• What is ‘terrorism’?


    That IS terrorism.

    All sylphic conniving aside.
    It in all actuality does NOT depend on the definition of IS.
    It does rest upon a stark assessment in the light of TRUTH.
    Truth isn’t very fucking happy lately.


    Lies have consequences.

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    Great thread. Thanks for posting the thoughts David, and Banger….Careful bruh. Telling the truth will only cause pain and telling the truth requires thinking. Thinking of the truth while simultaneously fantasizing that the USG will EVER act in the best interest of ‘we the people’ creates disabling cognitive dissonance, hence ‘progressivism’ becomes painful. The world is , [...]

  • Oh well.
    The devastating effects on ‘middle class folks’ won’t really materialize until after President Obama relinquishes power. In the mean time the people living in America need to support President Obama so that he can begin working on a host of other issues and stuff before he gets finished.

    Climate change is really a bigger deal anyway. It’s all about the climate change……


    World history and stuff is cyclical, but climate change hasn’t ever really been tried before (stopping it).

    Global leaders definitely need to turn the page and I think all this ballyhoo about money, war, equal rights and other ‘wedge issues’ kinda distract some people living in America.

    Inequality is definitely a good one, but if climate change isn’t stopped then activistizing isn’t really going to amount to much.

    World leaders ought to spend less time bickering over how much more money they can get and instead focus on become educated.

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    “A cynic might think the Euro bond buying (a good idea) is being done because the current political powers see threats to their parties and thus to their moneymen. Greece is doing to elect nutcases that make our GOP look sane because they’re against austerity.”

    The ECB has definitely done the right thing. The proper role of a central bank is to purchase government debt in order to make more money. The extra 60 billion per month in new money will help governments in the E.U. combat austerity and hopefully get inflation up.

    It drives me nuts that our central bank here in America stopped making more money. Inflation in America is still less than 2% and threatens to derail the economy just as President Obama finally got it fixed.

    Worse still is the fact that F’ing Janet Yellen plans to start raising interest rates!! WTF?? If she raises them to far (historical average of 4-5%) then the turds will start scaring the people who live in America about the so called ‘national debt’ again which could lead to another government shutdown scare and another round of austerity.

    It just doesn’t make sense!

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    Hey KateCA… I discovered an even more comprehensive ‘news’ story about global warming and this one actually gives much cause for rejoicing. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/majority-of-senate-says-climate-change-is-human-driven-not-a-hoax/article/2559072 The key take-away is that some very key actors have finally thrown in the towel and now support the war on climate change! Shitstain McCain and Lindsey Graham both signing up represents [...]

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    A deeply disturbing story indeed. Racism and mental illness represent two of the biggest domestic industries targeting the people who live in America. I personally am most aghast con-sidering the Global malfeasance of climate deniers. Genocide was big at one point, starvation at another. Nuclear War was of course quite in vogue at a certain [...]

  • The only way to destroy these monsters is to not only keep the White House in ’16, but restore both the Senate and the House as well.

    The financial shenanigans of the extreme right have been unambiguously terrible. A grotesque lack of regulation since reagan has resulted in widespread, indeed systemic and now nearly institutionalized corruption.

    This isn’t really President Obama’s fault however. These issues existed long before he came on the scene and the extreme right, especially the liber-aryan extreme right has only made matters worse.

    Tonight in his historic and unprecedented speech, President Obama will teach us his vision of America and how he feels we should support him in making it be.

    Hopefully the people living in America will STAND-UP and support President Obama while he fights against the republiturds and leads us FORWARD!!!

  • This crap makes me sick! I’ve never witnessed such an onslaught of moronically insidious vitriol against a President in my lifetime.
    The koch brothers are liber-aryan sociopaths who in a truly just nation would be imprisoned.
    I almost hope these extremist nincompoops somehow manage to take teh White House in ’16.
    If this damn country doesn’t meltdown in the next two years, having a ‘turd take the helm might not really be such a bad idea?
    When this Dystopian shitshow goes down, it’s gunna go down hard. If they can keep it afloat long enough to have a teabagger like cruz running the show, then the effect in creating history will become more manageable.

    Ah well, I suppose time will tell.

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    I agree 100% that if people living in America really want change, they need to become personally involved.

    I think a major stumbling block however is that with the country so thoroughly saturated in bullcrap and insidious deceit, most folks simply have no idea of what specifically to protest against.

    I think most people are just overwhelmed.

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    I see the faces.
    An old man and a young woman.

    I saw evil in the original 9/11 photo also.

    What does it mean?

    More than the human mind generally desires to consider.

  • I’ve noticed that even the good ‘news’ is getting pretty weird. Always seemed a bit of out of place with me that ‘news’ people make so much money.
    The people living in America need to accept that the world is changing. World Leaders are doing historical and unprecedented things.

    Lot’s of unprecedented and historical things.

  • It’s just amazing what big PR firms can do huh?

    Whodathunked it?

    Hopefully the government will fix this problem also.
    If they make enough laws then eventually an appropriate balance shall be established and then shit will get back to normal.


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    Or even this tear would be good too.

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    I hope the leaders of Europe stay on our side. F’ing putin is an ass and President Obama isn’t going to give up. The Leaders of America tried to make putin a deal and he just obviously won’y accept it. That isn’t REALLY President Obama’s fault. F’ing putin is against all of US….Not just President Obama. [...]

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    Oh and by the way…I still think it’s absolutely terrerible (terror) that the extreme right in this damn country still attacks President Obama for not going to the free speech rally in France.
    They got some egg on their nasty little faces now though! I found a story in the ‘news’ that proves the FACT that President Obama did the right thing this time.


    I’ll admit that the famous guy singing a song to the leader of France seems a bit odd, but Secretary of State John Kerry could end up eventually being the POTUS if Vice President Biden doesn’t get the nod and Bill’s Wife decides it just isn’t really worth it.
    Apparently Elizabeth is out and the People living in America are even more racist now than before we got our first Black President so sadly, the odds of getting another one soon seem pretty fucking remote.
    Anyway, Free speech is okay but fixing climate change is far more lucrative and I really think the fact that this is more a planetary matter could be key to eventually ‘winning’.

    Economics have become so absurd that all one can really say today is “who cares” right?

    People need to stop trying to blame President Obama for everything and realize that if climate change isn’t stopped then none of the rest of it will really matter anyway.

    Science has proven that 2014 was indeed the hottest year in human history and that things are becoming very, very dangerous.

    Very unstable.

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    I’ve long wondered why it is that our leaders insist upon the goodness of inflation.
    Policy makers all across the world have been fixated on making certain that we have inflation.
    I didn’t understand why until somehow when reading your thoughts….POOF!

    It occurred to me.


  • You’re awesome Wendy.
    Thank you for the beautiful reply. I very much agree with your sentiments, and I’m sincerely impressed with your fluency with underlying themes and the noble instincts of your passion.

    We need more RADICALS like you Wendy.


  • I’m profoundly aroused by the passion of this movement. This movement genuinely has the potential to change lives and offer a comprehensive strategy by which the oppressed people can not merely DEMAND justice, but receive justice as repeations for all that has been done before. If we are to begin bringing true change to the [...]

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    I wonder how the Ambassadoor to Estonia got the gig?

    Friend of Valerie perhaps?

    President Obama sure is doing “a heck of a job” huh?

    Time for a reset?

    Hopefully it’s spelled right next time.

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    For all the anger directed at President Obama over the years, I think Progressives today must begin eating some crow and acknowledging that his actions since the terrible ‘election’ last November demand our support.

    Letting these folks out of Gitmo is absolutely brilliant. The extreme right is going bananas!!!

    Our best bet to take not only the White House, but BOTH houses of congress in 2016 is to have the teatards foaming at the mouth.

    The people living in America HATE it when the right starts acting out and if President Obama keeps it up these scumbag morons will be screaming like stuck pigs soon enough….


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