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    An excellent bit of writing. Except I do disagree with your conclusion that our CIA has its reputation in shambles. When the American public accepted that the Seal 6 team raid on the “bin Laden” complex was a success, despite it being known in foreign circles that Osama had been dead for years, I realized [...]

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    I very much agree with you. Whenever something happens that is yet again “proof” of our nation’s need to continue its “war on terror,” I suspect immediately the various alphabet agencies and their players.

  • Thank you so very much for publicizing this man’s new book. Like greenharper mentions, it is amazing that this prisoner kept his humanity and dignity intact. I feel so badly that it was “my country” that did this.

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    I often wonder about people who continue to live near a huge and polluting operation. But when thinking it over: One) Anyone living inside a major city in the USA is consuming about the equivalent of 2 packs of cigarettes a day. And that is before you add in the body stressors like the Febreeze [...]

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    Thank you for explaining the full extent of the implications once the word “conspirator” and “co conspirator” are used.

    Were it 1962, I would not have much of a problem with tagging Dzhokhan as a troubled young adult, who sought the life of a terrorist and willingly wished to bring harm to the world along with his older brother.

    But it is not 1962, not by a long shot. We all know that Kennedy was not killed by a “lone nut,” and it is curiouser and curiouser to think about some similarities between the two events and those deemed guilty. One similarity between Oswald and Tamerlan – that although Tamerlan was on a “no fly” list he easily went back and forth between the USA and Chechen region. (Oswald’s agency travels, they had nothing to do with Chechen but everything to do with Russia.)

    Adding in to the mix that fact that Ibragim Todashev, a friend of both the men accused of the BMB, ignored his relatives’ pleas to flee the country, but instead he stayed to clear his name with the FBI. But on May 22nd 2013, hTodashev ended up shot down – FATALLY – by the FBI. And then they had the nerve to state he was in the process of admitting to the three murders committed back in 2011.

    And the Congressional report that might have shed light on some of this instead was mostly a whitewash as far as any governmental agency involvement.

  • Sadly, the era that you are describing is slowly drifting away from us, as more and more people in your age bracket pass on. (I, for one, woul dlove more diaries ike this one.)

    One thing that troubles me is how so many younger people look on the FDR era as something that is “old fashioned” and that simply cannot have a place in today’s modern world.

    As though corruption and modernity are mutualy exclusive!

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    If you are given to reading novels, while speculating on the sinister turn of events in this country, a most excellent book to consider reading is “Harbor,” by Lorraine Adams. (It has received a major book award.) One of the parallels between the USA’s most important “wars” is this one: that much as the “War [...]

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    Finding out that everyone has lost EF makes me feel like I have been kicked in the gut.

    His writing, but more importantly his glorious humanity, made such a difference to me.

    Wendy D’s tributes were beautiful and inspiring.

    Still, tears on this keyboard.

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    I am grateful that the discussion abut the fate of the surviving Tsarenev Brother is still underway at least on this website. But I am troubled to hear reference to EF Beal in the past tense. What happened? Is he okay?

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    I would argue that Obama himself made the decison, circa mid Nov 2008 on. He could have used his free will and decided NOT to sign on to the agenda that his handlers were proposing for him. This was not some fifteen year old boy king, suddenly thrust into office by the death of his [...]

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    Totally agree with you there.

    In fact, during the six weeks of late 2001 when I was trying to establish a timeline for the first published article detailing such, it was right there in black oand white on the Offical CIA Website – “One of the biggest challenges that we face at the CIA is figuring out how we can get American service people to turn on their fellow citizens.” Well, following Nine Eleven, young people signed up in droves to become members of the Army and Marines. So our top military brass utilized these service people to go off to remote hinterlands of Iraq and Afghanistan, and to spend several tours of duty in which they continually barged down doors, threw entire families face down on the ground, grabbed people up,hooded them, wrist banded them and then took these “terrorists” off to torture dungeons, plus learning how to have “checkpoints” that were feared by our British allies more than the actual Iraqi insurgents — all those bits and pieces of the Nine Eleven aftermath solved that earlier CIA problem.We only have to look at how our police treat us to realzie how well this problem was solved.

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    And one other aspect of how Medicaid allows the state to re-capture your estate once you die – the Medicaid applicant often has no inkling that this is the case. At least they have no inkling until six weeks after the application for Medicaid has been filled out, filed and approved and then the newly [...]

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    We certainly got the best health insurance mandate tht tens of billions of dollars could buy. Ms Fowler and Emanuel Rahm sat in the WH basement and met with the top executives of Big Insuarance firms, and did as they asked. Never mind that the poorest of the poor have to either somehow get the money for a “silver” package, which requires real money upfront before you get a subsidy. Or else they must take the bronze package which requires $ 5,000 worth of deductibles per person before you get much help. I have wondered many time why there ws no stipulation tht no human being, er, consumer should endure a deductible that is more than 10% of their net income. But Fowler and Rahm were to busy acquiesing to the demands of the Insurance Industry to offer up much help for the people at the bottom. So now people making $ 15,000 a yr have to somehow come up with $ five thousand before they get the services their madated insurance policy is supposed to provide for them.

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    If you wanna understand what is really going on in terms of just why the Presidents with a “D” after their names fail us, you need to look no further than their own financial reports on the various honorariums and what not that come their way.

    For some basic understanding that includes actual amounts paid to Hillary and to Bill Clinton (And that one can extrapolate what Mr Obama can expect when he leaves the WH for “private life)” — refer to the information in this post:


    No one making such obscene amounts of money, or who is aware that in less than 28 months, they too will be in on the gravy train, can really care about their Party, their Nation, and certainly not the Middle Class. A lot of “quid pro quo” has come dwown the pike, and this is why the nation is an oligarchy and not a democracy.

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    Having been forced to meet some prison guard types, many of them would indeed be out of work if prisons were to become actually set up for rehabilitation. Many current day prison guards are doing that work only because it pays better than being home alone with the kids, and the animals, who they would [...]

  • And we not only fight Israel’s wars for them, we also give them a 30 billion dollar allowance, signed off on by George W, and that began offering the money in 2009, with last payments to be in 2018.

    Meanwhile, Detroit, our crumbling infra-structure, the public schools, the libraries, and all the rest of the mess that is the once great USA, now a pawn of a foreign land.

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    I am here, dying of envy.

    What a fabulous story. It gives me great plesure to read such a thing. (And now excsue me while I turn on the gas and rest my head close to the oven. Ooops ! It *would be* an electric stove.)

  • I get so sick to my stomach whenever I think of this.

  • Very few Americans realize that when you do get “allowed” to be on Medicaid, you also are allowing the local Health and Human Services agency to tag your estate for re-imbursement of any expenses charged against you.

    So yes, a 55 year old can get on mediCaid, and then perhaps get some needed life saving tretments and procedures. (Although good luck in getting anyone competent to do brain surgery or a quad by pass – the better physicians for the most part want no part of MediCaid.) But should you get a treatment, your double wide trailer won’t be left to your kids as the estate now belongs to the State. By the way, this does get mentioned, in a bit of paperwork that is sent to the HHS client after they have signed off on being on MediCaid.

  • That has been my question too, as well as my question about how it is that the various Big Insurers allowed on the California exchange are crap-on-a-shingle?

    My family had to choose from among three Big Insurers. There was Kaiser that had already almost killed my spouse by their mis-diagnosis. Then there was Anthem which has never refunded any of the payments I made for procedures that were to be covered. (I jumped numerous hurdles to get exactly NOWHERE in terms of getting my monies.) Then there was an unknown insurer.

    I should mention that Kaiser doesn’t have a single clinic, hospital or doctor in my County, and since they are terrible to deal with should you use another clinic, hospital or doctor during an emergency, I have to wonder why they were allowed to be considered as one of the choices.

    There doesn’t seem to be any oversight in terms of what is happening. The Repbulicans say that having any sort of government programs covering insurance is simply WRONG. The Demcorats say all is well, and getting better day by day. The average consumer is starting to see the writing on the wall. (At least they’re starting to see what is coming, but it involves seeing beyond the slogans patched up by the One Big Money Party over the writing on the wall.)

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