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    What’s delusional is that survivalists are somehow going to be prepared when the big huge massive collapse comes. If you really believe that, you don’t understand what world you’re living in.

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    “People who have done well don’t recognize the amount of luck that goes into success. They seem to think that if everyone followed their excellent practices, everyone would be as rich as they are.”

    This is a total strawman, and one that evidences why I don’t identify as a liberal (nor a conservative).

    First, on luck. If you want to explain away people’s success on mostly luck, you are doing yourself and anyone else who believes that a disservice. I can’t stand Mitt Romney and didn’t vote for him. Do you really think he accrued his money mostly through luck? If so, you don’t know a thing about the Mormon work ethic. (No, I’m not a Mormom either).

    Now, I’m sure what I’ve written so far has already enraged liberals, but that — again — is part of the problem. If you want to look at things though a fundamentalist lens, you’re doing yourself a disservice. I can loathe Romney and still admire his work ethic. Similarly, I can look at a successful person and know luck was likely NOT the mitigating factor in their life.

    Second, looking at things through the purely capitalist lens is both wrong, and ironic. Saying things like “my spending is your saving” and that that’s not sustainable does NOTHING to address the real problem: Personal responsibility. For as many anecdotes you have about how something out of the control of a person (health, job loss) caused their predicament, you can cite at least as many whereby people were living WAY beyond their means. This is America — just look around. I didn’t tell someone to take out a home equity loan to buy a new boat. But hey, your spending is my saving — right? Glib. Very glib.

    Until people address personal responsibility in an honest manner, all of this is just hot air. It’s meaningless. But people don’t like those discussions, as this author demonstrates. Cue up the “he’s a 1% conservative!” responses to my comments here, instead of honest discussion. As noted, I’m tired of the fundamentalist nature of political tribalists. It gets you nowhere, and neither does this article.

  • It’s amazing how logic-addled people are that they can’t see what Foster did here. It’s very clear: She came out and also made a statement about privacy … all at the same time. Apparently that’s just too abstract for the average person today, where they expect everything spoon-fed and literal.

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    This is a meaningless poll. Why?

    1. We already had a unified government, with a super-majority in the Senate no less, and it was voted out. It was also ineffective.

    2. All a unified government creates is inter-party division, such as the assholes called Blue Dogs (who you no longer hear about).

    The government will always divide itself, because their worst fear is to be forced into action on behalf of the voters. You can’t serve corporate interests in a unified government. My point being, politicians don’t WANT a unified government, and will do anything to prevent it. The people? They’re irrelevant.

  • The notion that these sows are only temporarily held in cages so small they can hardly move is false. Sows spend essentially their entire lives in gestation crates, cages so small they can do one of two things: stand up, or lie down. They can’t even turn around. Add to that the standard practices of tail docking (cutting off the pigs tail without anesthetic to boot), and for male pigs castration (again, sans anesthetic) – and you have a basic idea of the utterly miserable life of a pig in the factory farming system. That’s just the beginning of the barbaric and inhumane practices factory farming forces upon ALL farmed animals, who have virtually no rights. None.

    Take a look at that picture again. That is the life of a pig on a factory farm. What you see there is their lives for years (for sows, kept constantly pregnant – then slaughtered after a few years).

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    Ah, sorry Kelly. I didn’t see that you were a chef. If there’s one thing I’ve learned during the fois gras battle, it’s this: Chefs aren’t the brightest bulbs.

    What else can be said about people who compare the coming fois gras ban to prohibition? Like I said, not the brightest bulbs those chefs.

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    Yeah, I don’t think force feeding geese until their livers are diseased is comparable to a server’s problems. Or are you one of these believers in the “magical mystical people first queue”? You know, where we solve ALL HUMAN PROBLEMS before we even attend to animals. Sounds like it.

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    The “why” in the case of fois gras is because it’s not just fattening. The geese are force fed until their livers become diseased. It is the diseased liver, which there is no other means of creating, these people are after.

    It’s sick to the core and brutal. As with all factory farming practices (gestation crates, veal crates, de-beaking, de-toeing, tail-docking, battery cages, and on and on …) no civilized society should accept.

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    PETA counterproductive? Hardly. In fact, PETA single-handedly had a brutal animal testing lab shut down last year, the first time in history such a lab was closed.

    Stop with the PETA bashing. If anything is counterproductive, it’s PETA bashing. It’s also tired. PETA has accomplished more in it’s short history than any other animal rights organization.

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    Jane, I am so moved by your words. I only wish every pet owner spoke with such affection as you do for Katie. That you recognize how much Katie has brought to your life, as friend and as teacher, says so much about your openness to receive what she has to offer. If the average [...]

  • I say leave it there, for all to see. It exposes the hatemongering that is a staple of the religious right. These people are full of hate, and the more people that see it the better.

  • Obama is the final nail in the coffin. For those Obamabots that actually think there is a difference anymore, get your heads checked.

    Honestly, for me the major breaking point was when Obama signed the budget – which had a rider taking the Gray Wolf off the Endangered Species List. That was utterly unheard of, Congress taking unilater action to delist a species, and this President signed it. Democrats are liars and cowards. They are corporate whores just like the Republicans.

    The truth is, it’s hopeless. Until we dislodge corporations from their stranglehold on the country, things are hopelses. Unfortunately, that will never happen. It would be a fight so bloody that it would make anything we’ve seen to date seem tame in comparison. People aren’t willing to make those kind of sacrifices or suffer that kind of pain. Pity.

  • Funny you mentioned John Cole. Cole is an embarrassment of immeasurable proportions. I used to think Bob Cesca was the bottom of the Obamabot barrel, but Cole is the true bottom. He’s the bottom under the bottom. Cole is just completely shameless Obama cheerleader, a liar, a revisionist, etc … who absolutely hates ANY criticism of Obama. It was bad enough on day one when Obama proved himself a complete liar when he loaded up his administration with insiders and lobbyists, even when he said no lobbyists would be part of his inner circle. No matter. He lied, and the Cole’s of the world backed him up. That pattern has been repeated endlessly since then, including Obama offering SS and Medicare cuts. Had Bush done it, these shameless clowns would have been screaming. Obama does it? No problem pal, we got your back.

    John Cole, Bob Cesca, Jon Chait, and so on: These types are the reason Obama has been able to run his administration as the most conservative since Ronald Reagan. The are the enablers and they are absolutely incapable of shame.

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    Ezra Klein is a pathetic clown. Why anyone pays attention to him is beyond me. He works for the WaPo and is a professional Democrat, which means he kowtows not only to Obama but to any Democrat in power. That’s how his bread gets buttered. Klein is a career pundit, which means he suckles at the Democratic power teat. It’s like being a Hollywood movie reviewer. You HAVE to say the junk they put out is good, else you’d be out of a job. If you told the truth, that 99% of Hollywood movies are pure garbage, you would never have a job as a movie reviewer. Same goes for Ezra Klein. Just replace “Hollywood” with “Democrats”.

  • We don’t have a Democracy, and anyone who thinks we do is kidding themselves. What Standard and Poor’s is doing is par for the course. They are part of the shadow government, a group of unelectable elite who make the decisions. That’s the way it’s been for many years now, and that’s the way it’s going to continue to be. In fact, I’m sure Standard and Poor’s would protest that what they are doing is their right as “masters of the universe”.

    I no longer have sympathy for Americans. The debt-driven wealth that envelops this country has driven the people to permament apathy. We are more concerned with what Snooki said than anything the government or shadow government are up to. As far as I’m concerned – let it all burn. Right to the ground. Americans deserve what they get at this point. They continue to let corporations run the world, so they get what they deserve.

    Here’s to MORE privatization and disaster capitalism, until every single American is under the permanent thumb of corporate America.

    Enjoy your America Idol America.

  • What a great interview. The “Killer of Dr. Tiller” interviews a conservative religious loony hypocrite. Glad they agreed on the hair. Too bad they don’t understand this moron has zero chance of becoming president. O’Reilly should get back to what he does best: goading his minions into killing doctors.

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    Another Obamabot heard from. These are the same clowns that still think Obama is a three dimensional chess player. They’re so blind their comments are not worth responding to.

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    Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias? You mean Obamabots #1 and #2 in the world? Let’s be clear: Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias are the two biggest Obama Suck-Ups on the planet. When Jane wrote her post the other day calling Obamabots “the dumbest motherfuckers in the world”, Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias were EXACTLY who she was talking about. And from the D-list, Bob Cesca. These morons will support Obama on ANYTHING, no matter how many campaign promises are broken, no matter how many times he reverses himself, no matter how many times he contradicts himself, no matter how far to the right he goes.

    Krugman even said today that Obama has moved to the right of most moderate Republicans. Obama has moved to the right of Reagan. Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias STILL support him, as does Obamabot-In-Chief Bob Cesca. In short, they can’t get their noses deep enough into Obama’s crack. Why? Because they are shameless. Utterly incapable of shame. They long ago lost any credibility whatsoever within the progressive community. They’re has-beens. They’re done. They’re nothing but DNC suck-ups, hoping for a media job where they can suck the Democrat teat forever, like the dutiful little whores they are.

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    Please add to the list:

    “Signed a budget that included removal of the gray wolf from federal protection under the Endangered Species Act.”

    This was a first. Not even a Republican president/congress achieved this anti-progressive agenda. Disgusting to the core.

  • One more thing …

    It’s irrelevant as to what Obama REALLY believes. We can sit here all day arguing about things like “does Obama really believe in deficit reduction by cutting social security, or is this just a game?”. Who cares? Obama’s beliefs are meaningless. His only concern is the same as all politicians: getting re-elected. As for policy? The unelectable elites will decide what’s best, and they will implement policy. Not Obama. Not Congress.

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