• See the Genocide Convention, specifically Artile 3(b-e):

    (b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;
    (c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;
    (d) Attempt to commit genocide;
    (e) Complicity in genocide.

    Since Israelis from nearly all walks of life are openly embracing genocide as a desirable outcome, it only makes sense that affiliated Americans (through AIPAC,etc.) are also tarred with their complicity in it, yes? From Bibi Netanyahu and his Knesset Deputies, to print and broadcast outlets (which are strictly under government control), down the thugs in the street attacking “leftists” while the cops look on, this is the new normal in Israel.

    Is it possible members of congress don’t understand this reality? I don’t think so, since they go there on free junkets all the time. Democrat Steve Israel is there right now. I think complicity has been established, no?

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    True dat. It’s just that I’m not seeing any of that in all the various articles I see. Just inevitability crap.

    It would be extremely easy to take her down a few pegs and put her on the defensive, starting right now. Instead I see Democratic “opinion leaders” throwing up their hands and spouting “it’s a done deal, get used to it.”

    There’s no better time to start deconstructing HRC and make her defend her career, which leaves a lot to be desired, frankly.

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    All this talk about HRC’s inevitability and almost no talk whatsoever as to how she would govern.

    Perhaps more focus should be put on what she’ll do when she assumes the throne? That might actually help deflate her electoral bubble a bit, no? And it is a bubble, just like the financial bubbles that now rule our economy. Her “strength” at this point is totally dependent on her ability to avoid issues.

    That problem is readily fixable.

  • Why not put that old pic up from BO’s college days in which he’s holding a joint? Wouldn’t that be a better illustration than the CNN screen grab?

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    I believe the term Obama was referring to was “bipartisan ELITE consensus.” Adding that word means he’s been quite successful, in real terms. Both parties wanted and got Austerity and all the social pain that goes with it, while being able to avoid taking any responsibility for it. Both parties wanted and got a runaway War Budget and all the corruption inherent in it. Both parties wanted and got unlimited corporate cash with which to lay waste to democracy in favor of a corporatist regime. That list is very long indeed.

    Polarization among the broader polity is a boon to two parties whose entire messaging apparatus is largely about providing political cover for their bad behaviors. Without a mass of polarized rubes puttin’ the hate on the other team, Democratic voters might actually pay attention to what their own leaders are doing. Ditto for the GOPers. As long as two parties beholden to the same ideology can trump up tribal loyalty through propaganda, they can still cling to some level of legitimacy while 8 out of 10 Americans say the nation is headed in the “wrong direction.” It’s always the other team’s fault!

    In this sense, polarization should be viewed as a glorious vehicle for promoting authoritarianism. Mass surveillance, assassinations, illegal wars, environmental destruction, poisoned water supplies… both teams can get away with it as long as their “base” is blaming the other guys. After all, how else would Democrats who used to despise Bush’s various crimes now think it’s all okay under Obama?

    It’s a win-win for Elite Consensus.

  • Thanks for this, DSW. MSNBC isn’t merely like Fox, they ARE Fox for Dems. Its high time they jump the proverbial shark.

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    Murray and her Senate Democratic colleagues fought for the military pension cuts, now she claims to support reversing them?

    Having one’s cake and eating it too is a long-standing tradition among the Senate Democratic Caucus (both of them really, but GOPer hypocrisy isn’t newsworthy). See the majority of Senate Dems that voted to cut SNAP and now laughably say they want those cuts restored. So Patty Murray (D-Boeing) isn’t even breaking a sweat on this one. The press release was probably written before the vote even took place.

    Also too, it seems the cuts to unemployment have been more or less evaporated. I figure the Dems are fine with slashing UE, as it will reduce the headline UE number, allowing them to gloat about “lower unemployment” by simply disappearing them.

  • Surely, the Teatards do not believe these budgetary dollars should be re-appropriated to programs to aid to the middle-class, whom they claim to champion, or the struggling classes people of color, whom they implicitly loathe with white-hot, stellar intensity.

    Of course not. But a wedge is a wedge and not using it in this case would be political incompetence.

  • Great catch, DS. The oppo ad writes itself:

    Hillary Clinton: More concerned with bankers’ fee-fees than your economy.

    I’m sure MSNBC will get right on this story.

  • +10,000 to that one.

  • The fact Obamacare is as unpopular as repealing it is quite useful going forward. To me, it means people want something better, not the status quo ante. It’s a huge opening for Single Payer advocates. Given the way Obamacare segregates–and thusly discriminates against–people by geographic location and socio-economic status, it’s not possible it can be genuinely popular. Most people will be shuffled into “Bronze” plans that aren’t much of an improvement and will still financially destroy people who get sick or have accidents, all while making sure they don’t have adequate access to healthcare.

    But in any case, the back-end problems with healthkludge.com are still very much alive and this is vastly worse than log-in issues.

    Unresolved technical problems on HealthCare.gov could lead to a rude surprise at the doctor’s office next month for patients who think they successfully used the website to sign up for health insurance. They may find they’re not insured after all.

    I’m old enough to remember when the Dems’ main selling point during Dubya’s Reign of Error was they could at least govern competently. Now that’s been blown to bits and we’re left holding the proverbial bag. This is undoubtedly why they’re going to attempt pivoting to “inequality” as this election cycle’s meme du jour. The problem of course, is they don’t have any answers to that beyond offering us table scraps like universal pre-K and a totally inadequate minimum wage hike that won’t pass congress anyway… even if the Dems were to magically regain Majority next year.

    But at least there are some people taking effective action in some parts of the country:

    Union-dense Lorain County, Ohio, is now home to an independent labor slate of two dozen newly elected city councilors—recruited and run by the central labor council there. All labor’s candidates had strong showings last month, and all but two were elected.

    “This was a step we took reluctantly,” said Lorain County AFL-CIO President Harry Williamson. “When the leaders of the [Democratic] Party just took us for granted and tried to roll over the rights of working people here, we had to stand up.”


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    Thank you. I’m not fond of this commenting system, as it requires me to hang around to keep track of any responses, as opposed to other systems that send me emails with responses that I can then respond to. But when I do have the time…

    That said, it’s nice to be missed!

  • Thank you, Jon:

    This move today proves Democrats could have enacted their agenda in 2009-2010 but actively choose not to. They decided letting Senate Republican have the power to obstruct their every move was better for the country.

    Indeed, with all the absurdist hype of “nuking the filibuster,” most people’s brains will start aching mightily when they realize it only applies to nominees (not even Supremes, at that) and not legislation. So when GOP “obstructionism” rears its ugly head once more and the Party apparat starts whinging anew, the Senate Democrats’ legitimacy will decline even faster than it is now. Behold the power of elite incompetence!

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    It’s fascinating to me how people can use imagery of Total War to describe an action more on par with backing Syrian jihadi rebels for the Saudis and Isrealis. Since this only applies to Obama’s nominees, 98% of which are total crooks anyway, I fail to see how this is some kind of watershed moment.

    Harry Reid has had the option of rewriting Senate rules since January 2009. All this time, he has always sided with letting the GOP keep their precious veto. As this stands right now, Harry Reid and the rest of the Senate Democrats have also decided to let the GOP keep their precious veto on legislation, which some might argue is vastly more important.

    So can we please stop with the Nuke language? Almost no real damage has been done to the GOP in this, so the phony kvetching about GOP “obstructionism” will continue unabated, except in the case of these nominations.

  • The problem is that eligibility is based on MAGI, not AGI. Furthermore, the IRS isn’t the verifying entity, it’s credit reporting agency Experian… who never, ever makes mistakes, as we all know.

    If I have trouble figuring out my own MAGI, then how well do they expect Experian to figure it for everyone?

  • I assume you’re referring to this:

    Alan Grayson, who voted against the Stupak Amendment when it went before the House last October, now has 80 cosponsors for his public option amendment, but has not been granted a floor vote.

    Which went nowhere. The administration admitted BO had tossed out the PO shortly after he was elected (by 10 December 2008, by their own admisstion). Grayson’s effort was Quixotic and everyone knew it. Even Grayson.

    As for Single Payer, leadership never entertained it, since they had other ideas… which are now crumbling before our eyes.

  • The Public Option was created as a fob to put off the demand for Single Payer. It worked very well.

    Forget the PO and let’s start pushing for Single Payer (Medicare For All) now. It takes time to build constituencies, so we will be experiencing Obamacare’s various failures for the next few years at least. In the mean time, a demand for Medicare For All might push the elites into forcing improvements (to the extent that’s even possible) on the status quo. I wasn’t expecting PPACA to fail so miserably so soon, but as long as it is, why not go on offense and demand the only obvious solution to our healthcare crisis?

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    Behold the Pivot To Nowhere!

    No policy positions, aside from his “Grand Bargain” Brand Catfood. The Buck Stops In Congress. What else? Ah, the old “it’s not my fault” dodge. Whatever happened to “government can’t create jobs”?

    Some campaign this guy is running, leading us once again to conclude that the only solution to all problems is just more PR. Where can we get the T-shirts emblazoned with Obama’s Do Nothing Tour 2013?

  • As silly as these generic “ballots” are, why wouldn’t both parties be at parity? They’re both pretty much the same, aren’t they? They both have the same economic and military policies, right? They both have bases of frothing Right-Wing Authoritarian Followers who will never care about anything other than how Team (Red or Blue) does in November.

    Much ado about nothing.

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    As Gallup concludes all on its own, this poll is fairly meaningless:

    Much of this, however, reflects straight partisanship, as equally high proportions of Republicans and Democrats prefer their own party. Perhaps more importantly, independents are evenly divided, suggesting that neither party has staked out a meaningful political advantage on the issue. Whites are also divided, while blacks and Hispanics line up with the Democratic Party, which is similar to the patterns seen in overall party ID.

    This poll doesn’t actually get into issues. Democrats favor Democrats favoring “gastarbeiters” so corporations can further undermine the US standard of living? Of course Democrats favor that!

    No mention of the massive increase in militarization of the border region–which extends 100 miles inward from the border itself. That’s one question I would like to see polled, but clearly that one might upset the apple cart of party loyalty.

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