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    There’s certainly plenty of info on the death penalty’s high costs. See ejusa.org/learn/cost About Ohio – it’s true that your state has a large death row, but things are changing there, too. Sentences are down. There have been a rash of commutations by the governor. And support for repeal has come from several unexpected places. In [...]

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    ThumbnailSatirist Stephen Colbert called the death penalty “as American as killing someone with an apple pie,” but jokes like that might not work much longer. America’s death penalty appears to be crumbling. On Friday the State House in Maryland voted to pass legislation to repeal the death penalty with a vote of 82-56. The State Senate already passed the [...]

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    On Wednesday the Maryland State Senate voted 27-20 on legislation that would end the state’s death penalty. The House is widely expected to pass the legislation by a significant margin, which will make Maryland the sixth state in six years to end the death penalty. Maryland’s death penalty is a broken, failure of a system – but [...]

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    Thanks, friends!

  • It’s official. Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy signed legislation repealing the death penalty today. Connecticut is the 5th state in 5 years – and the 17th state overall – to have a good, hard look at the death penalty and decide that it just can’t work. Montana, Colorado, Kansas, and Maryland have also considered repeal [...]

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