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  • The thugs have completely staged this. They’ve provoked a situation and now they’re trying to spin it as if the protesters are at fault.
    The latest allegation in hate talk right wing extremist blogs is that some group of protesters attacked a vehicle and were trying to kill the occupant who reacted by hitting the gas and running over a protester.
    These situations require a commission of some sort who will be tasked with ensuring that these sorts of confrontations with civil rights involved obtain proper oversight and review.
    The racism of this case is clear. Once the dust settles on this matter the people of america will need to addres these issues and in a timely manner.

    Hopefully President Obama will explain to everyone that unfortunately it is true that “Some Folks protested” and then we can all keep going “FORWARD”…

    It’s just two more years.

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    This is an excellent diary Peter. I appreciate that you also noticed the grotesque smirk on Robert McCulloch’s nasty little face. The guy looked like a complete psycho and he obviously was extremely happy.
    This entire situation is just horrifying and we must hope that somehow eventually justice will be served.

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    This is not even close to over. The authorities behaved very shamefully by not releasing the verdict until 9:00pm.
    Hopefully Eric Holder decides to press charges. The police in this nation will simply become even more violent and aggressive against people of color unless an example is made of the wilson pig.
    I’m somewhat disappointed that President Obama hasn’t assumed a more vigorous role in this matter.
    For a guy who promised social justice, his behavior as President has been quite lacking in action that benefits those most oppressed.

  • Smerconish needs to be shit-canned. If people want propaganda about Ferguson (or anything else) they can watch faux ‘news’.
    The people of Ferguson demand one thing: JUSTICE!!!
    If the pig walks and Ferguson blows, who’s fault is that anyway? Not the people demanding JUSTICE!
    I’ve read they already have the decision and for some reason are trying to hide it.

    They may as well announce the decision and deal with the consequences. If they try blaming the protesters for what happens then that’ll just enrage even more folks and this thing can go national!

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    “It was SUVs that led to MMGW during the Bronze Age.”……LOL!!!

    Although human activity likely did play a role in climate change back then, scientist haven’t yet developed a model to explain really what happened.

    The point is that climate change does cause civilizations to collapse and if world leaders don’t take action now to stop it then we’re on course to repeat the mistakes made by leaders back then.

    The greatest difference is of course that today we know that climate change is caused by CO2.
    Back then they didn’t even know what CO2 was.

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    - New research found it was iron, not climate change, that led to the decline of civilizations during the Bronze Age.

    You can’t really trust this sort of ‘research’. Way too much guess work. I personally believe that climate change was the cause and that the current climate change crisis will most likely destroy our civilization as well.

    It’s like the human race just never learns.

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    Cheaper oil is obviously good and hopefully it stays low long enough to both punish putin and drive a bunch of these friggin’ frackers out of business.
    If President Obama can get rid of Assad, then maybe the Saudi’s will even help out by keeping the price so low until after the 016 elections?
    America’s people don’t really care WHY gas is cheaper, they just like it being that way.

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    I applaud your experiment with even encouraging our enemies if they happen to be incidentally attacking targets hostile to Progressivism in general. We need to be highly cautious however. The extreme right ultimately represents the gravest threat to global stability outside of any other issues saving for perhaps climate change/climate disruption/global warming. Any voter who [...]

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    The turds are pretty devious like that. They’ve really made fools of themselves in this last moronic shitshow of an ‘election’. The party of hate seems to have decided they need to pluck off a few of our Black voters by electing a couple of token ‘negroes’ to the House and Senate. I guess the [...]

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    Perhaps the most harmful aspect to the pathological liars of the obama regime is the loss of confidence in our government.

    It’s pretty tough to get folks all wee-wee’d up when they know you’re full of shit.

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    I hope this strategy works. President Obama understands that the teabaggers will go hog wild once he announces this plan and hopefully they’ll try to impeach him.
    If we can get the extremist to lash out then that will make it much easier to get our voters motivated for 2016.
    I don’t care what the polls say, the American people are stupid and once the turds start flipping out over immigration reform, typical voters will decide to vote for Democrats instead.

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    This beautiful post almost made me cry. If we don’t eliminate the extreme right then it isn’t only this nation that shall be destroyed. This attack is against us GLOBALLY! The virulence of the teabaggist, denier, ‘patriot’ has become truly epidemic. It isn’t just the koch brothers anymore. Oh no! The insurgents are active throughout [...]

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    Magnificent work Jon!
    The FACTS you lay out argue very persuasively for Federal legalization. I think it’s ridiculous that individual localities are permitted to just pull a number out of their collective ass and assign that number as the tax rate for Marijuana.

    With Federal legalization we would get uniform taxation and a huge boost to Federal revenue. I suppose that individual states should be allowed to impose an additional amount (in order to remain consistent with alcohol) but most important of the points you list is the reduction in CO2 pollution achievable by eliminating the incentive for people to cheat by driving outside of their jurisdiction just to save a couple bucks.

    Seems to me that the case for Federal legalization just becomes more solid by the day.

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    One of the reasons it’s such a challenge to convince people that global warming is actually real is that when these horrifying cold events occur the ‘news’ doesn’t properly explain the fact that global warming frequently causes severe weather.
    I’ve tried to explain this scientifically to deniers before but all I get is a deer in the headlights look.
    Personally I use the term ‘climate change’ or ‘climate disruption’. Talking about global warming in the winter time is just not very productive.

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    Particularly in light of the recent acceleration of climate change, it seems to me that one of the more potentially viable means by which to combat the brutal economic conditions faced by world leaders would be to create a new means by which to reduce the free markets perverse role in undermining efforts to remake [...]

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    president obama needs to just go ahead and do this thing.
    If the republickturds actually do try to impeach his ass then America’s people will know that the teabaggers have wanted biden to be our leader the entire time.
    It’s a trap though. I’m pretty sure president obama knows they won’t really do it.
    We need to make sure that we support president obama as he fights the turds and tries to pay his debts before leaving office.

    What a great Leader.

    Hopefully our next one will be good to!

  • I doubt we’ll ever know the actual truth about 9/11. I wouldn’t be surprised though if the damn Saudi’s helped us with it.

  • Erdogan is an A-hole and not to be trusted.
    I can’t wait to read Professor Krugmans story about all the good news republiturds have been hiding from America’s people.
    President Obama has been trying to explain how things are actually much better than the ‘news’ tells people and now with Professor Krugman on board hopefully we can get things straightened out.

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    I thought I could detect a lessening of our climate change. It seems like it is less global warming now than before.

    If President Obama can get China too contribute then we’re talking trillions.

    The real is never made visible.

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