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    what. I’m not fit to print? tools.

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    How about Holiday Inn, Holiday Affair, Miracle on 34th Street. Agree with Alistair Sim Christmas Carol. (Best ever filming). WHite Christmas cheesy. Capra closer in politics to Potter than Bailey. But, Potterville is prophetic for our current age. Also on list, Since You Went Away.

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    This guy has no heart and no soul. I coined the word nobama in 2007 and have seen it used since. He doesn’t really care. He can sometimes talk the talk but he can never truly walk the walk. He folds like a cheap suit at the first sign of opposition because he doesn’t really [...]

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    This guy is either a sociopath or is so detached from his own actions and failures to act as to be, wait for it, aa empty suit.

  • Ya see, here’s how it is and has always been for Obama. He lies easily and with casual conviction. He makes promises he has no intention to keep. He believes speeches are “just politics” to sedate the masses. He had an aide tell Canada not to worry about his promises about prescription medicine reform. That was just campaign talk. And, sure enough, it was. He talked about the shame of Guantanamo and the trampling of our constitutional rights and the coming transparency of his regime. Not. He has betrayed his base, sold out the poor and the elderly, led by compromising his stated principles, and carelessly misstating his aims. He is and always was a poseur, selling his looks and occasional flights of rhetoric while believing none of it. That’s the sad reality.

  • Nobama nobama nobama………!!!! Make another lying speech, do nothing or the opposite, stand for nothing, believe in nothing……….Nobama nobama nobama (copyright pending).

  • This guy has telegraphed his position on social security, medicare, medicaid since before his first campaign. Unfortunately his gaga acolytes wouldn’t hear it. He is and always has been a big money tool. He has no compunctions about lying to the base (American majority) to get elected but he reverts to his fixed position when elected. His unwillingness to listen to Krugman, Stiglitz, et al and his continued appointment of big money hacks to crucial positions is only a symptom. They are him.

  • Isn’t it clear by now that Obama actually agrees with the corporate elite and their tools no matter what. He was singing the “entitlement reform” tune back during the ’08 campaign. He consults and respects the likes of Brooks, Friedman, Geithner, and the other authors of our economic disaster. He disingenuously runs on a progressive agenda then governs from the right. It would be an insult to Rockefeller to call him a Rockefeller Republican. If he were white he would be a Roman Hruska Republican and embraced as one of them. Even when he chants for social reform he seems to be holding back. Don’t be surprised by his “grand” bargaining. He listens to no one and has no loyalty to his “base”. Look for him on the lecture circuit after his term.

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    All you need know is the people Obama has surrounded himself with from the get go…wall street tools, cold warriors, privacy invaders, rendition expeditors, political hacks, amoral corporatists. He is just a more reticent front for the same anti-American elite.

  • The cure involves civil notices of claim and lawsuits against the City for intentional tort in knowingly exposing people to dangerous health conditions. People are entitled to express their constitutional right to free speech. If the mayor doesn’t get it the courts should.

  • All obama can run is his mouth. Now we know schneiderman is just another careerist phony. We continue to be screwed.

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    Only if you are too young to remember Nixon the author and founder of today’s wingnuts.

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    A shout out to Bluegal and Driftglass who skewer Brooks on a weekly basis on their blog TheProfessionalLeft. A great hour of listening.

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    Brooks is a paid embarrassment. A conscious know-nothing. He is the smile button on top of te right wing horror. A benign liar and highly paid tool of the robber barons. But that’s what the Times has given us since it turned the hack Nixon flack Safire into a “respected pundit”. Why be surprised?

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    He never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. He has a tin ear for the right thing to do. He does it only if he thinks it’s politically advantageous. If it were 1863 he’d balk at the Emancipation Proclamation. After all that would alienate the South. What a tool.

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    Hoyer has always been a transparent tool. His patroness nancy pelosi made him her whip. He is a sleezebag with no real interest in reform. (As is pelosi, and Obama). With his typical tin ear for what is right Obama will follow his masters down the usual road of defending himself against the discredited and increasingly ineffectual right wing. Why be surprised?

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    Where did you get this forecast? Its demonstrably wrong and has nothing to do with today’s financial situation. Just fact check this crap. Really. Just do it.

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    The Brooks piece, like all is mendacious articles, is just another attempt to put a smiley benign face on the horror that is the Republican Party and its right wing agenda. He is part of the New York Times op ed parade of rightist frauds littering their pages since Safire. Those fit to print include [...]

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    Obamanever stops proving he is a tool of corporate interests and an enemy of the constitution. He lacks core principles and has no plan other than re-election. He has nailed the coffin shut on our form of government and couldn’t care less.

  • You are right. Pelosi exposed herself from the get go when she stated she wqouldn’t go after the Bushies as did Nobama. The deal was struck long before Obama got the nomination. She is an old clothes horse who picks her fights. We are “governed” by corporate hacks like Obama and company. They all feed at the same trough. The public game is a charade. Any way you look at it we lose. That’s the way its set up. They fear the OCWs because they’re out of the loop. No one knows how to react. Don’t worry. They’re looking for a chink and they’ll find one. The rewards are too great to allow the rabble to fuck with them.

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