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  • The Army commander who led that assault on veterans was none other than Douglas MacArthur, a man who cried real tears when recalling his days at West Point. Guess his sniffles were reserved only for his reminiscences. No need to waste them on real, live human beings who had also worn the uniform…

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    Coakley was the worst candidate evah! Voters were completely turned off by her because she so obviously hated to campaign. Guess she never got the memo that if you want people to vote for you then you actually have to ASK them for their votes.
    She’s a good AG. You’ve got to give her that. But Bay State voters were completely turned off by her assumption that she had been anointed as Ted Kennedy’s successor. And they were completely pissed that Democrats in Congress weren’t getting anything done. The message voters sent to Washington wasn’t that they loved Scott Brown. That was completely misinterpreted.
    The message was: Do Something. And if you won’t, don’t expect us to vote for you again.

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    Powerful piece. Wonderfully written. Thanks for posting.

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    Oh now, Phoenix Woman, there you go being all logical and stuff.

    We’re supposed to feel sorry for Obama and find endless excuses for why He Is Being Thwarted At Every Turn — with his enthusiastic cooperation.

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    President Really-a-Republican has opened the door to this crazee. Expect it to be repeated ad nauseum without any real pushback from the WH. Obama must either be primaried or somehow convinced to resign. There is no other option.
    He is doing Job One — killing the Democratic brand. No other president could be positioned so well to do this.
    The forces behind the GOP have played a long game for decades and been spectacularly successful. The way to beat them is twofold: play our own long game (which will take years and years that we don’t have) or direct action.
    If there’s a Third Way, I don’t know what it is and I don’t think we have the luxury now of even contemplating it.

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    Be very careful about fish oil. A daily dosage must be carefully calibrated and routinely monitored, because it can build up in your liver to toxic levels.
    My advice: don’t start a fish-oil regimen without first talking to your doctor.

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    Hubby just said something interesting: How come there’s one rule for funding benefits for USPS workers and another (called “raiding”) for Social Security benefits?
    Wish THAT system had been required to stash away $$$ for all those fancy “entitlements” for our retired elderly.

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    OK, can’t help myself. Seeing those pix of RP for this diary just make me think of the dicks of the upper-class fraternity in Animal House. And the “military” uniform reminds me of the ROTC asshole who rode the white horse. And we all remember what happened to the white horse, right?

  • I’ve been saying this for years, as I’ve watched the plutocrats and oligarchs strip-search America and demand total control:
    There’s nothing more dangerous than someone who has nothing left to lose.
    And if you’ve ever been caught up in an event that suddenly turned into a riot, it’s the most frightening experience you’ll ever have — there is no thought, no rationale, no kindness or compassion; just raw power, executed in whatever way possible; beatings, arson. A volcano of rage.

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    My guess is that Jeb Bush will be “drafted” as the GOP candidate.

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    Yes, I heard the dog whistle in King’s speech, also. He’s not worried about not enough babies being born. It’s that not enough white wimmins are reproducing white young’uns. There’s a white-baby gap and it must be filled!

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    FDR, commonly referred to as “a traitor to his class,” actually saved the asses of the Richie Riches of the 1930s. There was a lot of unrest then, violent labor protests, the military veterans’ march on Washington (and campout in tents, where the term “Hooverville” was coined) and diaspora of farming communities due to the Dust Bowl and regressive banking tactics.
    They never forgave FDR for creating the New Deal and have been trying to overturn it ever since. Obama is the guy who’s going to do it for them.
    After all, “government” is in place to protect the status quo, correct? And all those poor, elderly and sick people don’t create wealth, do they?
    No more talking. Time for pitchforks.

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    Sorry, I’m confused. Are you saying that Social Security has been raided, to the tune of $2.6T, in order to fund federal operations while Bush started 2 unfunded wars and threw in tax cuts for good measure? I guess what I’m looking for is: reducing your valuable info into an accurate, and easily understood, paragraph [...]

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    I vividly remember attending a screening of 1976′s “Network” when it opened in Boston. A white-haired, well-dressed man sitting a few rows ahead laughed uproariously at screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky’s dark take on “entertainment” news. When the lights came up, I realized it was Kevin White, mayor of Boston. That said, Chayefsky’s ad absurdiam projection of [...]

  • When the Dems caved so cravenly on healthcare “reform’s” public-option throwaway, after Obama dealt it away in closed-door meetings with health insurers and Big Pharma, they sent a message to our president:
    We don’t matter! You can do what you want and we’ll fall in line right in back of you! Love! Love!
    Then all the other cave-ins — extending Bush tax cuts, etc., etc.
    So, here we are in 2011, Obama is selling Social Security and Medicare out, Dems express outrage. Lather, rinse, repeat.
    The fix is in, and not in our favor. All we get are the bills. But hey, he’s a hopey-changey guy!

  • Well, in 2007 he told The Boston Globe that presidential use of military power required the consent of Congress. But, that’s just me talking — and history.

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    I get that Repubs are full of it and that “trickle down” economics don’t work. The problem is: They. Don’t. Care. They’ve pursued this flawed model for 30 years without any evidence that it works. Why? The idea is to crush the economy because that way the rich get it all and we get turned [...]

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    ‘scuse me, did I miss something? Ragging on Nancy Pelosi for caving to Rethuglicans vs. Harry Reid’s real bona fides as a progressive firebrand?
    Yeah, never mind.

  • Well , it’s a hard choice, isn’t it? See Wall Street tank your pension fund (gosh, that never happened before!) or spend your pension wad on health insurance premiums.
    Either way, you lose. Those are Wall Street’s rules.

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