• I agree with you in total. How can we trust that the USA will “stop ISIS” when we are behind their creation? After I published my Weapons of the Twenty First Century article (Coastal Post, 2002,) I received more comments on that one article than all the other 36 other published articles of my career combined. And the article dealt with mind control weaponry.

    One thing most people do not realize is that when the public was told that in the face of fighting with ISIS soldiers, the more numerous and better equipped Iraqi Army soldiers tossed aside their weapons and then ran away – that activity smacks of those soldiers being attacked by a mind control microwave weaponry, that afflicted their bio-chemestry in such a way that they had n choice but to toss out their weapons and run away. The weaponry in question could only have come from the USA. (Or it could have come from the USA’s offering modern technology to Israel or the UAE states, and then that technology has been been passed along to ISIS.) But it certainly is not a technology that any group of desert fighters would find on their own.

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    I used to wonder how all the people in Europe during the thirteenth and fourteenth century could be twisted and turned so ridiculously away from logic that they would support the endless One Hundred Year War. I remember historians saying that at the end of the war, no one really knew what the various causes [...]

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    As far as the 55 billions of weaponry gifted to UAE states and to Israel – a friend collated those numbers back in the period of Aug ust 2010 to September 2011, and at the time, iahd a file that had the links to citations. Of course, we can easily find the current day citations [...]

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    It has been pointed out to me that the USA “had to gift” Israel and the UAE states with the 55 billions of dollars of modern weaponry, or otherwise the military would have had to bring it home. At unbearable expense. (Since the war in Iraq is going to cost us some three trillion bucks [...]

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    My question Number One is: Where did all the high tech weaponry for ISIS come from? Remember when the people in California were being foreclosed left and right, while the state and county governments had to lay off workers? (And at the time, some 36 to 37 other states of the Union were in the same [...]

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    Where there be resources, there must be conquest, and that usually means war. Of course, since the USA perhaps now controls the International Court in the Hague, the USA will possibly be able to glom onto some $ 20 billions of dollars worth of Russian oil that the Putin Government had determined had been embezzled [...]

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    Excellent piece. Also, additionally consider this: The cost charged to all of us for the digitalizing of patients’ records. Back in the mid nineties to 2005, I was an attendee at countless board meetings for a hospital in Northern California. At one point, the hospital I was most concerned about, they had its director state [...]

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    Well as far as vaccines, that whole study so widely touted in headlines as proof that vaccinations do not cause autism, with headlines screaming out “the proven fact” that data from babies and kids given vaccinations containing mercury vs data from babies and kids given vaccinations without mercury – there was no difference between the [...]

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    Well there are alternate theories of what is happening in Iraq. For instance, Michael Collins is bringing the news that death squads supported by USA and UK are currently behind a lot of the bloodshed over there. When a populace is sick of war, and unlikely to return to the site of another outbreak, best [...]

  • What? Do you really think if Joe Biden’s adult son was your average hick from St Louis, or Minneapolis, or even a hick with an Ivy League degree, that he would suddenly one day get this peachy situation to fall into his lap? Today’s world is about connections, and more connections. Which is why those [...]

  • Thumbnail Despite recent language suggesting progress on legalization, the federal government continues to imprison cannabis entrepreneurs. Matt Davies is a casualty of Eric Holder’s War On Medicinal-State-Approved Drugs. Judging by proclamations made over the last week, Holder is reversing and revising his old philosophy  but the victims of his thinking still remain felons who must endure harsh jail [...]

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    Usually a media blitz like we had (and continue to have) on Nine Eleven, and during the Boston M Bombing case convinces people. All the Political Puppet Masters need to do is to steadily repeat the Great Big Lie. The tactic worked for Goebbels and Hitler, and it works now. While those of us demanding [...]

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    Thank you for the post.

  • Heck yeah! It’s good to use “hell” occasionally.

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  • Thank you for finding this information and posting it. There is no way in the world that the NSA spying, the building of the huge complexes that process NSA’s style of data collection, the “Fusion Centers” etc doesn’t indicate what is in store for anyone who is less than a full on, RW or DLC [...]

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    I think Percy Schmeiser’s view of Monsanto is yes, they’ re evil. He is the Canadian farmer who basically lost his farm to Monsanto due to the Canadian court ruling against him and for Monsanto. In the view of that court, even if only one percent of a farmer’s croplands has been contaminated with/ invaded [...]

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    If I was hearing Jon Stewart correctly, this summer he is embarking on a mission to make a film about the Iranian people. I watched the 11 Pm version of his show, last week, so if I heard it wrong, feel free to correct me. (Was half asleep by the time he came on.) The [...]

  • My heart breaks watching this young man answer the call of idealism. I think I know what the “government” has in store for him, and even if he escapes with “only” the style of retribution heaped by the truck loads on thelieks of Sibel Edmond, taht will be enough to take the shine off of [...]

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