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    If he wasn’t authorized officially, isn’t this a Logan Act violation?


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    Please, please try and get this fact right when reporting on this story. “Non-profit status is granted by the IRS for “social welfare organizations” and federal law puts legal limits to the amount of overtly political things you can do if you are applying to be a non-profit, and thus tax-exempt.” The legal limit to [...]

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    “The revised total is in addition to the amount reported last week, according to Anderson.”

    The 80 mil was in ADDITION to the amount last week.

  • Correct me if I am wrong, but I have read that the plea deal was spiked by MIT, not Mr. Swartz. So yes, Mrs. Assface’s husband, there was a deal. It was dropped by your wife.

  • If your gonna take the coin route, you should go for broke. Mint enough to erase the entire debt and eliminate interest payments at the same time.

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    Aren’t they a bit late with this? She’s been all over the news as being under investigation for nearly a week and inside the beltway for months. I’m guessing she would have destroyed anything by now.

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    I am very happy for them, but knowing what a fine group large hotel owners are, I wouldn’t start dancing until I saw the new pay rate on my check. I have a strange feeling anything over 99 employees will now become “independent contract labor”.

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    Manufacturing includes high paying R&D, admin and executive positions as well as safety, engineering and sales all of which may require a degree to attain. A rise in our manufacturing base includes filling all of these as well as production line work. These are all “factory” jobs and I highly doubt you know if the student was looking for one of these or not.

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    The constant commercial breaks were almost as bad as the three idiots talking shit about every country. The cut away from the torch being brought in by boat was terrible.

  • What was his bail set at? I’m sure he was arrested and booked into jail for his offenses like any other citezen in the same circustances would be. I’m also sure his right to renew his ccp has been suspended as well since he not only carried with an expired permit but brandished in a threatening manner.

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    You are assuming they actually want the problem fixed. Based on the fact that they know the same rules you have stated, and CHOOSE not to use them, then the only answer is they don’t want the problems fixed.

    When they began the new session with no rules changes, they showed their cards. Gridlock means never having to do your jobs, make hard choices or take responsibility.

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    “I assume your intemperate comments are based on a forged memo that misrepresents our efforts in the area of global warming research education, so let me explain before demanding an apology.”

    Nope! It’s based on your little stink tanks entire body of work. Millions of Koch bucks burned at the alter of fake controversy, pseudo-science and intellectual dogshit.

  • The NY Times was censoring the comments to Andrew Rivkins opinion piece on this this morning. They would not allow any comment that mentioned Rivkin being exposed by these documents as a friendly Heartland conduit. My comment that just mentioned the Climategate issue were posted, but not the others.

    Now all the comments have been deleted and commenting is closed.

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    O has been gifted this clown show on purpose so he may continue his mission from the “left” to expand the MIC to previously unthinkable levels. Then the right can bring in Petraeus to play with all the new toys.

    Who knows how many foreign entanglements we will be in by the time our next great military President takes the helm. Who better than someone that has failed at nearly every mission he was given. I can see him failing upward all the way to the CIC with our crack media feeding paving the way.

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    Isn’t that the same guy who played the female body builder Vera Demillo on In Living Color in the 80′s? He looks great.

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    Don’t forget the hundreds of millions in “Management” fees the purchased company has to pay to the Private Equity firm for the priviledge of being raped.

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    F22 Raptor

    The $153 million (that’s the official number, the actual after retrofits for problems is much higher) averages a critical failure for every 1.7 hours flown. It is not used in combat because it’s to unreliable, and yet they forced us the buy 183 of them.


    The entire fighter jet program has been a huge suck.

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    The f-22 Raptor, that cost twice as much as the f-35, is the one that has problems in the rain.

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    “The move during the final weeks of Romney’s administration was legal but unusual for a departing governor, Massachusetts officials say”

    It was only legal if copies of all the information was archived with the state records keeping office. You are not allowed to wipe all your records clean when leaving office.

    Also, if the state property wasn’t put up for sale at public auction, then those sales are also not legal.

    Maybe some reporters should be digging a little deeper and a certain state AG should be investigating possible charges.

  • You don’t make the front page by being honest and accurate. You make the front page by writing what the overloards want to read. This is also how you secure a position at a Kock/Peterson/DeVos think tank.

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