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  • . It’s a complete travesty that these terms are thus far absent, raising a host of questions about liability, the financial terms and enforcement.

    Ones man’s travesty is another man’s reward….that said, it’s also a feature and not a bug of this administration….sounds like all that was missing was a mission accomplished banner perhaps as a backdrop to the president announcing it standing in front of the wall street golden bull idol in a flight suit. The messaging was just missing some huge pr stunt that was a hallmark of dubya’s pResidency.

    David…thanks again for the fantastic first rate and highly informative quality coverage of this most important issue.

  • Ya…for over a year the democrats controlled all 3 branches of gov’t and couldn’t move their agenda forward, and then republicons gain control of one branch of gov’t…and yet they’re fairly successful in moving their agenda forward,….hmmm…does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture and our gov’t. And yes, I agree with nonparitsanliberal, Obama is getting exactly what he, his republicon economic advisors, and democratic leaders desire. Exhibit A of a thoroughly corrupted system of governing.

  • I see a recurring pattern here from all this negotiating…in order for anything remotely helpful or beneficial our gov’t pass that may be helpful to the 99%, well some faction or program that benefits individuals in the 99% must be sacrificed. The ruling class that primarily represent the 1% must never sacrifice… Ever! It’s all a shell game but it always ultimately leads to more sacrifice by the serfs….one way or another….they continue to chip away at those programs that may benefit the lowly serfs.

  • Former bankstah attorney and insider from Deutsche Bank heads the gov’t regulatory SEC and is failing to do an effective job and complains it’s haaaard work…..says all we need to know about him and the basic inherit political/regulatory capture of the MOTU and the influence it has in our gov’t from president on down.

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    Job Creator Alliance…holy shit….the Luntz focus group terminology just dripping from that name…and all speak with not an ounce of humility or self awareness….narcissists to the core. All I want is a little respect…wtf? Um how about you get what you give pal.

    For only being .01 percent of the population, their poor persecuted pity parties and mindless misunderstood victim whineathons certainly get a lot of coverage in the mainstream media.

    Gawd can you say pa.the.tic! Talk about totally clueless…just like Ebenezer Scrooge before he was visited by all those ghosts….have we no poor houses, I pay my taxes, you should be grateful to meeeeeee that I walk the earth and grace you all with my presence. All I want is some respect dammit…I deserve it because I’m rich you see…..

    Just what.the.eff. Sadly they never seem to learn the mistakes and lessons from history and History certainly has a way of repeating itself….sigh. I do feel sorry for them, but certainly not for the reasons they want me too. Oh They will reap what they sow. Their disdain for us all and total lack of self reflection, graciousness, and empathy just oozes from their cores, their words, their actions, it’s so very palpable even trhough the intertubz, cyberspace, and /printed words. /rant

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    Wow, let’s not focus on the redistribution….so finally he’s admitting there is redistribution…that’s a first. First step in fixing something is admitting that it’s occurring.

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    Bankstah moral of the story…Crime pays, and pays big!

    We are a nation of men and not laws.

    That’s some sweet deal. The rate of return for that level of corruption is enormous,follow the money. And with what basically amounts to a slap on the wrist, what makes you think these any of these thugs have stopped.

  • Ding! Notice the operative word “postpone”. Postpone the cleaning of the Park. The ruthless PTB/MOTU ruling class elite aren’t going anwyhere, but more importantly neither are the discontented angry but peaceful 99% who are amassed outside their gated homes and walled off places of work. We got the numbers that really count, the people numbers [...]

  • Yeah…and those bankstahs who admitted in private emails they were selling “shitty deals” and yet they were telling the prospective buyer of the said deals that they were all AAA+ rated and were anything but that. Despite the fact that there was a guy who was involved in the deal who was handpicking the designated pieces of the deal and rigging the deal to fail so he could collect a gazillion dollar bundle when it failed cause that’s the bet he took…oh no that’s just another freakin loophole apparently….and oh no, no truth in advertising laws to see there.

    And how about all those notes that never made it into the bundled securities investors were buying, all within the timeline and parameters of the law…ooops, just another loophole?

    But gawd forbid you peaceably assemble and march in protest of the gov’t actions and failure, oh no, pepper spray and arrested for not walking on the sidewalk…Two effing America’s indeed.

    Eff Pres Obama…he’s a 1%.

    You know what he could have done that would have brought up his numbers astronomically. I would have loved for him to say, you know what, I fully agree, the bankstahs, lied, and cheated and swindled, and we have a legal system that will investigate fully to the letter of the law and prosecute them, and I welcome their hatred. They are very big and powerful and they can do me as the President an enormous amount of harm here…But I welcome this fight and their hatred. Bring it on Corporate 1% America! I am the 99%. (ok so I can dream)

    Sigh…he’s not going to do that because he’s not in the 99%. He got bailed out and we got sold out! He will have his accountability moment very soon. Good Luck he’s gonna need it. He’s not on 99% side.

  • Peaceful protests…and yet the cops treat and act like they’re criminals…you’re looking at the wrong people…turn around police…the real criminals are in that building behind that giant bull you’re protecting….apparently the best protection 4.6 million donation can buy…Jamie Dimon.

  • Found this link to Occupy Wall Street Media . I know of someone online who has a copy and might try to scan and post it. Will keep you updated if that happens.

  • Was not aware of that…good to know..again I don’t watch those shows, but I know many of my coworkers and many millions of people do.

  • Agreed…..right there with you on that on.

  • Random thoughts reading the thread…first thanks to all of you astute observers/commentators and Kevin for following this whole movement so closely for the past 2+ weeks.

    Second, I prefer occupy over protesters…but I too use both words in comments as well as the word demonstrators and/ or those involved in the movement.

    Third, as far a demands…I think that we may need to understand that not all of us in this country (and the world) are following this so closely as we are here and have been for the past 2 weeks. Knowledge of this movement is still imo in its infancy…and only growing…and has significant room to grow. I believe that there is still time for the movement to grow in size and cohesion, a chance for more strength in numbers, before specific demands are made (although there are several good starting points being made that I agree with such as debt forgiveness, prosecution of WS and banstah crimes including SEC/regulators who enabled it, are just a few that I agree with off the top of my head.

    Fourth, agree with those who say we need to better connect with the rank and file police force. We are on their side and protesting to protect them, their jobs, and their benefits. Yes connecting the dots that these police officers are part of the movement we are fighting for. WE need austerity for hedgefund managers, Banstahs and Wall Street, not for Police/Fire and first responsders. Cut bankster/CEO bonuses, not Police pensions and healthcare benefits.

    Fifth, I admire the restraint and peaceful nature of the occupiers…good for them for keeping their emotions in check and remaining peaceful…and am happy to see how articulate and educated/ aware many are of the movement.

    Sixth, I am also with those who are mentioning possibly moving a march over to the large corporate media outlet there who are part of the problem in this country. …what about a large contingent over at those morning shows that often show the crowds outside or do segments outdoors? Or? I’ve pretty much stopped watching tv years ago so I am not one to really make a suggestion though.

    Seventh, I understand that there is also a newspaper published by the group Occupy Wall Street Journal…awesome…great job people. (would love to get my hands on one of those)

    My hat is tipped to you all, and I applaud you all.

    We are the 99%.

  • Oh but I believe I read early on during the march that there were other traffic reports citing delays/ issues on the bridge due to protesters marching….essentially initial reporting of course blaming protesters and not the NYPD for causing the traffic problems there. And then how do they arrest people for blocking traffic, when the cops had done that before they arrived…whatever…it’s all just a small common sense thining that just gets thrown out the window…. but it’s just one more thing that pisses me off about the whole thing.

    I’ve never had much faith in the media especially since the run up to the Iraq War, and they are a huge part of the problem (yes perhaps a march over to the news studios)…and now to see the cops doing this really turned my stomach and disappointed me because it’s their pensions and jobs we are fighting to protect.

    It’s late and I’m brain fried and well…good night everyone. I’m so proud of all those who are out there supportive of this movement…it’s all we have left at this point and we really have nothing else to loose. I am the 99% …good night.

  • OK so I apologize that I’m a bit slow here…but seriously the fact that anyone in the media is even remotely suggesting otherwise (that the protesters caused this disruption on the bridge) is just maddening and a fool…I mean seriously, how anyone in gawds name with a reporters hat on could honestly write that crap given the logistics and number here that it was anything but a set-up by the NYPD is just part of the problem…earth to underpaid corporate reporter and headline writer…use common sense…this was deliberate and premediated move by the NYPD to entrap peaceful marchers….several of your own got netted in this operation…what you gonna do about it. …stop repeating the lies….stop protecting the corporate overlords and the PTB.

  • Ok…so someone clear this up..It appears that a large group of the protesters were led off the pedestrian walkway of the bridge onto the car lanes…where up a ways on the bridge, awaiting them were many police officers and wagons lined up across the car lanes blocking them. Ok…so riddle me this, if the cops were waiting across the lanes of traffic blocking the pedestrians ability to walk over the bridge, then the cops would have already shut down traffic on the bridge to get themselves lined up across it. So the cops shut down the bridge car traffic before the marchers even got there. The protesters didn’t cause the traffic issues, the police did that before the protesters got there. All that crap and headlines saying marchers were responsible for the traffic delays is bogus. They marchers were entrapped by the police…it was deliberate and planned.

  • I dunno..I thought I heard him at one point say his battery was dying..but I wouldn’t be surprised if they picked him off…just like they’ve been picking off peaceful marchers 1 by 1.

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    Yup…figures, one of the targets of the OccupyWS/Occupy Together movement, the multimillion/billionaire PTB -Mayor Bloomberg, is trying to tell others what the movement is all about ….and trying to coopt it’s message and to (re)define what it is for and who it’s against….just like Chris Hedges warned.

    Dear Mayor Bloomberg, if you’re so worried about those poor serfs who only make 40-50 thousand dollars a year down on wall street, how about you as a multimillionaire, propose a HFT tax to ensure their adequately paid? Or how about you forgo that tax payer financed public servant salary complete with lifetime tax payer paid benefits as mayor and hand it over to those who really do need it?

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