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    I went to elementary school in Jefferson Parish from 1956 to 1960. Jefferson Elementary for 1st grade and then JC Ellis for 2nd through part of 5th grade, when my family moved to California. Just a few weeks ago my older brother was reminiscing about his days in the 4th grade where the teacher frequently [...]

  • The Catholic church won’t marry people who’ve been divorced, and yet the ACLU doesn’t make a peep about this. Why would anybody think this will change if same-sex marriage is legal.

    However, if one religious group gets to decide who can be married to whom, maybe we should let the Shakers be that group.

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    I had an English professor in college who told us that Fitzgerald, Faulkner and Hemmingway all made a lot more money selling short stories to the Saturday Evening Post and such magazines than they did selling their novels. I think he also said that the Saturday Evening Post version of “The Bear” is considerably different [...]

  • If the drug company tweaks the formula just a little to get a new patent, wouldn’t the patent on the old formula still run out and be available for manufacture as a generic drug?

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    If they don’t like the distributive prpoerty on Fox, they aren’t going to like the students learning about radicals in algebra either. But I bet they’ll LOVE absolute value.

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    Does the National Review actually make any money with this cruse?

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    I’m a female over 60 and I read Superman and Batman if my brother left them lying around. When I was littler, I read Uncle Scroog, Donald Duck and Little Lulu. It occured to me only a few weeks ago that almost nobody under 30 these days has actually READ a Batman comic book. All those people who flock to the theatre NEVER READ THE ACTUAL COMIC BOOKS. (I confirmed my hypotheses by asking my nephew if he ever read them and he said no.)

  • My sister-in-law had a student loan that required 60 payments. The SIL made 62 payments before she thought to herself “I wonder how many payments I’ve made so far,” and after she counted up all the cancelled checks, she quit paying. They dunned her for quite a while. She sent copies of all 62 checks–front and back–at least twice before they agreed that she actually didn’t owe them any more dough. This was way back in the 1980s.

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    From TalkingPointsMemo: Santorum Nominated Accused PSU Coach For ‘Angels In Adoption’ Award http://livewire.talkingpointsmemo.com/updates/1764

    Santorum nominated Sandusky for his “work with foster childern” no less.

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    If you don’t sift the flour, at least when making pie crust, the ghost of Mrs. Forbes, my 8th grade home ec teacher, will come back to haunt you. Sift, then measure, then sift again with the salt included.

  • From Althouse: He (Meade) thought it seemed as if someone in one of the Democratic legislators’ offices had opened a window to let them in

    He thought it seemed as if….. Now there’s an eye-witness report for you.

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    There’s lots of people pointing out how it was Muslims who attacked Logan. But it was also Muslims who rescued Logan from her attackers. How come nobody ever points that out.

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    Wouldn’t you have to buy a copy of Jonah’s book before you’d have standing to sue? Please tell me you didn’t buy one.

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    I read “The Birthday Party” by Stanley Alpert. He was a US Attorney who was kidnapped by thugs in New York City and held for a couple of days. Those in charge of watching him spent their time smoking marijuana. Alpert said it made them calm and relaxed. He wondered if he would have survived it they’d been smoking crack or even just drinking. He decided that if he got out alive, he’d make a big donation to NORML. He thinks marijuana saved his life.

    Maybe Frum should read this book.

    PS–My mother had late-onset schizophrenia and she never smoked a joint in her life. Probably never even saw one. After she got sick, however, she did take up drinking with a pretty heavy hand.

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    While I’ve never heard the Constitution read out loud, I did have to read the whole thing in the 8th grade. We even had to read the parts that got amended out later on. K-Lo obviously didn’t have Mr. Baird for her teacher in jr. high. (In the 10th grade, we had to read the Communist Manifesto!!!!)

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    America has already survived the poisoning of the salad bar. Back in 1984 the Rajneeshee guys did it in the Dalles, Oregon.

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    Paul McCartney and Sandy Koufax must have really perservered.