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  • esd2000 commented on the blog post Pew Poll: Americans Already Regret Giving House to Republicans

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    I don’t think you punish them by not voting or voting Repub. You elect them then hope they get a challenge from the left then vote them out. Just my opinion. I can’t think of any other way.

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    Really sad news about Keith Olbermann. He will be truly missed. It’s a real shame that the best we can do for a “progressive voice” on cable is MSNBC. Is Rachel next? Sad sad day.

  • Let’s not forget all of the other participants in the spreading of hate and fear rhetoric. Talk such as 2nd amendment remedies, I want you armed and dangerous, we came unarmed “this time” the tree of liberty, death panels, gangster government, government takeover, the whites of their eyes, health-care rationing, the President isn’t American. These people are irresponsible. Hats off to the sheriff of Pima county for bringing some of this to light. It had to be said. Thanks to Olbermann for his comments. He was spot on. Thoughts and prayers for all the victims and their families, including the family of the shooter. They’re probably victims also, just in a different way.