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  • empiricalguy commented on the blog post The Southern Strategy — Perfected

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    Tell me why I should care which corporatist sociopath suckers the most registered voters in states having a majority of electoral votes.

    It has reached the point where what passes as politics in the U.S. is an utter and complete waste of time, energy and money — unless, of course, you have a few billion dollars to throw at it.

  • empiricalguy commented on the blog post Olbermann Fired From Current TV

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    Olbermann has been a bright spot of green in a desert of corporate controlled psuedo news and propaganda. I didn’t believe that he would last long on Current. After all, Current is the same old crap that has been repackaged for a slightly different demographic.

    If actually are a fan of Current and want to know why the USA is in the sorry state it finds itself in, you need only look in the mirror.

  • TimWhite is the only one who has mentioned Syria. Check your maps. “Regime change” in Syria is needed to provide a direct “friendly skies” route from Israel to Iran. Fomenting revolution has been a covert tactic of the US for a long time – from Venezuela to Libya. The preparations for the war with Iran are still in progress. The war is not waiting for sanctions to work it is waiting for Syria to fall.

    Dorothy, it’s really not that hard to see the see the man behind the curtain.

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    Sadly, armed men bashing protesters is the time honored route to the growth of a movement. Public non-violent protest strips the mask of civility from our repressive systems of government and corporate controls.

    It is time to restore democracy in the United States and in its political parties. Unfortunately, power concedes nothing without a demand.

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    Which side are you on? It is a right wing myth (a/k/a propaganda or disinformation) that protesters spit on soldiers returning from Vietnam. In reality, neither Hippies nor anyone else spit on returning soldier. It is bad enough that we hear such garbage from the fascistas on the TV but to have one of our own repeat this trash is truly depressing. Why don’t you try to find the photos or video?

    I suggest you research your post material a bit better.

  • Yes, indeed. Rs also. We can’t vote these sociopathic bastards out because we didn’t vote them in.

    Adolph Hitler was elected with the backing of some big money so it is a thorny question whether a movement to restore a previous system of national governance is actually a revolution attempting to overthrow the government.

    My own view is that the overthrow or meaningful reform of the existing system of economics, credit and banking would cause the problems of government to quickly self-correct.

  • empiricalguy commented on the diary post We Are Here To Inspire A Movement by Frank Lee Speaking.

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    Attempts to isolate the core message of OWS evokes thoughts of the parable of the blind men and the elephant. Every observer examines the protest and perceives something different. For example, I think that the message is “We’re madder than hell and we are not going to take it anymore.” If a researcher spent several [...]

  • empiricalguy commented on the diary post Occupy Wall Street–a new way of organizing protests by Liz Berry.

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    Tune into the intermittent live internet video feed at livestream.com/globalrevolution. Also check out occupychi.org

    “The times they are a-changin.” Spread the word. Offer whatever support you are able to give.

    Maybe, just maybe, there is a chance to bring back democracy.

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    I used to contribute to NPR. Now, I don’t even listen to it. NPR’s blatant bias in favor of the 2003 invasion of Iraq did it for me. When I called the people I knew at my local station, they told me that their “coverage” was and is (no kidding) “fair and balanced.” The hell [...]

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    Mario Savio is gone but his words live on. The Free Speech Movement at Berkley is long gone but there is much to be learned from studying the people’s history of the 1960s. Talk to those who were there. They are older than most of you. Seek them out and learn the lessons of the [...]

  • The responses to this street indicate a failure to understand the actual relationship that presently exists between the LAPD and the citizens they are sworn to serve and protect. I’ve lived long enough to see where this is going.

    Do any of you brother and sister FDLers remember COINTELPRO? Does anyone remember the history of the past fifty years? If not, too bad, we are doomed to repeat it.

    Maybe we should get down to it BEFORE they start cutting us down this time.

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  • empiricalguy commented on the diary post Mr. President, I will not be voting for you. And why … by tambershall.

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    By George, I you’ve got it!

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    Bravo, protestors! It is about time we saw some protests. If I were able, I’d join them. I got my tear gas credentials during the war in Vietnam. It is my hope that this is just the beginning of a huge wave of nonviolent resistance to the a fascist, resource stealing, population enslaving agenda that [...]

  • empiricalguy commented on the blog post Sunday Late Night: “XIV/4 or Bust!”

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    14th Amendment? Authorize spending more borrowed money on wars, corporate giveaways, bailouts for bankers, and suppression of dissent in the USA?

    Nobody, except insiders, seem to understand that borrowing increases interest payments. The US can’t make its huge interest payments now. So borrow to pay interest on existing debt is certainly not an answer. Raising the debt limit merely allow the borrowed money to be given away to rich folks and leave working people stuck with the tab. This is nuts. It has been nuts for decades. The only thing that has changed is that the nation has reached the breaking point.

    Now, that we understand the purpose of the nation borrowing more money. We can talk about the method. Some people are gibbering on about the need for the president to raise the debt limit by decree. How about we think about this for a minute. These people are advocating letting the rich folks’ friend in the white house open the doors to the nation treasury for his friends to loot.

    Can you say “unitary executive?” This is just what we need — more dictatorial powers to whatever corporatist suck-up happens to have been (s)elected.

  • empiricalguy commented on the diary post 15 Things Every American Should Know About Deficit Reduction by miguelitoh2o.

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    In the 1980s there were those that said that the US national and debt were unsustainable. This was undoubtedly true thirty (and forty) years ago. It is true today. There is sufficient fault to go around. However at the root of it all are delusional beliefs upon which elected US leaders, bankers, investors and almost [...]

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    As a whole, these are the most intelligent comments I’ve read in a long time. I is about time that people started getting it.

  • empiricalguy commented on the blog post Worst President Ever, Revisited

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    Obama did not lie to his base. He privately told them the truth. He only lied to working people.

    While you are scrutinizing our President, you might ask yourself once again why that $1.4 million Nobel peace prize was awarded to this warmonger. That’s right. You didn’t think the prize was a medal hung around the neck, did you?

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    I quit AARP about a decade ago when their magazine had a pic of Colin Powell on the cover and ‘W’ was the unelected Prez. It was the last straw for me. This organization has been and still is working to defeat the interests of working citizens. We need to shun and, by doing so, [...]

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