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    Because we should never forget, I would add that Howard Kurz once did a highly complimentary feature article on The Malkin, in which he gave her lots of chances to denigrate those who opposed her awesome courage and reasonableness in the face of the same liberal detractors who (one must assume) The Kurz blames for his failure to be as famous as The Carlson and other relative unknowns given to commenting on the role of the Mess Media.

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    Thus explaining Mitch McConnell?

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    Gosh, I sure hope so. But I have spent most of the Obama presidency waiting for the Superior Minds in Charge to dazzle me with the sheer brilliance of their strategy even as I sit, downhearted, watching them played for fools who really think that a) voters KNOW anything and that b) the incredible spin on their Double English Butterscotch Twist serve will leave the opposition flailing madly for 20 seconds after their opportunity to connect.

    I’m still waiting. And only the degenerate, racist, classist monster that is today’s GOP provides the incentive.

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    I’d offer to take over for you, but in the words of the Great Clint Eastwood, “a man has to know his limitations.”

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    Susan George, I believe, was the wife who sacrificed her dignity on the alter of Dustin Hoffman’s liberal passivity.

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    I like Steve Benen. And he’s always writing about John Boner.

    Still friends?

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    She’s on her second one. She holds the bone from the first in her left hand.

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    I, too, will needlessly swell the number of comments by offering the following points:

    1) I seldom comment because I can seldom think of ANYTHING at all that intensifies, amplifies, complements or doesn’t detract from the magically molded pellets of snark I come here to enjoy. It seldom occurs to me to judge them, or elaborate on them. I know my limits.

    2) While I don’t enjoy an otherly-dimensional relationship with the late great Townes Van Zant, I suspect PonchoLefty’s bastardization of the title of his song is either clueless and an affront to the great Texas poet’s sensibilities OR an attempt to claim through subtle irony the role of Lefty attempting to sell out TBogg, not that Poncho himself has moved on. The latter possibility seems remote, given his urgent straining and ponderous utterances.

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    What charity I was inclined to extend to Mr. Weener I hereby transfer to a more worthy recipient.

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    I just ordered mine. I love El Yucateo, and can get it easily where I live. Cholula and Tapatio are okay, but don’t excite. Tobasco has a nice vinegary kick that’s good for greens and for rice, simple but nice. Amazon Hot Sauce, first plugged by Randy Wayne White, is my favorite in a collection that exceeds 150 bottles. I’m looking forward to seeing what the new kid’s got.

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    A million playground bullies in the world, inflicting nightmares on 10 million regular kids who never bothered anybody, and this putz escapes unscathed to slather us with sanctimonious unctuousness and the kind of smarmy grin that suggests that even if the world goes to hell with Sarah at the tiller, he and his will hunker down in Georgetown and order pizza until the good restaurants re-open.

    In other words, one of several reasons the Post is no longer a Must Read.

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