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    Just don’t use apple products. They suck anyways.

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    The two-tiered justice system in action. Lets hope the local Alabama news picks up this story, maybe a little public shame will convince Mr. Rollins to act differently.

  • While I would agree with OldFatGuy’s premise that Democrats are as much of a problem as the Republicans are, my 20 second research of googling the EPI’s page on the Bush tax cuts is basically ambiguous. They have links to pages supporting it and opposing it. Hell one was a link to an article written by the freaking Heritage Foundation….. But the majority were opposing the Bush tax cuts.

    Basically, good premise, but its wrong in this particular case. It seems

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    Everyone tries to understand the occupy wall street protest with their objective rational mind. They take a glance and see that no specific leaders or any specific policy suggestions are offered, and they dismiss it immediately. What many of the “really, very serious” minded folk don’t understand is the feeling. The feeling of being screwed [...]

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    I did find “the code” part really strange. Who’s code? His?

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    I think I’m lost on the entire conversation. I find myself slightly agreeing with Mr. Books. What I take from that article was that he think that empathy is a way for people to viscerally get to feel someone else’s suffering and then get some self-satisfaction from that. Therefore you would not actually feel the obligation to act. While I don’t agree that most empathy is like that, some is.

    “Empathy orients you toward moral action, but it doesn’t seem to help much when that action comes at a personal cost.” This is true. You guys seem to take from it that we are flawed because we selfishly look out for our own self interests. That isn’t flawed at all, its smart evolutionary. We’re animals, civilized, but still animals. And yes we are also empathetic and cooperative, because it was smart evolutionary. Empathy and cooperation is what sets us apart from other animals. It’s now in our self interest to be egalitarian, to be concerned with others whom you’ve never met.

    Also, I didn’t get the big pro-authoritarian thing Brooks was supposed to say. All I saw was that empathy alone isn’t enough, action is required. I guess I didn’t see the subtle meanings. Like many of you have already posted, its obviously in our own self interest to be empathetic. We have evolved to be more cooperative and peaceful than any o our ancestors. Think I’m still lost.

  • Soooooo if I don’t pay my taxes the IRS can send me to jail. But if I’m rich and don’t pay my taxes they come asking, no…, begging me to pay them. And I only have to pay about 1/5th or less of what I owed them. I can start to see why they loved the guillotine in 1800s France. I literally HATE the super wealthy. I don’t want to become one, I want to see them BURN….

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    Me too, cus as we all know, its style over substance.

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    Best comment I’ve read yet. Gotta write that down…

    As far as this article, it just makes me so sad. Things are going to have to get much, much worse before they get any better.

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    As much as I hate to agree with the guys at Alternet (ugh), they do have a point. I haven’t seen ONE news story besides the video posted above regarding these protests. I thought the point of a protest was to draw attention to a particular cause. And considering how the only people who know [...]

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