• I’m so sick and tired of all this bullcrap propaganda!!!

    Climate change is the greatest threat facing humanity and that is a scientific FACT that cannot be disputed. So with this FACT having been established why is it that these sociopaths insist on making up this utter nonsense about ISIS?

    The f’ing USG created ISIS!!! This is just a bullcrap propaganda campaign to scare Americans into supporting yet another freaking war, meanwhile the real war that actually does need to be fought is the one against climate change.

    If these psycho POS would invest half the resources into scaring people about catastrophic climate change that they invest into all this bullcrap terrorist talk, we could actually stop climate change, but NOOOOOOO….we just really need to blow some more shit up right?

    Pisses me off.

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    As much as I despise libertardaryans, they are extremely useful to have as third party ‘noise’ in close elections. No sane, rational person would actually vote for a libertardaryan (which is why many on the extreme right are doing so) but some clueless, dimwitted (or deranged) low info morons might do so in cases where they would perhaps vote instead for the republiturd were the aryan not on the ballot.

    If the Dems are smart in 16 they’ll arrange to have a third party freak like ron paul or some similar sociopath on the ballot.

    POS rand paul claims to be liberturdaryan, but he’s actually just a garden variety republiturd and so getting someone the numbskulls actually believe to be genuine liberturdaryan is very important.

  • Obviously passing this initiative is a nobrainer. Sadly, the American people are collectively retarded. All it’s going to take are a few teabaggers squealing “let the free market work” and next thing ya know the corporate propaganda machine will kick into hyperdrive and the sheeple will once again vote against their own best interest.

    Anyone with half a brain understands that in order to prevent the doctors and insurance companies from ripping people off, you need to empower government to establish fair prices.

    Unfortunately the typical American doesn’t seem to have half a brain.

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    These last six years may have been disastrous for the country but if the republiturds take the Senate then it’s game over.
    The American people must be forced to admit that 99% of the damage done to this nation over the last six years has been caused by the republiturds flatly refusing to cooperate with President Obama.
    Instead of responsibly governing by making laws to better the nation, these deranged sociopaths have been hellbent on attempting to trick people into believing a bunch of outrageous fake ‘scandals’ designed to undermine confidence in President Obama.

    How would it help to punish President Obama by taking away the Senate when the real reason this country is such a damn mess is because the House is run by a bunch of lunatic teabaggers who refuse to do their jobs?

  • Whats really the difference between the U.S. and North Korea? Seriously?

    So America is more ‘sophisticated’ about how it’s rulers impose the regimes interest ahead of the interest of those being ruled?

    America has, over a relatively short period of time, been transformed into a Fascist police state. We share with North Korea the key characteristic of a society dominated by the iron fist rule of centralized authority. A malevolent centralized authority which is carefully protected by a farcical ‘press’ which in fact is nothing more than a deceit manufacturing ‘ministry of truth’.

    America is a FRAUD.

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    I’ve read that the pigs murdered another young Black man right near where they got the one that set this all off.
    The republiturds must be loving this! I nearly crapped my britches reading some of the teabagger ‘news’ sites; It’s all racist vitriol, blaming the victim and calling on the cops to exterminate even more innocent people.

    It’s gotten to the point where Black parents are fearful of allowing their children to leave the house because of the likelihood of them being attacked and killed by either a cop or some deranged teabagger with a chip on his shoulder.

    This revolt is just getting started. The pigs messed with the wrong community!

  • This bullcrap is NOT going to fool the citizens of Ferguson! The extreme right is desperate to ‘prove’ that somehow the victim in this matter was some drug crazed thug who deserved to be assassinated. The FACT is that all the allegations employed thus far to tarnish the image of the poor young man murdered by the now named pig (darryl wilson) have NOTHING to do with the matter.
    What DOES matter is that this young man was shot SIX TIMES by this viscous monster and yet remains free (and in hiding). Until he is arrested and subject to justice, the community of Ferguson will not lie down. I overheard several extremely irate African Americans on the bus this morning talking about how that unless justice prevails, the African American community will erupt all across this damn nation.

    Trayvon’s killer got off scott free……….IT WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN!!!

  • This is absolutely out of control. The FACT is that a young African American was slaughtered in cold blood by a deranged sociopath and if JUSTICE is not delivered then Ferguson is only the beginning of what will turn into a revolution!

    The police represent the elite and have been militarized so as to attempt to protect the millionaires and billionaires who have seized control of this damn nation.

    The community of Ferguson WILL NOT stand down!!!!!!

    Let the racist extreme right cheer these wicked police on, the louder they become in supporting the criminal actions of authorities against the people of this brave town, the more passionate shall become the resistance!!!


  • This dirtbag POS pig needs to be placed in custody IMMEDIATELY. I can guarantee that the community of Ferguson will not return to normal until this criminal sociopath is subjected to justice for his crimes.

    If President Obama and Eric Holder fail to insure that this deranged killer is properly dealt with, the community will have no choice but to respond in ways that could very well evolve into the greatest episode of cilil unrest ever witnessed in this nation.

  • I just read that the pope has issued a statement supporting increased violence in Iraq. This crap just makes me sick. I don’t understand why we’re attacking ISIS because everything I’ve read suggest that ISIS as an organization was basically started by the CIA.

    Of course the teabaggers are all foaming at the mouth to start a new war ASAP. I understand that some Dems are offering support to re-invade as well but since we know now that the NSA spies on both the House and Senate, it’s obvious that legislators are being blackmailed into supporting whatever they’re told to support.

    I’m sure that heavy polling/focus group work is taking place and once it’s done President Obama will announce his plans. My guess is he won’t take any serious action because the FACT is that most Americans are just sick and tired of war.

  • If any one single data point proves beyond doubt how f’ing retarded Americans are, it’s the fact that the republiturds control the House. The teabagger POS haven’t done a damn thing to help America in over 4 f’ing years!!!

    It’s a FACT that this has been the least productive congress in the entire history of this damn country and yet most ‘pollsters’ actually expect these lazy sociopaths to not only keep the House, but to steal the Senate from us.

    How can this be possible???

    The damn corporate ‘media’ spews deranged bullcrap propaganda 27/7! If the American people new the truth, then republiturds wouldn’t run anything beyond possibly a small town here or there in f’ing Tex-ass or Idaho.

    We need election monitors to make sure the turds don’t get away with cheating this November. President Obama’s Presidency has already been ruined enough. If these neanderthal inbreds steal the Senate the country is toast.

    If we actually had a decent media and FAIR elections we’d take back the House, keep the Senate and give President Obama the opportunity he deserves to establish a decent legacy.

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    Hasn’t research suggested a possible genetic difference between conserviturds and normal people?

    Just saying…………..

  • It’s very likely that the Ferguson PD is equipped with night vision equipment. It’s virtually certain that these vile POS sneak around peeping in windows and whatnot.
    Apparently its a huge deal within the NSA to pass around naked pics and videos and I’m betting State and local cops do the same.

    Curfews need to be illegal, but when you get crazed cops such as those in Ferguson, they don’t care about the law because no one is held accountable.

    My guess is President Obama is sneaking back to the White House today to make some sort of important declaration about Ferguson. He can’t afford to have Blacks turn against him this near to the elections.
    He knows that if he loses the Senate the republiturds will completely destroy his last two years in office.

  • Hopefully investigators will focus in on why did these sociopath pigs decide to assault this guy at 2:00am if the curfew began at 12:00? If they were truly interested in simply enforcing the curfew, then logically, the time to do that was at precisely midnight, not TWO hours later.

    Something is very fishy here.

  • This is unacceptable! Leave alone the FACT that there shouldn’t even be a ‘curfew’, this African American was simply smokling a cigarette INSIDE his car!


    These POS police are simply using this horrific tragedy as an excuse to act like Gestapo thugs, brutalizing innocent citizens of color, and attempting to send the message that minorities no longer have rights in this country.

    I demand that a Federal investigation begin IMMEDIATELY!!

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    This is horrifying and makes me VERY angry! The article doesn’t mention whether or not President Obama is aware of this. I can’t believe that he would knowingly permit such an outrage however prior to the November elections. How is it possible that the EPA wouldn’t be aware of this crap? Coal is terrible enough [...]

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    I hope perry gets thrown in a cage. Being Texass though I suppose it might not happen. Best case scenario though is Holder indites his deranged, corrupt teabagger ass with Federal charges. If we had justice in this damn country perry, fat pig christie, and walker would all hang together in public. Conservaturd ‘news’ is [...]

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    Fallacy and farce are timeless.

    Being a slave to ‘government’ does have a price and now we pay.

    The outcome of the civil war now is manifest as not being ‘freedom’ for all, but rather an enslavement of all.

    Life on the plantation is a bitch huh?

    The anti-federalist were correct.

  • “It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion”

    - Joseph Goebbels, Minister for public information, Nazi Germany

    “No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and Virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.”

    The Third element of a CREATING a Something for nothing Society and useful idiots is a MAIN STREAM media that reports misinformation as facts and BLACKS OUT or censors critical reports of public or private (crony capitalism and banksters) wrongdoing.

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    What the heck is going on? This is kinda weird. The Gestapo ‘Homeland security’ is predicting a rise in “anti-government” activity…..Oh really?? Imagine that! Kinda like some creep sociopath parent sickeningly abusing their children for years and then ‘preemptively’ announcing that “My freaking kid’s are nuts and we might need to watch ‘em, cause they are [...]

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