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    Actually, the research conducted by NARAL found that a large majority of these centers misinform women about their options or do not give them a full range of options. Some manipulate and intimidate women in order to prevent them from making an actual choice for themselves.

    To me, providing women with increased choice means laying down all feasible options accompanied by medical facts and no bias. If a person does not have all the options they cannot be said to have made a real and unconstrained choice. Then, these options (terminating pregnancy, continuing pregnancy, adoption, etc.) must be presented alongside accurate medical information.

    While CPCs vary in the degree that this happens, what we know is that most LIE about the risk of abortion, stating or implying an increased risk of breast cancer, depression, and inflating the risk of complication of what is actually a very safe medical procedure. An abortion in the 1st trimester has a lower rate of risk than childbirth.

    They also engage in deceptive practices that target people who might be attempting to learn specifically about their abortion options. They advertise as abortion clinics, though this is being legislated against in a lot of states, and in one NC location, there is a CPC above a plannedparenthood. They will often try to confuse patients of the PP to guide them upstairs for “check-in” at the CPC where they intend to misinform the person to prevent the procedure.

    These centers are probably good for a person who has decided that they do not want to have an abortion, but would like religious support and services that can assist them with preparing for parenthood, but most are not staffed with actual medical staff and do not inform visitors of this fact. These CPCs cannot be considered an alternative to real medical care and advice. This cannot be substituted for legitimate pre-natal care. They do offer supplies for new parents, but outside of these limited capacities, inflict much more harm than good.

    They claim to be pro-woman, but they lie in the face of well-documented medical facts. This is not limited to abortion. They also give false information about the effectiveness of contraceptive methods. They push an abstinence-only agenda, which has a well-documented history of being ineffective in preventing pregnancy as well as STIs.

    If you are pregnant and scared, then go to a Planned Parenthood. They are the only non-prof organization that will present an exhaustive list of options in an unbiased way and allow you choose what is best for your life and your family. They are an ACTUAL healthcare center with trained professionals who perform a host of health services.

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