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  • No one (aside from the 1% ostensibly) will go for TARP 2? Bets anyone? When the fear machine gets rolling, the folks will fall in line (see Summer of ISIS). And who cares what the folks think or where they fall (see Summer of Ferguson)? Pitchforks v. Armoured Personnel Carriers, Predator Drones, SWAT teams and Snipers. The legalization of marijuana could not have come at a more propitious time (see Summer of Love).

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    The other reason is because the Syrian government has the upper hand at the moment and the plan would be to cripple as much as possible, keep them off balance until the “good rebels” (not sure who that is at the moment) regroup and rearm. Neither Obummer nor his consligliere want a quick end to this thing — ongoing destruction, slaughter and dismemberment of the Syrian state is what the best and the brightest, product of the great meritocracy, seriously analyze to be in “our” “national interest.”

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    The story on cannibalism in Jamestown puts a new spin on Thanksgiving. Wonder if the girl they found was Pocahontas

  • Yes, it could be incompetence on a bureaucratic level. But this report also fuels speculation the Marathon bombing was as it appears, an FBI sting operation gone bad. Perhaps also incompetence — at the operational level.

  • Don’t despair. All the counter-terrorism stuff, and Obummer’s austery, are signs of weakness, intellectual vacuity, fear, incompetence and cowardice. The political economy is paralyzed by corruption, the most outstanding feature of today’s brand of neoliberalism. They can bomb, but they can’t build. They can demonize, but they can’t inspire. The DHS can collect endless reams of data, but they can’t think. Obummer is now what passes for “the best and the brightest.” Progressives have spent the past two decades designing, organizing and lobbying for sensible, compassionate policies. Time to start thinking about power.

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    Yes, no news Obummer wants Pete Peterson to bankroll his library. And the girls. They’re going to need jobs in a few years. But the only way this deal works is if the Dems vote for it. Specifically, the (drum roll please) “Progressive” Caucus in the House. Do the math. Obummer needs the Progressives to do dirty work. His argument will be a variant of his campaign platform: better me than them. Why not? It worked in the election and in the health care debacle. Anybody seen Monica recently?

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    My experience with NYT reporters and others is they are indeed fooled. Not because as Wright contends, they are lazy (they are, but that’s not the heart of it). They have no experience, no knowledge of what they are covering, no curiosity. It’s not so much they don’t want to upset the apple cart (or the gravy train), they don’t even know there is an apple cart. To an increasing degree, these aren’t the old reporters, from working class families, these are privileged, overfed, overstimulated kids who were raised on Reagan and went colleges and grad schools as remote from the reality as their articles. Early on they learned how to suck up to their teachers, and independent thinking won them no rewards. Like Chomsky points out in Manufacturing Consent, there doesn’t need to be a “conspiracy.” That’s the way the propaganda machine functions.

  • “Accumulation of wealth at one pole is, therefore, at the same time accumulation of misery, the torment of labour, slavery, ignorance, brutalization and moral degradation at the opposite pole . . .” – Marx, The General Law of Capitalist Accumulation.

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    Obama’s campaign slogan in 2012 was “I’m not Romney.” In fact, this was the Democratic platform since 2009. It’s also the current platform. O and the Ds argue it’s better for them to cut Social Security and Medicare than the Reps. And don’t worry about the future of the GOP. After eight years of Barack [...]

  • The polls cited have nothing to do with cuts to SS and Medicare, which are “on the table” only for those who follow these things closely. Most people see O correctly as a pleasant but feckless president. In addition, polls will make no difference in whether or not he gets his Grand Bargain. Only a Monica, a Katrina (or, ironically, the Tea Party) can save these programs from O’s dull knife.

  • Isn’t the reason we have a drug war so banks can inflate their profits?

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    Holder answered, and though his answer was garbled, it was nonetheless clear: the president can kill whoever he wants whenever and wherever he wants. That is why Paul filibustered. To protest this rank unconstitutional power grab by the executive. To be fair to Mr. Obama, a fairness he does not extend to his enemies, he is not the first to claim such powers. The right to murder has been enshrined in US national security doctrine since Reagan, which none of the Republicans in over 14 hours mention, not even the proud junior Senator from the great State of Hypocrisy, Mr. Paul. So yes that is the “law of the land”, and those who extoll the rule of law should be pleased. (of course once O establishes a special secret court Mr. Paul and friends can sit down, shut up, and proceed to gut what’s left of social security and medicare)

  • Nuclear war? Ha ha. Try too little, too late. Who cares about primaries in 2016? Of course SS and Medicare cuts will be put on the table and likely passed. No doubt a few members of the so-called “progressive caucus” in Congress will raise a stink before they vote for whatever package Obama puts before them. Progressives who campaigned for, endorsed and voted for Obama got what they bargained for: the “lesser of two evils.” Want to know why no one in Washington pays any attention to progressives except (rhetorically) at election time?

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    It is time to stop saying, and thinking, that Obama “caved”. better to admit it: he lied. It has always been his dream to kill Social Security (the dream of all Presidents since Bush I), and unless Monica Lewinsky feturns, he will do it. But we must also recognize that he could not do it without the support of Congressional Dems who are even bigger liars than Obama. Don’t beg the Tea Partiers to kill the bill. It goes nowhere withiut the support and blessing of the so-called “progressive caucus”. Something is rotten in Washington and that something is corruption; the American Spring is waiting.

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    No surprise. The primaries gave us a good intro to the Romney strategy: lie and spend a lot of money lying. The supreme court equates money with speech. Romney demonstrates that money is mendacious speech. Meanwhile Obummer begs us every day for more money.

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    Not to worry, the meathead media won’t get into the Bain story because: a) it doesn’t fit their ideological blinders (if they have any); b) access and future employment are higher values than facts, much less truth; c) they are lazy and don’t read the news so really have no idea what you (or they) are talking about.

    Looks like Christine and the boys didn’t much care for Alex’ trip to Paris and Berlin this week. Threats coming from Lagarde, Angela and the Boys will probably bring Alex a few thousand more votes.

  • It may also be that the G8 comments on retaining Greece in the eurozone and vague mumbles on lightening up on the austerity are meant to muddy the waters of the Greek election. I can imagine they don’t want to see Tsipras win. In terms of his campaign, my read is he wants to show he’s ready for the big time. Who knows?

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    Puzzling? A couple months ago Nocera was saying the Cornell study was worthless. He’s been carrying water for the oil/gas industry on this for a long time. If what he says makes no sense, look at the position he’s trying to defend. Puzzling? Check his speaking engagements and get back to us on that one please

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    I think Obama will be running FOR demolishing Iran — the old “yes we can” spirit.

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    Democratic values? Republican values? Please. What is the role of government when the government is in the hands of the .01%? What is the value of the an election when the election machinery is in the hands of the .01%? Paul’s base is no doubt racist and anti-New Deal, but as you point out, in structural if not rhetorical terms, that position is reflected in all announced candidates (including the murdering war criminal Bush-in-Blackface) or reporter/pundits of the MSM? Paul will never get the nomination, and if he comes close, he’ll be assassinated. Even if he survives, how does one man, without Congress, without the media, without a large politically mobilized constituency turn around the Pentagon, the CIA, Homeland Security, Wall Street, etc.? Progressives should take heart; the electoral arena has never favored progressives and now the Supremes have sealed the deal with Citizens United. The only time in this country progressives won anything was when they fought for it, organized, occupied, went out on strike. As the immortal CSN once sang: “rejoice rejoice we have no choice.”

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