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  • It’s just a damn good thing that most “folk’s” just don’t really pay all that much attention.
    The corporations that run this damn country are just getting worser and worser.
    Some “folk’s” are growing skeptical of governments ability to manage the lives of everyday citizens in such a manner as to discourage civil unrest.
    The people living in America need to realize that you have been transformed.
    This is now a new nation and one that is truly unprecedented and historic.
    President Barack H. Obama has decided that during his last two years as our Leader, he will seriously teach Vladamir Putin a serious lesson!.

    Reaping what some “folk’s” sowed?

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    - Meanwhile, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his party were re-elected although with a low turnout not seen since the end of World War II

    The efforts of Abe to get the Japanese economy fixed seem to be just now bearing fruit. Hopefully once the Japanese economy is fixed, other world leaders can emulate the courageous actions of Abe and fix their economies as well.

    Professor Krugman must be delighted that Abe has taken his advice.

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    Thank you Ruth for this important story. I’ve been trying to avoid the ‘news’ lately because it’s been little more than toxic right wing spew. I’ve remained deeply curious however as to the outcome of the Climate talks in Peru.
    I’m absolutely delighted to learn than progress has been made and that world leaders appear to be at long last taking this matter seriously.
    I believe that a growing percentage of our global population realizes that all the other troubles faced by humanity pale in comparison to the existential threat posed by AGW.
    Knowing that world leaders are working together in order to devise a means by which to stop climate change renews my hope in the possibility of humanity having a future.
    Next years gathering in France should be very, very productive and we must all hope that whatever policies are finally agreed upon prove successful.

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    I hope we can keep the momentum going on this. The FACT is that torture is real and those who are guilty of this crime against humanity must be punished.
    It really pisses me off that they didn’t release the report until AFTER the mid-terms.
    Oh well, teabagger Texas is about to begin some serious suffering though. It looks like oil is going to $40 and that should at least solve the fracking problem.

  • Afghanistan doesn’t really have an actual government. They just have a bunch of tribes running around doing whatever.

    I’m pretty sure our government is only attacking the people there because of some strategic reason.

    I guess it was the war on terror but I don’t really know what it is now.

    Instability maybe??

    Any-whooo..Hopefully world leaders will come up with a plan soon.

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    Thank you for the response.
    I agree that what our past errors have wrought upon the present and future generations is regrettable.
    As Progressives we must all reflect upon the failures of capitalism and ask ourselves what aught to be different so as to win this seemingly ceaseless battle waged relentlessly between the forces of authority and chaos.
    Internationally it is of particular concern to youth, most especially youth of color.
    Sadly it’s the most oppressed groups of people who bear the brunt of climate change. They become the true victims of ignorance and relentless stupidity.

    Somehow the Progressive community needs to defeat the radical right and assist government to promote appropriate goals.

    I’m not sure how we’ll go about actually doing this but it MUST be done.

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    Very Beautiful.

    As long they’re ‘collecting’ everything (for ‘our’ ‘safety’ of course) then I suppose it’s alright. Hopefully they’ll record enough as so that someday people in the future will understand what went wrong.

    Your speak of how life was in more simple times may very well express a human experience that many “folks” remain fond of.

    The FACT is though that times HAVE changed. Today the citizens of America must learn to accept that we must be changed. The hostilities between the American people and the American government must be addressed and the extreme right that advocates for inequality in this nation must be defeated.

    People before had barns but that was before there was more people than barns. Today, the people of America have learned how to just be people who don’t have barns.

    “Some folk’s lost their barns”.

    Hopefully we can stop climate change and begin moving FORWARD at some point?

    The 2016 contest will be EPIC!!!!

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    It seems that ancient culture had many idiots. Odd how sophisticated they seem to have been and yet somehow stupid as well.
    Hopefully the worlds leaders of today recognize the destructiveness of capitalism before we all meet the same tragic ends of peoples past.

  • It’s very disturbing that corporations employ governments to carry out these horrific ass-alts against our enemies.


    It’s what they do.

    Single strike drone attacks and other humane methods of extermination have been developed.
    Methodologies of control must be subject to the same degree of scrutiny as our other techniques in perfecting suppression of capitalist aggressions.

    Only evolution Revolution will provide for an actual ‘change we can believe in’.

    ‘They’ know this and and have fighting against this needed change because the republicans have been refusing to cooperate. If the people who voted for President Obamna in 2008 and 2012 got counted for enough then it is proof that the people in our Democracy wanted to follow President Obama and not the republiturds!
    Just because the extreme right has a flair up of hatred and refusal to accept the truth doesn’t mean that we just need to cave in.

    I believe President Obama will really do what is right now and fight against the teabaggers.

    If he doesn’t though then it look’s like it’ll be Liz VS. Bill’s Wife.

    Let us all be prepared for battle!!!


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    Leaders should lead as far as they can and then vanish. Their ashes should not choke the fire they have lit.
    H. G. Wells

    Out of the ashes, humanity always does rise again.

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    I’ve invested more time into contemplating ancient cultures lately. I marvel at the obvious complexities and am reverent of the individual human lives represented by these remains.

    Such a shame that humanity generally seems to ‘die’ in waves without really changing all that much. Empires Civilizations just collapse…


    Climate change played a significant role in many of these past cataclysmic societal extinctions but for different reasons than today.

    I was appalled earlier this morning upon reading that Peru seems to have reached an impasse and it appears that greed is proving to be an obstacle again.

    All the little “J.V.” governments want cash and Kerry is so far refusing to play ball.

    This shit is ridiculous. The international community could simply establish a U.N. backed perpetual bond yielding an inflation targeted annual rate.
    Major Central Banks could then purchase these bonds and thereby provide much needed financial resources to cash strapped governments world-wide.

    This would be a perfect way to create wealth while simultaneously insuring that governments would still be able to continue functioning while world leaders keep trying to fix all the ‘structural’ problems.

    Hopefully climate change doesn’t wreck our civilization, but if it does, then I suppose that will just be typical on a long enough timeline…

  • I apologize if I commented on the wrong thread. I really haven’t followed this case and was simply making spewing some thoughts on our ‘system’ in general.

  • I find it interesting that we’re all drawing conclusions based upon such a hyper-abundance of perceptions.

    Many lawyers are astonishingly well trained. The training however only ‘sharpens the blade’ of individuals specifically gifted with particular traits by birth/environment.
    However I would argue that the elite lawyers invariably have inborn characteristics that place them as ‘persons’ similar in disposition and innate talent to other typically sociopath individuals such as psychologist, ‘news’ anchors, prom queens, central bankers, and Politicians.

    I think Pistorius is guilty.

    Why do I think so? That’s a good fucking question.

    We live in a world, a world brutally dominated by people who use any and every means necessary to deceive us, to disrespect us, to marginalize us…

    Is it any wonder that we’re governed by lawyers…..

    They ‘make’ the fucking ‘laws’!!!

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    It sure is weird how these monsters seem to have taken such great lengths in order to specifically torture the rectums of these poor prisoners.
    I doubt if any of the POS responsible for these crimes will be properly punished, but this report certainly ought to insure that jeb bush doesn’t ever become our President.

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    It really sucks that this Congress FINALLY does SOMETHING!!

    These F’ing teabaggers have screwed the government up so bad these last some number of years that it’s no damn wonder it’s such a mess.

    It’s obviously not a coincidence when every time the government gets totally screwed over is when after every time it all goes to shit.

    I think sometimes that government is kinda like the weather. We get storms sometimes and when we do, “folks” try to blame the government.
    This doesn’t make any sense because without the government then who would be in charge?

    Weird how people ‘think’ sometimes huh?

  • The ideal of course would be for the Federal authorities to strike a deal with the states and agree to a set amount for permission to grant their respective citizens legal permission to consume Marijuana.
    A reasonable take of say 10% seems fair enough and then the various agencies of the United States Government could coordinate with state and local officials to insure that appropriate regulations and jurisdictional enforcement actions are assigned in such a manner as to insure a fair distribution of collected funding for agency/program support.

    I love it that more of America’s people can legally consume Marijuana. I also believe that we must recognize that until Federal authorities grant us legal permission, the efforts of our state governments do not really protect us.

    We must all tell our leaders that we believe full legalization is fair and appropriate. Hopefully at some point the Federal government will grant us permission so that American people will be able to use Marijuana regardless of the state or other jurisdiction in which it is presently illegal.

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    I’ve encountered the suggestion that whites today are more racist because they resent the rise of Black leaders in our communities and particularly the ascendancy of President Barack H. Obama as not only our leader, but indeed the leader of the ‘free’ world.

    Do you ever consider the link between a Powerful Black man and climate change?

    President Obama is actually the greatest leader in trying to protect us from climate change. Those in the Community have had some disagreements about Progessivist in general and and although I recognize the institutionalized racism of the reagan era in particular, I tend to agree that climate change play’s a role because it just becomes apparent that even the U.N. and China are on board.

    Climate change is what President Obama is attacking the hardest right now.
    Once we win the war against climate change, we can then begin to address the other ares of concern like racism.


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    I’m virtually certain I’ve encounter studies showing a link between climate change and numerous disturbing sociological phenomena.

    In fact, I recall a study establishing the link between the rise of ISIS and other terrorist groups because of civil instability caused by climate change.

    Apparently rape is on the rise as well and ISIS has been identified as being a frequent raper.

    Strange times we live in and hopefully world leaders can work things out soon.

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    I say this matter cries out for the Progressive demand that Marijuana be recognized by our Federal government as legal for use by all adult citizens of America.
    Once we can get Federal authorities on board, then we can begin to demand that the F.D.A. assumes control of this new form of legalized intoxication so as to insure that only sanctioned varieties of experience are available and only under the oversight and appropriate various degrees of regulation as might be deemed sufficiently useful/profitable for the achievement of various authorities and whatnot as is deemed legal.

    Additional revenues generated by the enforcement of properly used substances will more that offset the losses in other controlled sectors.

    America already has the highest per capita rate of ‘prescribed’ pharmaceutical use in the world. By allowing “folks” to legally smoke weed and whatnot, we can expand the permissible degree of intoxifying experiences deemed legal and in so doing enable a greater percentage of the population to self-medicate.

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    This is truly an epic piece.
    The author is absolutely correct that the system works perfectly as per design.
    Racism has gotten dramatically worse lately and the statistics prove it. I personally perceive a direct link between racism and climate change.

    If I recall correctly, climate change has now caused for the planet to become much warmer during the last six years.

    Is it only me or does it appear that racism has also grown worser during the last six years? My guess is that we have studies which would prove the correlation between increasing climate change activity and a parallel increase of acts of racial injustice such as these we witness in modern America.

    If such studies have not yet been funded then I suppose it’s because the extreme right now runs the Senate and so of course these cheap teabagger bastards won’t fund anything having to do with social justice, let alone stopping climate change.

    It’s going to be a L-O-N-G two years.

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