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    If you think that the top 20% have it so good, then you’ve missed the whole point.

    Brooks wants to make families working hard in highly productive jobs to earn $250k/year think that they are part of the “upper tribe” , & should therefore ally themselves with the kind of people who think nothing of spending $5M on a boat race.

    At the same time, he wants to drive a wedge between different strata of wage slaves. Comments like yours are making it happen.

    We pay someone to clean our house (for 1 day every 2 weeks). She actually takes home roughly the same monthly net income as myself or my spouse. The money we pay her is a necessary expense if we are going to both hang onto our jobs and spend any time at all with the kids.

    Brook’s “20% upper tribe” is just the most disingenuous piece of crap ever.
    He might just as well claim that penguins and polar bears should all stick together because they are both in the top quintile of fish consumption of all the animals in the arctic ocean.