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  • elpolacko commented on the blog post Late Night: The Dumbing of America

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    what the heck is with newman’s little black sambo fantasy in the middle of that song? is that the way he thinks of black folks…and why is he obsessing so much on race in the first place? i think that most of us can judge a man based on his accomplishments (or lack of them) without any consideration of his skin tone…or whether he can out-run a lion by scrambling up a tree.

  • elpolacko commented on the blog post Late Night: Confederate Wankee

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    did the incidents described in the articles to which drudge linked not really happen ?? are all the statistics showing that crime is disproportionately committed by black folks just a bunch of racist lies? are the millions of people, including most news agencies, who daily check the links on drudge all “brainless”? what a strange and nasty little article this is!