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    Good show, Spencer. See you around.

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    Except a total victory over North Korea wouldn’t result in Korean unification, but rather a further partitioning of the peninsula. The RoK would occupy everything within artillery range of Seoul and probably go for some more coastline and islands, whatever’s most economically viable; China would get a big chunk as well, because you’re not going to take out NK without the Chinese wanting to occupy a big chunk of it. And the US would take a region too, because without NK we’d lose our welcome in South Korea (and probably Japan too) and need a new place to put all our stuff. And who knows who else would take part in the war and end up stuck with a slice of mud pie.

  • Reads like intern work. Definitely lacks the confidence borne of field research, direct experience of the subject matter; the author worked exclusively with secondary sources, the author has never tasted Four Loko.

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    Target density. Also, bandwagoning; every extremist wants to put “Iraq 2011-12″ on their resume.
    And the loot’s still better in Iraq.

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    Holy shit! ICP are negaverse Tyler Perry.

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    Fewer engineering students means fewer domestic terrorists (I can say this because I failed Stats enough times that I know how to read a correlation). We must further weaken the technical skills of our population, that is the security-conscious choice.

    Seriously though, if ten percent of our population is going to be unemployed forever, I’d prefer them to be poets.

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    You can get it anywhere, it’s a common ‘herbal supplement.’ Although, the radiation thing seems to be a new claim; the rest is just stuff that Chinese folk medicine has been saying about the stuff for millennia. Kind of scary that they can announce this as a new discovery, though.

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    Oh boy, “Obsession”, I’d forgotten about that. One of those came into the office via a volunteer, and I did some quick googling at the time, but I didn’t spend much time on the funding. There’s no real value, politically, in differentiating between rich shadowy wingnuts; they all have the same base ideology, the same preference for spending money to keep money rather than spending money to make money, the same lusts.
    What was more interesting to me was the list of newspapers it was bundled in, which was printed right on the packaging. A few of the big papers that often get delivered outside of their base metros, and then a handful of papers from Florida, and apparently every paper published in the US that contained the word “Jewish” in the name.
    Sure most of them were basically untargeted, and ended up in offices or with moderate suburbanites; but the targeting that was done was so stupid I stopped worrying about it. If they’d gone for the Catholics or the Lutherans, maybe they could have shaken some people up, maybe; but getting Jewish voters to support guys who think that wealth redistribution is an affront to God is going to take a lot more than a DVD.

  • It also happens that there’s some new motion in the Israeli peace process right now. I’m thinking Ambassador to Israel, I’m thinking that Joe Lieberman is trying to get himself into the encyclopedia next to the entry on Ted-Kennedy-in-Northern-Ireland.