderators) but IMHO just about everything is OK with me. It’s not OK with you? What’s your problem? Can we discuss it? Not here.

    We are in extremely deep doo doo and all we do is post angry comments. Can we discuss that? Not here. So you say why don’t I create a blog I want? I would try if I could find someone to join me. For all our reporting of what we eat and what music we listen to, we don’t trust each other. Not for serious business. That’s probably where we should start. I doubt anyone is interested in that either. So rant on. I’ll come in now and then with my rant until perhaps I get banned.

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    I don’t think you should apologize for “feeding trolls”. If you feel like apologizing for anything, apologize for calling the guy a troll. I am not familiar with internet advertising. The rule used to be if you owned the publication, you have the right to decide what goes in it including advertising. In the past various groups objected to not being allowed to run their ads on national television networks.

    People have a right to their opinions and we, as true liberals, should defend to the death their right to have them. Margaret’s saying the guy should be banned is right out of the Commie handbook. Are ads rejected by this site because they are politically incorrect? I guess that’s something we’ll never know.

  • A large required change of mind is the way we (everyone not just you and me) relate to each other. Here is my email address eekunin at gmail dot com
    In about fifteen years of looking for someone to bounce ideas around, one person emailed me and I sent him so much stuff I scared him away. We have to trust each other sight unseen and we have to trust ourselves to protect ourselves. Should I suggest I have a case of dynamite in my garage which we should use to blow up the local federal building (a sure sign I am an FBI informant) you or anyone I suggest that to must run, not walk to the authorities. In the end we, each of us, are responsible for what we do.

    I have what I think is an original theory about the psychology of group behavior. I’ve written a book I can’t get published. I could tell you where to read it if you are interested. The occupy Wall Street with demonstrations all over the place comes closer to what I have suggested for some time. We need to organize on line by our smallest political subdivisions. The network would have lots of possibilities, commercial and political. If broad based enough it could become a political party. The trouble with third parties is that people don’t want to throw their vote away, say vote for Nader and let Bush in. They would vote for a third party if they knew enough people were behind it to win.

    Let’s kick things around.

  • I am not ordering people around. I am looking for a fellow traveler, one will do. So far not yet. You are right. I am getting tiresome. It will take more time for you to look for different paths, just as it took you a year after the public option debacle to decide we need an alternative to the Democrats. Now two years later, we haven’t made a move in that direction. If you think member only webinars and MyFDL will do it, I fear you will be disappointed again.

    Bradley Manning is an example of liberal’s short attention span. The first thing he should do is get a lawyer to move for a speedy trial. There could, perhaps, be a niche on this site to open source his defense. I am a lawyer but I have no experience with military justice-now there’s an oxymoron. Doesn’t mean I can’t help if something were to get going. At present his defense is one man who doesn’t seem to be doing much.

  • It’s terrible that some people are so crazy that to protect their economic status they murder. One would think the social position they protect means something in the infinite scheme. It’s worse that Obama, former community organizer and left leaning campaigner, does their bidding.

    That said your post is not much of a push back. We need to organize differently and like it or not, that starts here. No individual can do it alone. If we, together, can’t walk the walk, we are finished.

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    I’m shocked! shocked! Every time a pay to play scheme is exposed everyone acts as if it’s the exception, not the rule. Not only was Barney Frank’s boy friend hired by Fanny or Freddie, both organizations made large political contributions. Face it. The system’s corrupt. Get over it or change it. I suggest the latter. Any ideas on how we might begin?

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    The 1930′s analogy is apt today. Hitler defaulted on German bonds and used the money to build an army. WWII was not a good idea, but the idea of defaulting and starting over is well established. The usual cry is that filing bankruptcy ruins credit ratings, but generally that’s not the case. Creditors get some comfort in that one must wait six years to file bankruptcy again.

    We will never return to prosperity by bailing out banks. We could declare war on sewer systems and install water-less toilets everywhere. We need a huge undertaking, TVA cubed, but most likely we will emulate Hitler and invest in guns.

  • Ask yourselves-why class structure or rich and poor with gradations in between? Class structure establishes a ranking of superior and inferior. It is psychotic in that any ranking we create is divorced from reality. We die and difference ends.

    It should be clear the wealthy are motivated by hatred of humanity. Their collective hatred, like individual self hatred, turns suicidal. They build nuclear plants on fault lines, they pollute, and they enjoy the pain they inflict on others as in let them eat cake.

    The relationship is reciprocal. People who see themselves as inferior, desire to be led by those they see as superior. And so it goes.

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    Like it says in brokerage ads–Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Rick Perry, IMHO, can do lots of damage. I’d prefer an effort to get a viable alternative going, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

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    I don’t know how educated or superstitious you are, but you, and all of us, will get what the uneducated and superstitious get. Come November 2012 what do you do? vote Obama? Rick Perry (I think he’s going to be their man)or his ilk? Nader? Green? or do you decide to sit it out? Nasty choices, but unless we manage something else, those are the jokes.

    The problem is hierarchy including the hierarchy that is FDL. If we can’t fix ourselves, we can’t fix anything.

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    It is not about sweetness and light or why can’t we be nice to each other. It’s about power and who wields it. We either have hierarchy with those on top telling the bottom what to do or we have everyone coming together to make decisions for themselves. Today we have hierarchy for a reason. Everyone likes it that way. Pathology is ubiquitous with those at the bottom liking the irresponsibility of others deciding for them. Even FDL, this hot bed of liberalism, is top down.

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