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  • Should be titled Capitalism in Congo
    This is how capitalism works it is the Corporate method of mining that is the problem
    Tantalus, as Ejiofor notes, is a “figure in Greek mythology who was condemned to a horrifying eternal torment, of the things he most desired being just out of his grasp”—exactly what capitalism is for the vast majority of people in the Congo.
    Bloodshed in Congo can be directly connected to the latest form of Capitalism advanced by Western countries
    —the mining of resources for electronics and military corporate maximum profit.
    Over six million people have been killed in war for Corporate control of resources in the country since 1996.

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    >It noted that the distillation process leaves behind a residual >byproduct that can be used for feed. Yes very high quality feed- look up David Blume. Are they Not using left over mash for feed? Dumping in big piles or down rivers? >There are huge interest groups which reap benefits from the status quo Yep [...]

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    No not fantysyland its propaganda, watch my right hand while I rob ya with the left
    ObomBa will not cave he is on same side as republicans
    the Bankers side. All the politicians are liars ObomBa, democrats, republicans alike
    it is not about the default or ObomBa care
    its about making sure the Banksters, Bomb makers, Kook bros, private spy corporations get all of $250 billion in taxes every month,
    .ObomBa rest dems will rob Social security and medicare any money goes to regular people
    they won’t stop until citizens get no debts owed to them (social security medicare etc.) and bankers get all the money
    not a single demacrat will mention the 14th amendment neither will Bernie Sanders
    oBomBa will not use the Constitution 14th amendment. will lie had to compromise.
    the propaganda is debt limit default they have everyone arguing over that while the agenda is to loot the Treasury hence the taxpayer.
    Billye – Are we approaching the time for us to seriously consider a Constitutional Convention in order to replace our current dysfunctional system of government?
    No just need to enforce the Constitution
    the 14th amendment says the debt of US SHALL NOT BE QUESTIONED
    overrides unconstitutional the full faith and credit act (bankers get paid Not citizens)
    bring back constitutional money printed by US government NO debt cost
    instead money borrowed from Bankers at a price that can never be paid
    it does not say in Constitution Bankers have right to print money it says congress
    3rd party in NYC http://www.credico2013.org/ if you want to see a change for the people support him
    if you want to keep getting screwed vote for demacans or rupublicats

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    only if quit voting for the democrat-republician wall st media party quit believe propaganda your only choice vote democrat-republician party the people loose every time things change the people told congress no Obomba-war forced Obomba back off its no longer left right it’s the people against their owners the people need a win lying democrat-republician [...]

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    stratocruiser – yes i have noticed solar info on web seems geared to moving solar profit from the homeowner to the
    investor class and other scallywags & swindlers (leases) community solar sites i’ve seen are more marketing for some company make dough than benefit the members
    Are there some solar sites for DIY solar and promoting solar for just regular folk?
    Maybe post some?
    I have a DIY 5 kw solar generator

    Yes common people loose every way every time voting for the ruling class politicians
    Commoner running for NYC mayor
    ya can’t only fight by protest but have to try at ballot box it can be done
    Co-op movement is a change
    Economic update Richard Wolff
    but if you want to change culture
    ya have to go farther than shopping
    maybe listen to Idle No More
    WE not Me, me, me, me

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    The customers were the investors paid cost
    IF private investors had put up money to build San Onofre
    Edison would have to pay them back
    But since customers put up investment Edison will charge them for loss
    Thats why your called a customer, yep sucker
    The US business model

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    > We should not, however, assume that the “war on drugs” is responsible >for the Surveillance State
    its all the same thing same guys 2 parts main program
    heres a good take on 4th amendment the 2 C’s security and privacy
    LeShow 7-7-13

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    it appears that progressives are in full agreement with being spied on in every form possible, do not care in any way about the 4th amendment where are they? not saying a word not on the street progressives will only work with the master spy obamma and not with anyone who protests against the president [...]

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    Piggy Pritzker the subprime queen
    The leading figure in the entire economic mess
    who invented sub prime lending
    Who got sub prime mortgages triple A rated by the rating agencies
    with Lehman did the 2008 crash
    Flash Points Radio Audio
    Listen here how bad this is
    Tim Anderson – contact your senator tell than to ask how much you made penny not your family you




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    you were at the bush Lie-bury protest ? http://cindysheehanssoapbox.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-library-that-lies-built-detour-de.html also at link you can find out there are 3 people in the US protesting against Us war and aggression seems thats the extent of anti war movement in the US no coverage in ANY liberal media on internet sites also http://tarpley.net/ covered US lies about [...]

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    LOL you got that right

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    there is not a single state attorney general in the US that has or will
    or Judge or congressman or governor

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    Dictator in Detroit
    emergency manager to make sure banksters get paid on CDO fraud
    march 13 show
    Governors pals will buy all city assets for free
    Neo liberalism enabled by little Hitler law

  • >Will President Obama listen to the workers or pay a big fundraiser back?
    Are you kidding Obama has NEVER supported a working American in any way
    He is the 1% president invented by Pritzker
    Sub prime queen penny invented the sub prime securitization robbery
    http://www.flashpoints.net/?p=3381 feb7 2013 minute 31
    also as a member of Chicago school board her Hyatt hotel got a construction loan from the school board
    no money for teachers books but loans for billionaires
    Also bank robbery at Superior bank by Pritzker her own bank of course

  • Oh I forgot those are old crimes
    The banksters are on to new crimes
    Started recently Oct 2012
    When foreclosed homes are sold at auction down on the courthouse steps
    You are now buying the loan
    NOT the Deed Title
    Says so right on the paperwork
    click on Presentation by John O’Brien
    you’ll have to listen to 1 hour to pick out
    even my right wing cousin got this is bad

  • Of course Don’t Have to Admit Wrongdoing in Another SEC Settlement
    As Catherine Austin Fitts said in 2008 there is no Calvary
    coming to help American citizens
    From Criminal zombie bankers as them and the all branches of all US government is a criminal enterprise
    The US govt. is in the protection racket
    Here is action coming from the local level a few honest patriots.

    John O’Brien Essex county registrar, Massachusetts
    Jeff Thigpen NC registrar
    If the banks cannot record their forged documents on our homes, they cannot foreclose. We must stop the recordings.
    Each county recorder can and must establish a “de facto foreclosure moratorium” by following all our laws and refuse to record suspect documents without an Affidavit of Authenticity signed under penalty of perjury and felony, and prison time in some states.
    Recording suspect documents could subject a Recorder to civil and/or criminal liability, and directly violates the Recorder’s Oath of Office to uphold the constitution of the State and the United States. [oath of office]
    1. Legal foundation to refuse to record suspect documents [MA law]
    [help us get legal citations for each state]
    2. Knowingly recording suspect documents could subject a Recorder to
    civil and/or criminal liability
    3. Recording Rejection Letter & Affidavit of Authenticity [example]
    Individual State Penal Codes for Letter
    Major Banks, Governmental Officials and Their Comrade Capitalists Targets of Spire Law Group, LLP’s Racketeering and Money Laundering Lawsuit Seeking Return of $43 Trillion to the United States Treasury

  • call your local democrats
    Grayson for leader
    they are there to do what we say
    tell them will vote em out next time
    is it we the people or
    them the right wing corporatists

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    Social Security and medicare is NOT an Entitlement
    It is a DEBT the US government owes me
    I paid my money in every week
    With the agreement I would receive
    Retirement payments at a certain age
    And a set amount
    Any cut to the payments
    Is a breach of contract
    A crime.

    Why can’t people get off of saying
    Obama should have said this or that
    If he cared about American citizens?
    He don’t and will steal our social security

    Rose Ann Bar, Rockey Anderson, green party
    Elect a progressive

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    i use the word Profitization
    or better is Theiftization
    as there is no intent to improve education
    it is to steal every dime every school building
    teacher make one half wage where money go?
    in the pocket of the hedgefunds and billionares
    their employees they put in as

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