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    If you wanna understand what is really going on in terms of just why the Presidents with a “D” after their names fail us, you need to look no further than their own financial reports on the various honorariums and what not that come their way.

    For some basic understanding that includes actual amounts paid to Hillary and to Bill Clinton (And that one can extrapolate what Mr Obama can expect when he leaves the WH for “private life)” — refer to the information in this post:


    No one making such obscene amounts of money, or who is aware that in less than 28 months, they too will be in on the gravy train, can really care about their Party, their Nation, and certainly not the Middle Class. A lot of “quid pro quo” has come dwown the pike, and this is why the nation is an oligarchy and not a democracy.

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    Having been forced to meet some prison guard types, many of them would indeed be out of work if prisons were to become actually set up for rehabilitation. Many current day prison guards are doing that work only because it pays better than being home alone with the kids, and the animals, who they would [...]

  • And we not only fight Israel’s wars for them, we also give them a 30 billion dollar allowance, signed off on by George W, and that began offering the money in 2009, with last payments to be in 2018.

    Meanwhile, Detroit, our crumbling infra-structure, the public schools, the libraries, and all the rest of the mess that is the once great USA, now a pawn of a foreign land.

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    I am here, dying of envy.

    What a fabulous story. It gives me great plesure to read such a thing. (And now excsue me while I turn on the gas and rest my head close to the oven. Ooops ! It *would be* an electric stove.)

  • I get so sick to my stomach whenever I think of this.

  • Very few Americans realize that when you do get “allowed” to be on Medicaid, you also are allowing the local Health and Human Services agency to tag your estate for re-imbursement of any expenses charged against you.

    So yes, a 55 year old can get on mediCaid, and then perhaps get some needed life saving tretments and procedures. (Although good luck in getting anyone competent to do brain surgery or a quad by pass – the better physicians for the most part want no part of MediCaid.) But should you get a treatment, your double wide trailer won’t be left to your kids as the estate now belongs to the State. By the way, this does get mentioned, in a bit of paperwork that is sent to the HHS client after they have signed off on being on MediCaid.

  • That has been my question too, as well as my question about how it is that the various Big Insurers allowed on the California exchange are crap-on-a-shingle?

    My family had to choose from among three Big Insurers. There was Kaiser that had already almost killed my spouse by their mis-diagnosis. Then there was Anthem which has never refunded any of the payments I made for procedures that were to be covered. (I jumped numerous hurdles to get exactly NOWHERE in terms of getting my monies.) Then there was an unknown insurer.

    I should mention that Kaiser doesn’t have a single clinic, hospital or doctor in my County, and since they are terrible to deal with should you use another clinic, hospital or doctor during an emergency, I have to wonder why they were allowed to be considered as one of the choices.

    There doesn’t seem to be any oversight in terms of what is happening. The Repbulicans say that having any sort of government programs covering insurance is simply WRONG. The Demcorats say all is well, and getting better day by day. The average consumer is starting to see the writing on the wall. (At least they’re starting to see what is coming, but it involves seeing beyond the slogans patched up by the One Big Money Party over the writing on the wall.)

  • Yes Sarah B. – and then as over the eyars, poorer people no longer have teeth, they look even more stupid. So then the “presstitutes” can write up these articles about how great the ACA is, and if anyone in rural America is quoted, the newspaper can simply accompany that person’s text with a photo.

    The implication being: “How stupid is that toothless moron?!? And if that person only beleived in Obama’s ACA, they would still have his or her teeth!”

    Whenever I get a cavity, I now simply walk in circles around my living room, saying, “I do believe in tinkerbelle, er Obama. I do believe.” And then miraculously, that cavity is healed. (In my county, ifyou are really poor, you can get on a county dental program. When I fell into that category, I had a minor cavity. They put some type of pavement-like sludge, black and grey and gritty, in to fill the minor cavity. Within two years, the whole tooth had rotted!)

  • It has been discussed on some websites that when you go in for tests, you think that because your doctor sent you to that particular lab, and since yr doctor is in your insurance network, then the tests will be covered. But for whatever reason, doctors often send people to out of network labs, and then the insurance you were counting on to pay for the tests will not. And get this – then those payments you make for those tests do not even count toward the deductible.

  • Yes, and the ACA establishes new boundaries of keeping the serfs in ignorance. Even if you sign up on the Exchange here in Calif. you don’t for instance get an actual policy printed out on paper to read. You just get a card in the mail. You are told over the phone (at last that is how it works in Calif.) the names of several Bigh Insurers and then you choose from your experience with those names. In my case, I could choose between Kaiser which almost killed off my spouse by mis-diagnosing him, or Anthem, which never ever refunds you your money. (They tell the doctors that the patient must pay up front, and the client is told that they will get re-imbursed, but in my experience, I am still out $ 4,000 even though I jumped numerous hurdles to get the money back.)

    There was also one other Big Health Insurer listed on the Exchange, but since I had never heard of them, I am equally dubious about them.

    You can also visit web sites to determine which of your insurance choices might be best for you, but get this: in Marin County, one of the Big Insurers has a website up with photographs of popular local doctors, and there is this big hullabaloo made to the effect that these doctors are part of this insurance network.

    But in turns out they aren’t! Ha Ha, stoopid consumer. You will now have to drive out of the county to get any service, because NONE of that insurer’s doctors actually work in Marin County!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!! And if it is an emergency, and traffic is in its usual San Francisco gridlock, then double or triple the Ha Ha Ha’s!!

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    I admire your enthusiasm. And I can imagine all the pathos surrounding the flyers and phone calls from Big Soda, etc regarding the campaign against Big Soda. Have to say I doubt that Michele cares one bit though – I view that whole “healthy children need to eat healthy foods” meme as being just her [...]

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    The ffact remains tht it is within the purview of any Attorney General to all by himself or herself remove a drug or substance from one part of the drug schedule and then re-schedule it. Eric Holder, like 95% of people in power, is subserviant to the whims of Big Pharma, and will not do [...]

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    So much of what is out there regarding “truths” to be followed are just so much horse puckey. While we needed this current Administration to meet the needs of the people in terms of rebuilding the economy, little was done to meet the people’s needs, but insted, activites were fostered by people like Geithner to [...]

  • The situation you describe is exactly why the quote “The saddest words in all of history are the words, ‘This time it will be different’ ” came about.

    In other words, most people just never ever learn. A thing!

  • Whack-a-mole. Like others here state – that is one brilliant description.

    And I wonder if others here are as disappointed as moi – we Americans are only fighting this early round of WWIII on two fronts. The first front: Up in the Ukraine, where we fund those sniping at and bombing the citizens of that region. (New York Times reports how one million people have already been displaced by that fighting.) And the second front, where we actually have our planes in the air above Syria, (although as yet “no boots on the ground”) and other places in the Middle East where it is necessary to destroy the many villages to save the many villages.

    Anyway, two war fronts is all so very 1940′s Germany. This is the USA in 2014! Can’t we involve ourselves somewhere in South America and get rid of that nasty Socialism in Venzuela? After all, a case could be made that it is from Venzuela that all the dangerous notions of legalizing drugs spring forth. Surely we are up for a bit more war than what is being provided. USA! USA!

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    Budget-wise, our police forces get more and more. The amount of money to fund cops has risen so much that a recent letter to the editor at The Press Democrat in Santa Rosa, Calif. pointed out that the police in Sonoma County receive over 500 million, while fire fighters try and get one fourth of [...]

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    It is rather curious that the same set of peopel who continually harp on Walmart’s (or whatever) also use it continually.

    I broke away from the banking system and don’t use the banks. Inconvenient at times, but I’d rather walk the talk than just talk about how the system is too powerful to defeat.

  • Joe? Joe who?

    Is it the same Joe whose son, one Hunter Biden, is now on the board of Directors of the oil firm whose interests we are asserting as we snipe and bomb civilians over in the Ukraine? http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-07-25/company-which-joe-bidens-son-director-prepares-drill-shale-gas-east-ukraine

  • I agree with you in total. How can we trust that the USA will “stop ISIS” when we are behind their creation? After I published my Weapons of the Twenty First Century article (Coastal Post, 2002,) I received more comments on that one article than all the other 36 other published articles of my career combined. And the article dealt with mind control weaponry.

    One thing most people do not realize is that when the public was told that in the face of fighting with ISIS soldiers, the more numerous and better equipped Iraqi Army soldiers tossed aside their weapons and then ran away – that activity smacks of those soldiers being attacked by a mind control microwave weaponry, that afflicted their bio-chemestry in such a way that they had n choice but to toss out their weapons and run away. The weaponry in question could only have come from the USA. (Or it could have come from the USA’s offering modern technology to Israel or the UAE states, and then that technology has been been passed along to ISIS.) But it certainly is not a technology that any group of desert fighters would find on their own.

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    I used to wonder how all the people in Europe during the thirteenth and fourteenth century could be twisted and turned so ridiculously away from logic that they would support the endless One Hundred Year War. I remember historians saying that at the end of the war, no one really knew what the various causes [...]

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