• Scott Fitzgerald was just flat-out LYING – it turns out the “person” may or may not be a MoveOn member who supported POTUS in 2008 – yeppers, that is MeggieK’s “evidence”. Such a legal scholar. Such a fucking nasty (Edited by Moderator: As you may or may not know/remember, namecalling is out here, especially the term you used in reference to women.)

  • Well, well, well……MeggieK of Faux Noise Hate has been pumping up LIES about the White House being involved in the recall of the Wisconsin Fascists. Scott Fitzgerald LIES and MeggieK catches him – does not call him a liar, changes subject.

    Write Kelly@foxnews.com and ask her why she SHILLS headlines of LIES and then lets LIARS OFF when caught.

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    Thank you for representing Nashville. The sorry part of Tennessee’s new Rethuggery leg is the FACT that the unemployment rate here is highly underreported. Cheatham County is DEAD and nobody cares – we are 20 miles north of Music City, USA and have LOST all the jobs of Triton Boats, most of the AO Smith [...]

  • Ghost,

    You are absolutely correct. One day I was clicking around and got to the Kardashians in time for Kim to be whining about her sex tape. The only truth that came out of that little episode was when the Mom said, “No, Kim, everybody does not make sex tapes”.

    Typical Rethuggery. Typical Newtonian bullshyte.

    Newtie is one of SEVERAL Rethugs who looks as though he could drop dead of cardiac arrest at any given moment. Sure would enjoy it. For ALL of them, ANY of them, yes, too, also, you betcha~

  • I fully support the people in Wisconsin and this may very well spread nationwide. It should. They are pulling the same shyte here in Tennessee, which is already a Right-To-Be-Fired-ForNoReason state.

  • Tennessee likes to claim to be the “least Southern of the Southern states” because they claim to have been the last state out in secession and the first state back in after.

    Teabaggery has not really taken off here in Music City, USA, thankfully.

  • Tennessee likes to claim to be the “least Southern of the Southern states” because they claim to have been the last ones out in secession and the first state back in after.

    Teabaggery has not really taken off here in Music City, USA, thankfully.

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    I watched CaptainCrazyChelly’s diatribe – the Iwo Jima part had ZERO purpose. It was probably the only “real” event or thing that was in the speech – the rest was her usual lies and stoopidity.

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    Sorry for your car issues – one year ago today, I got in my car to drive off to work and lo’ and behold no battery charging……$100 might as well be $1,0000 when you are broke. Now with gas prices so high and the fact that I am unemployed, live way out in the sticks, I’ve not left my house for 9 days….at least I have firewood so I can keep the heat turned down. Hubby has not had a day off in 24 days, but we need the $$$ and his job may not last due to the economy.


    But hey, turn on Faux Noise, there ain’t no climate change…….it has snowed here in Middle Tennessee every other weekend since Halloween. More snow on the way……

    Good Luck getting some help with your car. I mean it, sincerely.


    Smarmy Cantor
    Weeping Boner
    Macho Mitch the Turtleman……

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    Wavpeac, Thank You. My husband spent 30 years as a juvenile officer, had to leave due to losing partial use of his right arm – thanks to a 13 yro batshytecrazee/retardo juvey who should have been in a locked-down facility. Oh, they took away the pension and the 401k went downhill as well…….you really don’t [...]

  • Alan,

    Dunno how old you are – BUT – it seems to me you are either too ignorant or TOO young to remember the great S&L Crisis that hit Texas in the mid-late 80s along with the OIL CRISIS?

    Texas has been lying for a long time – I’m a native Dallasite and have been around since January 21, 1954, St. Paul’s Hospital (the original St. Paul’s Hospital)

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    Thank you for the article. Snowbilly Grifter’s hard dominionist view of the USA is simply insane – check out the writings on PoliticusUSA.com by Sarah Jones, Jason Easley, HH, Rmuse, et al. Truly terrific explanations of the Snowbilly Grifter’s mindset.

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    Well, truth is truth. Makes a lot more sense than anyone believing that Snowbilly Grifter has any actual thoughts of her own. Gawd, when will this idiot female STFU? Snowbilly Grifter WILL sit down and shut-up – the Rethugs will make her do it and soon.

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    I understand your frustration – I will be 57 yro next Friday, w/m/professional woman.

    We’ve been waiting AT LEAST 40 years – these ole whyte guyz in office are the SAME old white guys in office when I was in my 20s.


  • Aitch,

    EXACTLY. That is all this screaming is – something…anything…to scream about Obama.

    Pathetic and sickening.

    I’m 57 yro. If the University students do things “differently” from the way my generation did things – so be it – not my problem or my place to tell them they are doing something incorrectly.

    Get used to it people – it reminds me of 40 years ago, CULTURAL CHANGE – you can be “appalled” or you can be happy they have a voice in America. I choose the latter.

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    Why does Faux Noise allow Jonah Goldberg on to defend the Jews (kinda) and not mention Snowbilly Grifter is a anti-semite and his wife is her ghost-writer?

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    Franklin, Tennessee is a suburb of NASHVILLE, not a small town – I live here. Phillips is a FAILED lawyer with tax liens on his business and person.

    He is a FRAUD, and a FAKE, like his Snowbilly Grifter.

    Judson Wheeler Phillips
    [edited by moderator]
    Franklin, TN 37067-6384



    BPR Number: 013029
    Status: Active Office County: Williamson
    Year of Birth: 1959
    Licensed in TN Since: 1988
    Law School: University of Memphis

    Let the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility know your thoughts on this TEABAGGER’s ethics. This Board CENSURES lawyers and controls the LICENSING of lawyers in Tennessee. Well respected and POWERFUL organization.

    www. tbpr.org

    1101 KERMIT DRIVE, SUITE 730.
    FAX: (615) 367-2480.
    E-MAIL: ethics@tbpr.org.

    Thank You.

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    Snowbilly Grifter is a FRAUD, plain and simple and she is DONE in American politics.


    Dunno how old you are – but former First Lady Rosalyn Carter’s HUGE ISSUE was MENTAL HEALTH – that was sidetracked when St. Ronnie took over, SLASHED the budgets and let all of the mental patients out and CREATED THE HOMELESS – meanwhile, Nancy R. created the FAKE “Just Say No” BS due to advent of crack – then Bush I, continued it……

    Snowbilly Grifter could have TAKEN UP A REAL CAUSE, but she choose VIOLENCE and IDIOCY.

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    Tom DeLay SENTENCED to 3 YEARS~



    Native Texan
    St. Edward’s University
    Austin, Texas 1976

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