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  • Well, I got an email today that reminded me so I would only imagine that most folks have been sent a notice of some sort recently.
    This could be another example of ‘under-reporting’. That’s a trick the extreme right uses in the ‘media’ right before an ‘election’.
    We’ve all seen this before…The republiturds (old people, whites, inbreds, libertardaryans, in-valids and whatnot who just don’t ‘get it’.

    These ‘people’ just vote off of their emotions and furthermore as we’ve all been informed…LOL!!! FAUX ‘NEWS’!! These F’ing moronic POS losers actually do watch FAUX ‘NEWS’ for most of their ‘information’.

    This is actually PROOF of what I’ve been thinking for a very long time and now, amazingly enough, it’s been scientifically proven. If we can each reach out to someone in our communities and then let them know that FAUX ‘NEWS’ really is the reason people become conservitarded then turnout for our side should be good enough to keep the Senate!!!

    It is of course to each of us though-:)

  • The Fed should be forced to become part of the Treasury dept. It’s completely ridiculous that a hand full of private banks is allowed to determine our money supply and set interest rates and whatnot. These are government functions and the fact that we allow the Fed to play such a critical role in making the economy work is actually pretty scary.

    Case in point is the FACT that Janet Yellen is being incredibly irresponsible and allow asset purchases to end right before an election. If the Fed was actuall looking out for the best interest of the American people then they wouldn’t take a chance of crashing the damn stock market right before an election. Things are already bad enough, a stock market crash right now would pretty much guarantee that President Obama loses the Senate.

    How in the hell is that helping the country?

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    I believe that what this poll proves is conservaturds don’t give a damn about the truth, they simply seek propaganda which allows them to think they’re right about things when in fact they aren’t.
    Progressives on the other hand seek ‘news’ from several different sources because we actually want to know the truth.
    Faux ‘news’ is childishly moronic and pathetic, filled with absurd, often mean spirited nonsense and gobbledygook riddled partisan bullcrap.

    I understand that MSNBC, NPR, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and nearly any ‘news’ source is not always perfect, but at least they try to have some reasonable balance in their stories and whatnot.

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    Maybe President Obama is hoping that if ISIS gets enough supplies then they’ll take out Assad and the Saudi’s will get off his back?
    We’ve got to keep in mind that President Obama plays chess, not checkers.

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    I ran across this ‘story’ (that former nazi’s are getting SS payments) and knew immediately it was more bullcrap propaganda from the extreme right.

    A few years ago they unleashed a torrent of bullcrap about how supposedly undocumented (they say ‘illegal’) workers get SS, even absurd claims suggesting that many of them even receive payments once they return to their country of birth.

    I investigated the claims and they’re as bogus as conspiracy theories claiming that President Obama is a rabid socialist Keynan Muslim with a fake birth certificate and SS #.

    The teabaggers will stop at nothing to undermine confidence in our system of government.

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    I am very moved by your comment and hope that Progressives stand firmly, resolutely (and boisterously) in opposition to the false narrative of these horrifying times in which we supposedly suffer today all because of President Obama.

    This crap can all be traced to the actions of the bush crime syndicate during the disastrous reign of the bush/cheney regime.

    President Obama didn’t fail. If you consider the mess he inherited and then also have the intellectual fortitude to redefine reality according to various non-corporate owned ‘news’ sources, President obama actually thought that being President would mean that he could do things that he thought were really actually good for some Americans.

    I don’t think he realized what being the actual President would be like.

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    But standing up for your rights is a part of having those rights. A free society is based on a marketplace of ideas, that free speech thing we all learned about in civics class. We all need to hear from all sides to become the “informed citizenry” that Thomas Jefferson said was so essential to a democracy. And who better to enlighten the public about how their government really works than former federal employees, the people who were on the inside, now private citizens?

    Oh are you ever correct.

    Perhaps every myth began in the pursuit of fraudulently grounded dreams?

    Humanity is actually winning.

    May not seem like it to some, but failure is an aspect of evolution.

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    I’m inclined to agree that this is yet one more disgusting example of the corporate ‘media’ acting on behalf of the teabag extreme right to propagandize people into being terrified and angry.

    Who really thinks the horrifying series of calamities that have suddenly erupted over the last six months or so are just by ‘coincidence’?

    First the border surge, then ISIS, then ebola…….WTF???

    It’s pretty clear to me that the extreme right has at the very minimium taken advantage of all this chaos to undermine confidence in President Obama and by association Progressivism itself.

    We must bear in mind that for low information voters President Obama and all the various Democratic officials, authorities and leaders do represent Progressivism because these lying POS spent tears running around calling themselves Progressives!!

    Somehow we’ve got to convince the American people that these buffoons DO NOT represent Progressivism. I don’t know how we’ll do that in the next three weeks but I sure hope we figure it out.

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    President Obama sure does say a lot of stuff huh? I’m glad he knows that voodoo doo-doo, trickle down, free market, ayn rand, so called economics don’t work.

    Capitalism has indeed failed, not only here in America either. It’s basically failing everywhere around the world. The E.U. is a basket case and a time bomb of devastation. Capitalism has savaged Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Portugal and is now finally beginning to attack Germany.
    Venezuela and Argentina are both trying to destroy capitalism in their societies but it just isn’t working very well yet.
    Japan is an epic disaster, even the Chinese government is struggling because they allow capitalism to infect their economy so that the rulers can become rich, but now it seems to be getting almost impossible to manage.

    The American economy is a complete disaster but only if you compare it to what it could or should be. If you compare it to most other major economies globally, then it actually does seem like the U.S. is doing pretty darn good.

    Authorities have just had a difficult time making economies work properly since the crisis began and what people need to realize is that the real problem is actually free market capitalism. Well that and a bunch of retarded baboons in the House who have utterly failed to create laws designed to fix this nation and begin creating more prosperity and stuff.

    I’m telling ya…If the republiturds take the Senate President Obama is going to be pissed!!

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    The consideration of what ought to happen to this clearly not socially congruent specimen is of deep philosophic value. How far does the monopoly on criminal aggression ‘government’ authority go? Stare at the pic for a few moments…..This individual is clearly damaged. Severely, possibly irreversibly damaged. Contemplate the vicious sickness of the crime in all it’s brutal [...]

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    Well, Ah, I guess maybe a few fewer “proposals” would be a great start?

    Politics needs to get local.

    Globalization has failed.,_1st_Baron_Acton

    This farcical construct of the ‘state’ being ‘governed’ by CIA, RAND corporation, the very elitist ‘progressive’ intelligentsia mob that has brought us all to the brink of chaos is clearly either failing miserably, or succeeding magnificently?

    The collectivist (bureaucracy gone wild) whores to obscenely corrupt sociopaths who run this sick game are failing.

    All the doctrines are being exposed as fabrications of the criminal elite.

    The idea of Empire is ludicrous enough, and ALL of them fail.

    Even this one……………….

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    I radically disagree with the contention that increased numbskull voter turnout is a net gain for the country. It’s simply a fact that the overwhelming majority of pathetic morons citizens of this Orwellian dystopia nation are entirely clueless, hopelessly propagandized prisoners of the sociopathic elite who rule this country and having them ‘participate’ (sanction) the criminal behavior of these miserable poseurs only encourages continuation of the status quo.

    People who are little more than clueless robots voting for what they’ve been led to believe (largely by watching the tee-vee) is the lesser of two evils based on bullshit propaganda and soon to be broken promises isn’t going to change a damn thing.

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    “Caverley is the type of academic confounded by the obvious He is the type of academic that Upton Sinclair had in mind when he said “ It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it. Wisdom is something the overlords don’t have. These times are “historic” and [...]

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    Oh great!! This is not exactly the sort of ‘news’ we need to have trumpeted about right before the election. The teabaggers will have a field day squealing about “the government has failed again” and other mean spirited partisan gibberish designed to get folks all “wee-weed up” and angry about stuff.

    The FACT is that the republiturd controlled House imposed drastic austerity upon the CDC which has resulted in a dramatic degradation of it’s effectiveness.

    But of course the corporate ‘news’ doesn’t tell people about that!

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    This crap seriously cracks me up! I’d love to have dick cheney, condelizza rice, or john ‘shitstain’ mcstain try to rxplain this on meet the press!!

    It’s a lot better making friends with Iran than just bombing the shit out of them. The f’ing neacons can suck it!!

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    “Weakly engaged voters tend to lean Democratic so every small hurdle for voting that Republicans can create helps them. Even if a hurdle is only a relatively modest financial or logistical issue for most people, every extra inconvenience will cause some fraction of adults to give up and that indirectly helps the GOP.”

    Well we’ve all known for quite sometime that the turds have been squealing about forcing people to have I.D. in order to vote and this upcoming election proves precisely why. The turds, particularly of the teabaggist variety, will stop at nothing to take full control of the Senate, even if it means resorting to unconstitutional and profoundly unethical behavior such as forcing people to have I.D.

    Somehow, someway we’ve got to get people to vote. Having the turds take the Senate will be catastrophic for us all.

  • Well it’s nice to finally see a decent poll. I’ll admit to being extremely frightened that the turds might actually take the Senate and seeing such a wonderful poll helps relieve some of the anxiety.

    If President Obama keeps the Senate then the odds of him being able to turn things around and create a positive legacy is still a possibility.

    Having the turds run the Senate though would mean nothing but constant scandals, investigations, probably special prosecutors…..I doubt if they’d actually impeach him because that would unleash Biden who quite frankly obviously belongs in an institution (his meds are no longer effective).

    Anyway you slice it it’s going to be a brutally long and weird two more years but I personally think perhaps the least amount of lasting damage will be done if Obama keeps the Senate.

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    Is it just me or does it really seem as if a bunch of spoiled rotten punk teenagers took over the country, teen agers who apparently consider (considered?) themselves to be far and away more intelligent and capable than all the adults who were tricked into letting them ‘be in charge’???

    I mean this is far beyond merely farcical. At this point the joke is rapidly being revealed as a serious “big fucking deal” and if the adults don’t take power away from these seemingly deranged children, the consequences will reverberate for a generation or more.

    To make matters even worse..Now even the stock market economy is crashing……..

    But maybe they thought the Saudi’s crashing the price of oil/gas just in time for the elections (as a reward for attacking Syria) would save the day?

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    Fracking is evil. So many lives destroyed. So much trauma to our environment. Climate change can’t be stopped unless we win the war against fossil fuels. That is the ugly truth that America needs to learn. The world needs to stop using fossil fuels because doing so creates CO2 which is a proven pollutant and [...]

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    Yeah…The timing of all this really does suck for poor President Obama. I actually feel very badly for his hole team.
    I can imagine they thought that leading the country and stuff would be pretty cool.
    I guess though that historically they pretty much got the shitty end of the stick huh? I can just sense the frustration in their emails. It seems like his personal life has really begun to suffer and that being the President just isn’t what he really thought it would be.

    I feel pretty embarrassed for him.

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