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  • elpasobirdman commented on the diary post The Last Countdown: Olbermann Departure Reaction Roundup by Phoenix Woman.

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    I think the world is better off without that gas bag Olbermann being able to vent his spleen every night.
    Is Rachel Madcow next?

  • elpasobirdman commented on the blog post Tom DeLay Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

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    I’m waiting for Charles Rangel to go to jail for tax evasion.
    How about that Democrat crook William Jefferson keep $90,000 in cold hard cash in his freezer and going to jail for bribery.

  • Obamacare is all about taking care of the pharmaceuticals and trial lawyers and has little to do with health care. If he had been interested in providing health care for all Americans, all they had to do was put everyone on Medicare and charge Social Security taxes accordingly to pay for the program. Sure, some [...]

  • Obama’s tax cut for this rich can’t work much because the jobs were exported to China.
    His tax cuts are fair to be sure but you folks need to call them what they are:
    Obama’s tax cuts for the rich. He went further than even George Bush could go.

  • elpasobirdman commented on the diary post Armed and Dangerous Again by Ruth Calvo.

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    Weapon of mass destruction This is so friggin’ stupid it’s incredible. A Glock 9mm is a weapon for personal protection. I guess you progressive idiots would like to see us go the Mexican way, where they have very strict gun control laws and only government crooks and outlaws have weapons. Everyone else is a potential [...]

  • elpasobirdman commented on the blog post Democrats Aren’t Doomed to Lose the Senate in 2012

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    The voters are pretty stupid and anything that goes on right now is meaningless because they won’t remember.
    If the Republicans manage to cut many hundreds of billions from federal spending then they will take the house, wh, and senate.
    If the Republicans turn out to be bullshit then the Demos will be back in.

  • I watched this stupid crap play out in Vietnam. Cambodia was the military’s big excuse then and Pakistan is their excuse now.
    The ending will be the same. An ignoble retreat.

  • I thought the Republicans have done a damn fine job of containing the crazy left. Now let the budget cutting begin! Then watch the crazy left resort to the evil filibuster.

  • writing in Bernie Sanders

    Now that would be a huge joke! I hope it happens, because Republicans can use him as a whipping boy for all the nations ills.

  • Well, we all know Obama is a woos.
    That leaves cutting the budget up to the Republicans. After all, it was the Democrats who went hog wild on uncontrolled and irresponsible spending.
    If the Republicans want to take the Senate, the White House and keep the House in 2012 then they are going to have to make significant cuts. Very deep cuts. That is the public mandate.
    Republicans need to keep making huge noises about JOBS. Where are the Obama jobs?
    Cutting taxes was OK, but now is the time to pay for that almost 900 Billion it will cost.
    It’s going to be interesting to watch and find out how gutsy the Republicans are and how sincere they are about cutting spending.
    Sec of Defense has started to make some cuts in defense, but before cutting Social Security and Medicare (old people vote) Republicans will have to make deeper cuts in Defense as well as all other agencies.
    Forty cents of ever Federal dollar comes from money borrowed from people that don’t like us very much. So, wrap this number around your liberal heads. FORTY per cent of the Federal budget must be cut. This year or next. Preferably this year.

  • elpasobirdman commented on the blog post DADT, DREAM Act Votes Today

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    Dream on DREAM is dead.
    DADT should pass, it’s immoral enough to tickle a lot of politicians.

  • As a conservative I do have to marvel at the stupidity of the Democrats. Following Pelosi and Obama has gotten many of them chucked out of office. The Congresscritters watched Obama screw the lot of them by not campaigning for them, for hanging them out to dry. Still, when told to do so they get in line and fall on their swords. Very admirable.
    For what?
    So conservatives like me can laugh and joke about Obama’s tax cut for the rich! Is that rich or what?

  • With forty cents of every federal dollar coming from borrowed money, enormously deep cuts will come.

    Bring home all troops stationed overseas. All of them. Now!
    60% of the defense budget has to go
    NASA has to go – we can’t afford it
    The departments of Energy, Agriculture and Education have to go
    HUD and HHS have to go
    Medicaid has to go
    Medicare and Social Security have to be fixed but will remain.
    Nobody and I mean nobody is going to like the reality of paying as we go.

  • The Obama tax cuts for the rich bill has passed both houses and is waiting for the President’s signature.
    Do you have any idea how incredibly delicious this is for a conservative like me?

    Roll it off your lips:
    “The Obama tax cuts for the rich”

    Hell I don’t like it anymore than you liberals because of the irresponsible spending that is in the bill along with the tax cuts for the rich. However, it’s worth it to hear:

    Obama’s tax cuts for the rich.

  • elpasobirdman commented on the diary post Failure, Not Progress, in Afghanistan by Robert Greenwald.

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    Pride goeth before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall.
    Proverbs 16:18

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    No, progressives love the rich. Just as long as they can mooch off them.

  • I support the Obama tax cuts for the rich. Don’t you?

  • elpasobirdman commented on the blog post How’s That Working Out For Ya?

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    Right on!
    Obama has completely destroyed the myth of Democrats being for the working man or woman. The trillion dollar present to Wall St, the bail outs, all the pork for the pharmaceuticals spell corruption to me.
    A trillion dollars to Wall street and what did the Democrats do for the working folks? Why they got us higher unemployment!

  • elpasobirdman commented on the diary post You Know That You Are Right In Opposing Obama’s Latest Capitulation When… by merlin1963.

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    As a conservative I sometimes roll on the floor and laugh my ass off listening to Obama destroy the Democrat party. It’s cool. The fact that the Dems are going to extend the BUSH tax cuts, the same tax cuts they have been denigrating for years now, so sooooo sweet. Obama goes out on national [...]

  • Well, yeah. These idiots buy more house than they can afford and then whine and cry because they lose the house FOR NON-PAYMENT. Duh!
    Typical Democrats. Want somebody else to pay their way.

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