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  • Peter Van Buren-amazing article-thank you. So succinct. I am sad to say this country is lost. And I know it is true-when your average person who would be watching a show like say the View (I am retired and watch it once and awhile) has someone who is supposedly liberal and should fucking know better-Whoppi Goldberg- say yesterday she isn’t sure torture is wrong!! Look it up those are her exact words. Also the endless excuse that I hear other liberals saying-”We will never know the truth”. UH YES WE DO. It was torture. They lied and destroyed evidence.

    Anyway “they” have won. The latest numbers on if Americans think torture is acceptable have gone way up in the last few years-I saw a poll last night. Over 50%. Propaganda and lies work. John Brennan is scum and the CIA is scum. They are not heroes defending us. I am done pretending any of that. PLEASE give your money to the ACLU or CCR. They are the only ones that can help us now-politicians are just the face of the banality of evil. Again. Not never again but again and again.

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    TYPICAL. What Feinstein is really upset about is HERSELF. That she lost some power and privacy. She could give a rat’s ass about torture or the privacy of any other human beings. She only just found out that the CIA is a law and country unto itself? REALLY? These politicians are morons. I guess she [...]

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    It was a bucket of fun explaining to my 12 year old the “legal” opinions and evasions of Holder/Obama. Drones above America-a very special late night. She said it sounds like a dystopian novel. That’s what all those books are for, I guess, polishing up on the future. Also has to know why her parents get so darned worked up over politics. Because it matters, you know. Can’t believe I have to look to the man from Kentucky to speak about my liberties. Where are the Dems? Oh I know- congratulating themselves for something.

  • I wonder since our military that is always worshiped no matter what it does will continue to get it’s endless praise. It’s in really “a fight” with no skin in the game? No more boots on the ground-and no more war-voila! Only war on one side. I’m living in a science fiction novel. Thank Jesus I was born in America-we are the only people that deserve to live.

  • I haven’t been outraged this much in quite some time. I try to just ignore all the heinous shit because what can I DO? I wrote Wyden who is my senator advising him to not confirm Brennan. I watched every second of the Kabuki hearing. Wyden’s direct question was about the only one that mattered.
    YES, you stupid Republicons it’s more important to know about Benghazi than the reasons that the president can kill you just because he says so. I have never seen more dire civil rights matters than this.

    The long precedent. I didn’t go to law school so it’s amazing I can figure this out and these great leaders cannot. It will be set and affect if not our lives, most probably our children and certainly our grandchildren.

    Such gutless fools that can’t see past their own pork bellies of cowardice and greed.

  • Like husband material, I don’t have to pick the crazy one. I also don’t have to pick the pathological liar and consummate fraud. I can be single and respect myself in the morning and every morning after.

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    Ah..cut the brotha a break. He can SING! I saw it on teevee in many places and nuthing about this info business.

  • It’s always bothered me that police have special rights. I understand their job is extremely hard and they risk their lives, but I do not think their lives are WORTH more. And that has always been the understanding that I see and it is morally wrong. Special laws and extra penalties for hurting law officers. And living in a liberal city like Portland, and watching our often Gestapo force get away with literally murder for years-(of minorities and mentally ill especially) has been stomach churning. They did a pretty decent job recently during Occupy in PDX but I trust them with nothing. Another Kent State seems a whisper away.

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    I wasn’t thinking of Obama, but I laughed out loud when I heard the Greek PM wanted a vote on the austerity last night on the BBC news. I have a bitter sense of humor. Funny to see here that there is an understanding of one thread pulling it all apart. There is an August 1914 feeling on this. The end of Obama-small potatoes.

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    There’s two things. Yes, Jones is trying to co-opt this occupy energy and channel it into Obama/Dem votes. Well obviously that shipped sailed and sunk. Voting is not the only answer. And I agree that the O movement (how ironic the last O was Obama-not anymore-Occupy baby!)must stand firmly away from the party identity of [...]

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    I remember too watching it on t.v. All that hope burned into lies and deceit of the highest order. Now I think we need to find a bird to lift him back to Chicago. Next time I hit this protest my sign is simple: End the wars, tax the rich, primary Obama. (saw the first [...]

  • Oh yes, that must have been fun to watch. Haven’t watched MSNBC in months, turned in yesterday to Ed. Was hilarious watching him try to talk about how the crowd really echoed the Dem platform and they were Obama supporters. The crowd was booing and denying it. He knows the gig is up but he must play his script.

  • Ah in Obama world, their are two sets of rules of law. One for those with power (military, CIA, banking) and one for those of the rest of us serfs. Listening to his soft banalities this morning was tough cause I just got up and I had to here such non passion and such tripe. How were we ever suckered by this dude? OCCUPY BABY!

  • Uh when do those calling themselves Democrats cut the crap? You know call Obama a total fraudster? Anyway-I loved this op-ed by Turley-no matter how you feel about Turley-it’s short and sweet and DEAD on.


    Obama has been a disaster for civil liberties. Ah, irony. That’s was number one reason some of us were convinced to vote for him. (It was my number one reason-I had few hopes for much else)

    Also a disaster for anyone with black skin or brown skin or works for a living. But GOD we can’t stop this species cult of personality so we have to suck on it and die.

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    Obviously we are Empire. And like all great and corrupt empires, we will fail. Not tomorrow but soon enough and spectacularly. Mike Ruppert thinks it’s imminent. I think more like in a hundred years. I have been saying this for awhile, there is a huge segment that NEEDS the military for jobs. They don’t want [...]

  • YEAH! These were the people I noticed on the NBC local news I watched a couple days ago. Keep screaming! NO PARTY LOYALTY. Loyalty to the people, loyalty to the principle.

  • Only hope is some people show up screaming. Sure they are going to steal us blind anyway, but are we going to die with our hands unbound or not? Anyhoo-saw some people screaming about not cutting ss & medicare at a Romney rally on nightly NBC news. His answer: I am not going to raise taxes.

    I think we need to keep the words simple. The reason we have a deficit is a on small sentence-Bush tax cuts and war. Change those things and we have billions for old people, children, college, roads and maybe even ponies.

    Stop the wars, raise the taxes. Americans don’t want those pointless endless shitty wars anyway. But we got to be not afraid to say that.

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    So is Hartmann advocating NOT voting for Obama? Is he saying he isn’t a Democrat but a fake Democrat? (someone said he was still on the Obama train) If not, all these great words and debates are worthless. Say the truth. Anyone that votes for Obama is a fool. I am done with the mincing of the four billion words. Where is the action? At least no more dime to these fake Dems and no more votes for them!

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    I Will give him his due. I caught him the other day and he actually doesn’t spin in bullshit beltway or politico speak. Or even the most important thing on earth-what does this do to Obama’s election chances? You know? Who gives a rat’s ass. What about my or your brother’s chances of getting a job and paying his bills? Obama is set for life.

    Oh and yeah-raping and pillaging the poor and middle class. EVER notice how it’s a goddamn crisis when the precious stock market goes down? Do these talking head clowns realize that many many millions don’t give a shit because they don’t have any savings? They don’t have a job that let’s them have a 401K-they aren’t FULL TIME. Or you know you have to pay the car payment, the rent payment, the car insurance payment, the health care insurance payment or god forbid you don’t have insurance-not so much left to play with stocks, assholes. My kids bill for getting her teeth cleaned, x raye’d and floride was $285-and they wonder why people skip the dentist? WHERE IS THE TRUTH of people’s real life in this country? Oh the stock market is down-the world is over. Everyone else is already poor-so sad for the rich to suffer.

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    Beautifully stated. And when this site is as official policy in open opposition to the re-election and giving of one red cent to Obama or any other faux Dem, then they can have my $45 (or more- I would be super thrilled) for membership. Until then, this site is great reporting but it will be in the end the same crap you hear from DU or my husband-the blackmail threat, would you rather have Bachmann? (used to be Palin)

    NO, what I want is for progressives,liberals and the like to admit that Obama is not a Democrat and as such should not be voted for again. And to preach it and preach it some more. It’s that simple. Are we going to vote and support a “Democrat” that ends the safety net?

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