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  • erik commented on the blog post Over Easy: This ‘Just IN’

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    I read the crap about pence yesterday. The far right in this damn country would love nothing much better than to have the nutsacks running the states they control take over the media as well.
    I’ll tell you right now the reason pence wanted to set-up a Pravda at the state level:

    Once a turd takes power in any given jurisdiction, everything goes from bad to worse. The solution? (in a republiturd ‘mind’) is to roll out the propaganda.
    We have that nationally with faux ‘news’ and if crap keeps devolving at it’s present pace, we’ll see it soon enough in every red state within this dog and pony show of a nation.

    Propaganda is all they have left.

  • erik commented on the blog post Does Uber Make A Universal Basic Income Inevitable?

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    Oh yes, Uber is the latest assault on Unionization by the crapulitist. At this point in human evolution we practically live within an F’ing ayn rand novel.
    The rich have taken over and even President Obama can’t take effective action against this hostility unless we offer him our support.
    The need to stand behind our Government and support them in overcoming all these crappy things the republiCONS are trying to do in order to muck up President Obama’s plans for America has never been greater.
    Union members in particular must embrace his overall strategy, which is to halt climate change.
    He’s going to meet with other World Leaders later on this year in Paris for a Global summit to attack our changing climate.
    Now how does this affect economics? Since economics are the primary responsibility today for most lawmakers and other authorities fighting to keep us all safe and prosperous and whatnot, then it follows that to acknowledge such a heavy responsibility alongside fighting terrorism demands support from each person living in America.
    Fighting Climate Change is something that we need to use as the primary mandate for insuring that the so called ‘free market’ (which is dog whistle linguistics for ‘slavery’), is properly regulated to insure compliance with all Federal authorizations as deemed applicable.
    The failure of capitalism was predicted long ago. If you really think about it, Climate Change is caused by capitalism!

    If we could get more folks signed up for unions then that would help organize voters to support the change we need. Hopefully whoever becomes our next President supports union members and encourages them to help fight Climate Change.

  • Gee whiz…..They actually released it huh??

    Wow. It’s about time they started to get honest about stuff.

    One of the reasons some people don’t really trust government or the ‘news’ is because they think it’s all just a bunch of absurd, cooked up bullcrap.

    When the government admits stuff that they did before though then hopefully people will start to trust them more.

    The teabaggers have pretty much been eliminated. The turds are starting to come around on Climate change. Mitt, John, Lindsey..shit even crazy racist wacko ron pauls stupid ass little mop head turd believes in it now!!

    2016 is our year. We take the WH, House and Senate. I guarantee we do. The people living in America are starting to wake up.

    They know something just isn’t quite right.

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    125 people huh? That really is pretty fantastic. I get it that we need an ever increasing number of laws so that eventually society can be properly transformed. Heck, I think I’m fairly lucid even insofar as comprehending the necessity of adjusting legal reactions and outcomes as well.

    The people who live in America need to accept the fact of legality being a double edged component of reality. I’m familiar with references to ‘Animal farm’ and other dystopian scenarios conjured up long ago. Reality being stranger than fiction however has provably been the case for quite some time and authorities are trying to make more laws in order to fix it.

    In the mean time, the issue of Racism is one rivaling Climate change as far as social issues go.

    I’m genuinely, very sincerely delighted that exceptionally fine, utterly decent, extremely charitable and even if properly defined heroic lawyers and other fine persons seek justice.

    The ‘legal’ situation facing the people who live in America really is quite dire, however I’m pleased that not only are some folks fighting back, but with 125 victories in 2104 it’s obvious that the efforts are worthwhile.

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    This isn’t about value judgements. Putin was a ‘bad guy’ before President Obama even decided to become President. President Obama stepped atop the world stage not really knowing what he would find. His only real (verifiable) background is controversial at best and locked up by E.O. otherwise. What I’m trying to say is it really isn’t his [...]

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    I’m just extremely excited by President Obama’s work with the Saudi’s to take out multiple birds with one stone. Putin is being taught a serious lesson. The consequences will force putin to sell his gas to the E.U. at reduced prices, thus further ratcheting up the pressure on putin to back off on the Ukraine. [...]

  • The attacks on the leaders of Venezuela have been truly horrific. But if one is to cry..Cry for Argentina!

    Greece now holds all the cards. If the people living in Greece actually demand CHANGE..

    AND they are now finally realizing what a scam Brussels and the sociopath criminals in charge of ruling these poor vassal states of the wanna-be (“J.V”) UR A PEON ‘union’.

    One would almost think that perhaps rather than focus such an inordinate amount of resources on fixing climate change, World Leaders would have a look at what the F’ing mess they’ve made of the world these last several years since the crisis started.

    Ah well, I suppose we’ve moved forward now so “folk’s” will just need to move on and keep on supporting our Leaders even though sometimes they do dumb stuff like Ukraine, or Venezuela, or Argentina (they’re setting her up for a Vince Foster type of hit, the extreme right is always up to this sort of crap!)

    The world community really needs to begin accepting that in order to stop climate change, terrorism, gun violence, sub optimal economic performance, injustice, inequality, rampant speculation, corruption….

    All these issues are critical but why does the government in charge of us attack other governments?

    Governments really need to stop attacking one another.

    The issue of governments attacking other governments has been a serious one indeed for thousands of years right? It’s like if they aren’t attacking other governments, they’re attacking the very people who they are in charge of!!

    I wish that our Leaders would agree to not attack “Folk’s” anymore. The Leaders of other governments deserve the right to do whatever they need to do in order to make sure that their people stay calm. The people who live in America need to vote for some leaders who will just mostly do things that don’t make life harder for us. When our leaders mess around with the leaders of other countries then that’s how we end up having wars.

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    Fortunately most folks living in America have no idea this is happening. The ‘news’ doesn’t talk about it because President Obama is afraid that might get folks angry. Besides, stopping climate change needs to happen first anyhow.
    I think all the world leaders have decided to just make the leaders of Japan deal with this, problem is though that the leaders in charge of Japan are still working on the economy. They got the stock market fixed pretty much but making other adjustments is proving difficult.
    Hopefully now that Professor Krugman has stepped in, the economy will become fixed and then they can take on Fukushima?

  • What is ‘terrorism’?


    That IS terrorism.

    All sylphic conniving aside.
    It in all actuality does NOT depend on the definition of IS.
    It does rest upon a stark assessment in the light of TRUTH.
    Truth isn’t very fucking happy lately.


    Lies have consequences.

  • erik commented on the diary post Distrust But Verify by David Swanson.

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    Great thread. Thanks for posting the thoughts David, and Banger….Careful bruh. Telling the truth will only cause pain and telling the truth requires thinking. Thinking of the truth while simultaneously fantasizing that the USG will EVER act in the best interest of ‘we the people’ creates disabling cognitive dissonance, hence ‘progressivism’ becomes painful. The world is , [...]

  • Oh well.
    The devastating effects on ‘middle class folks’ won’t really materialize until after President Obama relinquishes power. In the mean time the people living in America need to support President Obama so that he can begin working on a host of other issues and stuff before he gets finished.

    Climate change is really a bigger deal anyway. It’s all about the climate change……

    World history and stuff is cyclical, but climate change hasn’t ever really been tried before (stopping it).

    Global leaders definitely need to turn the page and I think all this ballyhoo about money, war, equal rights and other ‘wedge issues’ kinda distract some people living in America.

    Inequality is definitely a good one, but if climate change isn’t stopped then activistizing isn’t really going to amount to much.

    World leaders ought to spend less time bickering over how much more money they can get and instead focus on become educated.

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    “A cynic might think the Euro bond buying (a good idea) is being done because the current political powers see threats to their parties and thus to their moneymen. Greece is doing to elect nutcases that make our GOP look sane because they’re against austerity.”

    The ECB has definitely done the right thing. The proper role of a central bank is to purchase government debt in order to make more money. The extra 60 billion per month in new money will help governments in the E.U. combat austerity and hopefully get inflation up.

    It drives me nuts that our central bank here in America stopped making more money. Inflation in America is still less than 2% and threatens to derail the economy just as President Obama finally got it fixed.

    Worse still is the fact that F’ing Janet Yellen plans to start raising interest rates!! WTF?? If she raises them to far (historical average of 4-5%) then the turds will start scaring the people who live in America about the so called ‘national debt’ again which could lead to another government shutdown scare and another round of austerity.

    It just doesn’t make sense!

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    Hey KateCA… I discovered an even more comprehensive ‘news’ story about global warming and this one actually gives much cause for rejoicing. The key take-away is that some very key actors have finally thrown in the towel and now support the war on climate change! Shitstain McCain and Lindsey Graham both signing up represents [...]

  • erik commented on the diary post Science-schmience, Georgia just wants to execute this intellectually disabled man by Jose Cornejo.

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    A deeply disturbing story indeed. Racism and mental illness represent two of the biggest domestic industries targeting the people who live in America. I personally am most aghast con-sidering the Global malfeasance of climate deniers. Genocide was big at one point, starvation at another. Nuclear War was of course quite in vogue at a certain [...]

  • The only way to destroy these monsters is to not only keep the White House in ’16, but restore both the Senate and the House as well.

    The financial shenanigans of the extreme right have been unambiguously terrible. A grotesque lack of regulation since reagan has resulted in widespread, indeed systemic and now nearly institutionalized corruption.

    This isn’t really President Obama’s fault however. These issues existed long before he came on the scene and the extreme right, especially the liber-aryan extreme right has only made matters worse.

    Tonight in his historic and unprecedented speech, President Obama will teach us his vision of America and how he feels we should support him in making it be.

    Hopefully the people living in America will STAND-UP and support President Obama while he fights against the republiturds and leads us FORWARD!!!

  • This crap makes me sick! I’ve never witnessed such an onslaught of moronically insidious vitriol against a President in my lifetime.
    The koch brothers are liber-aryan sociopaths who in a truly just nation would be imprisoned.
    I almost hope these extremist nincompoops somehow manage to take teh White House in ’16.
    If this damn country doesn’t meltdown in the next two years, having a ‘turd take the helm might not really be such a bad idea?
    When this Dystopian shitshow goes down, it’s gunna go down hard. If they can keep it afloat long enough to have a teabagger like cruz running the show, then the effect in creating history will become more manageable.

    Ah well, I suppose time will tell.

  • erik commented on the blog post Over Easy: Spectator Sports

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    I agree 100% that if people living in America really want change, they need to become personally involved.

    I think a major stumbling block however is that with the country so thoroughly saturated in bullcrap and insidious deceit, most folks simply have no idea of what specifically to protest against.

    I think most people are just overwhelmed.

  • erik commented on the blog post Camera Work: The Suspension of Belief

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    I see the faces.
    An old man and a young woman.

    I saw evil in the original 9/11 photo also.

    What does it mean?

    More than the human mind generally desires to consider.

  • I’ve noticed that even the good ‘news’ is getting pretty weird. Always seemed a bit of out of place with me that ‘news’ people make so much money.
    The people living in America need to accept that the world is changing. World Leaders are doing historical and unprecedented things.

    Lot’s of unprecedented and historical things.

  • It’s just amazing what big PR firms can do huh?

    Whodathunked it?

    Hopefully the government will fix this problem also.
    If they make enough laws then eventually an appropriate balance shall be established and then shit will get back to normal.


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