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  • This regime isn’t as bad as the one in North Korea?

    Actually it’s orders of magnitude worse. The regime we live under is far more sophisticated and it’s evil far more pervasive than the gang running NK.

    The ‘constitution’ is now an elitist tool used to rule us, not a document honored to serve and protect us.

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    Very well stated and I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment.
    Right wing propaganda has a decimating effect on society and the profound ignorance and general mean spiritedness that infects much of western culture today can largely be attributed to monsters such as murdoch, limbaugh, and the koch brothers.
    American media has become a weapon used against common sense and decency. The extreme right trumpets hate talk and aggressively seeks to undermine Progressivist teachings in what has become a virtual war on reality.

    Governments, particularly the American government, must develop methodologies to confront the harmful effects of extremist media and to take seriously the often times seditious nature of these disgusting and deeply troubling purveyors of misinformation which have largely derailed efforts by governments globally to properly manage citizens.

    Garbage in = Garbage out.

  • Yet another example of why part of the expressed ideal is to be a nation ‘of laws’.
    Not this farcically corrupt and humiliatingly inept ‘gang’ of alternate reality wanna be adults presently ruling America and sadly, much of the world.


  • I hate stories like this because it makes it seem like the government is essentially just some seriously sick criminal organization.
    The IRS ripping people off.
    The NSA spying on everyone.
    The post office f’ing with our mail.
    Cops routinely assassinating urban Black males.
    Bungled this and bungled that.

    It’s no damn wonder the republiturds are about to take the Senate away from President Obama.

    Sane people (Democrats) are getting sick and tired of supporting all these deranged shenanigans and so millions of us will simply refuse to vote.

    This country sucks.

  • Chicago makes me sick. It’s one of the most profoundly corrupt and poorly managed cities in America.

    It’s amazing how many young Black males are viciously murdered in Chicago and yet the ‘news’ rarely ever mentions the daily death toll.

    If it were whites being slaughtered then of course the authorities would put an end to it.

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    Just another example of how faux ‘news’ is so toxic for our society. I would rather catch ebola than subject my brain to the filthy and dangerous propaganda spewed forth by the right wing monsters on faux.
    Does anyone really think it’s just an ‘accident’ that an entire ten hours is condensed down to two minutes in which primarily urban Black males harass a young Woman?
    This video is disgusting and makes me sick!

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    I agree that obviously this ‘ebola’ scare is merely another brick in the wall, the wall established by right wing extremism that has infected our nation (the world actually) and illustrates magnificently the net result of ‘CONservatird’ social policy these last several election cycles.
    The extreme right has used big money (often gained by illicit means) to purchase the authority of both the media and the government so as too make President Obama lose the Senate this most horrifically near November day that shall go unmentioned so as to not further disrupt or impute even an air of discontent or other malicious, mean spirited, awful and or even at times simply sickening rubbish.
    Ebola is something that the people don’t actually need to worry about.
    The top scientist and President Obama all agree that ebola is fundamentally a republican induced propaganda initiative that is both disruptive and openly racist.
    As the teabag extreme right becomes increasingly irrelevant, we shall all witness the transcendence of deep state antics such as these latest ballyhoos, and leadership will develop the ability to rule us in such a manner as to make things FAR more fair, equitable, even steven, and legit!

  • Attkisson is a wacko. Her idea of ‘journalism’ is pure teabaggist baloney. I frequently scan the right wing ‘news’ and Attkisson’s bullcrap is plastered all over it.

    I agree with the assertion of the government targeting, and in some cases eliminating journalist and whatnot but Attkisson can’t be trusted.

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    I didn’t mean eliminated like exterminated, I meant that we need to eliminate the rabid ideology and deranged ignorance that fuels the extreme right.
    Many of the people infected by teabaggist ideology are actually just victims of corporate propaganda designed to undermine society and to foster lack of faith in and respect for government authority.

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    In a sane and decent country the NRA would be declared to be a terrorist organization and dealt with as such.
    Something is definitely wrong with a country that can declare a war on poverty, a war on drugs, a war on Women….A country that can at least acknowledge the existential threat of cataclysmic human climate change and yet practically ignore the daily slaughter of young innocents at the hands of ‘patriots’ bearing both arms and a sickening malice toward toward the government.
    The extreme right must be eliminated if we are ever to evolve as a society.

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    Hegelian dialectic

    It’s getting real shady.

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    I will be one of the happiest people alive (besides President Obama) if you’re right.

    All the teabag scum at work walk around screaming and laughing because they think the turds are going to take the Senate and shut President Obama down for the final two years of his turn in office.

    If we keep it my faith in the American people will be restored and the power of big money and right wing propaganda will have been defeated.

    Thank you for the chance to feel positively for a change.

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    The ultra high-end flowers would likely settle at about $100 per ounce retail in a purely free market.

    As it is now, at least in Washington state, the price is closer to $300 per ounce.

    I think price ought to settle at a point where it isn’t so cheap as to promote careless use but expensive enough to sustain the growers and distribution.

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    Yes, the republiturd party and their cheerleaders in the corporate ‘news’ have long attacked anything Progressive as being ‘dangerous’ and ‘moronic’.

    I extreme right certainly has a disaster fetish and despite having been proven wrong they still attempt to promote fear. In fact, I hope the Dems begin calling the turds the “party of fear” leading up to the 2016 races. I’m inclined to believe that most Americans by now recognize how hollow all these ‘dire’ warnings have been over the decades.

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    Fascinating link and one that once again establishes that fear mongering is a tactic long employed by the extreme right to undermine policies designed to actually improve the lives of ordinary citizens.
    The teabag far right has been squealing “inflation” for years now and as usual…The extreme right has been proven WRONG!
    We don’t have inflation in America, the problem is actually deflation, which is the true enemy of our economy and the grave danger that has (thanks to intelligent and appropriate policy) been so far largely avoided.
    The amount of economic ignorance in this nation is truly troubling!

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    If we consider the issue deeply enough, isn’t joining the American governments military just as deplorable, just as unethical, every bit as complicit in crimes against humanity as it is to fight for Israel? I suppose that depends on just how from removed from ignorance one is? Being stupid is definitely a desirable attribute for [...]

  • So the billions of dollars being spent by special interest groups and billionaires like the koch brothers has managed to nationalize our elections?
    This is getting weird…That’s the same thing newt gingrich did to Bill Clinton in 1994 with the ‘contract on America’ that tricked the American people into giving the extreme right control way back then.

    Is it still possible that we could hold the Senate? I know it’s not looking good but I’m trying to be optimistic. The teabaggers at work are all pretty much giddy. They all seem convinced that they’ll take the Senate. I just try to keep a low profile and avoid eye contact.

    I’m not exactly looking forward to the election, but I haven’t given up all hope yet either.

  • I don’t think you get it?
    This entire ‘ebola’ scare is really all about creating an atmosphere of hysteria and panic in hopes of reducing voter turn-out in November. The turds know full well that if Democrats, especially Blacks and Women, don’t turn-out in force then President Obama will lose control of the Senate.

    The ‘media’ right now is in full attack mode, playing hard for a republiturd victory and ebola is just a useful tool they’re using to achieve an objective (the Senate).

    Both the medical community and President Obama agree that quarantines are a BAD idea and should not be forced upon American citizens.

  • HA-HA!!

    Looks like the turds blew it on this one. So much for the turds being the party of ‘individual liberty’…..LOL!

    You can’t just lock people up because you ‘think’ they might be infectious. But then since the GOP doesn’t believe in science…………..

    What a fail!!

  • Another f’ing bush huh? What a steaming pile this nation has become. My immediate reaction is of course one of absolute disbelief, but then if I calm down and really think about it?

    I’m forced to realize that the American people probably are stupid enough but I’m also forced to accept the fact that as other global empires have transitioned into the collapse phase, they to have first devolved into third world type banana republics also.

    How f’ing sad.

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