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  • Wondering how Russell Tice has fared and will try to
    look into that –

    Certainly a lot of work for Anonymous to do.

    And where are we now? How many ways for government to bug anyone?

    Skype set up secret project to enable government snooping

    UK/US spy agencies targeted heads of state at London G20 meeting

    This also points us to the known and unknows of cooperation with other
    nations, whether you want to bug, or to torture someone.

    Skype set up secret project to enable government snooping
    June 21, 2013 by Ian Allen 3 Comments

    UK/US spy agencies targeted heads of state at London G20 meeting
    UK planned to spy on 2009 Commonwealth heads of state meeting
    June 17, 2013 by Joseph Fitsanakis 7 Comments

    Secretive US cyber unit has been spying on China for 15 years

    What is the overall picture?
    True, Hoover was doing this decadesw ago, but probably on a smaller
    scale, but also using info to intimidate and control officials –
    anyone he consdiered an enemy. Probably did favors of this kind for
    LBJ and Nixon. Hoover was a main control point for personal favors
    and then more requests for official FBI taps. Along the way, imagine
    that the CIA began to do their own work. And every branch of the
    military has its own “intelligence.”

    Nixon was bugging Kissinger.
    Watergate was about bugging Dems but various theories on what the
    specific concerns were — GOP rigging elections by computers coming
    in during the mid-and late-1960′s was a a possibility.
    See “Votescam – The Stealing of America”
    Another was Howard Hughes “loans” to Nixon’s brother.
    Do we even now know what that bugging was about?

    And Nixon may have bugged Pentagon leadership.*
    The Watergate was about “bugging.”

    Ford secretly wiretapped — Cold War: “national security reasons” — **
    Rumsfeld and Bush, Sr. were part of this adminsitraiton.
    Not clear how much was domestic or foreign
    Done via Attorney General
    Website goes on to discuss 202/George Bush wiretapping.

    The influence this gives buggers over officials is clear on the
    one hand and cloudy on the other. Do they all have private Swiss
    bank accounts, use prostitures, take illegal campaign funding and
    aid drug running?

    Again — I think there’s a lot of this story we don’t know about.

    *QUOTE Stein managed to track down Dave Mann, a former member of the Pentagon’s Counterintelligence Force, who in 1971 stumbled upon a classified report claiming that listening bug signals had been detected emanating from offices in the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The signals had been picked up by a technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) team during a routine sweep of the Pentagon, in search of unauthorized interception devices. Mann run some tests to verify the TCM team’s report, and discovered that the bug signals originated from the personal office telephone line of General William Westmoreland, who was then the US Army’s Chief of Staff. He also discovered that the telephone of his assistant had been compromised, as well as the telephone lines belonging to the US Army’s assistant secretary, its logistics director, and at least one general. Mann’s personal conclusion was that the phone lines were most likely bugged with the cooperation of the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company, which was at that the time considered an operational wing of the FBI, under Director J. Edgar Hoover. UNQUOTE

    ■President Ford authorized warrantless wiretaps, memo shows. Even though he replaced Richard Nixon, who was forced to resign the US Presidency over intelligence abuses, Gerald Ford secretly authorized the use of warrantless domestic wiretaps soon after coming into office, according to a declassified document.

  • If that is a comment re Kissinger, I’ve heard he is a primary
    advisor to Obama. . . . . . ?

  • Agree — if you’re trying to stop leaks, you want to “frighten
    the sources.”

    Remember, Nixon was bugging Kissinger — and finally he committed
    suicide by “plumbers.” Might we get this lucky again?

    Meanwhile, the fascist noose is being tightened.
    All the while, new “Enabling Laws” — new “Nuremberg Laws”
    moving more and more power from the people and into the hands
    of criminal fascists.

  • ExxonMobil should be in jail –
    it’s the equivalent of the Mafia.

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    Hi rosalind — “A notion I detest above all others is that We the People get the government we deserve” Very much agree with you in that statement and I think the most current example of that reality is 90% of the public backing gun control and a complete bust up in Congress with no [...]

  • Don’t worry …

    probably this guy — his thinking and his behavior — are uncommon
    behavior for pols.


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    Well, I don’t know about a “mint” but the RCC now has the American taxpayer funding their “faith-based organizations,” most of which belong to the RCC. If you think back to the time when Catholics were coming out into the streets realizing that property and assets were being sold to pay pedophile lawsuits and demanding [...]

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    The War on Women

    Saw part of Bill Maher show this evening and one guest was
    a columnist for the NY Times — only caught first name, “John.”
    He’s written a new book re “gendercide” vs females around the world.
    While I’ve been aware of the huge numbers of missing women —
    50 million around the world — I had no idea that we have now
    reached status globally where males outnumber females.
    Women’s groups used to demand government representation for females
    at not less than 40% and not more than 60%. Of course, we here in
    US have never come near that kind of representation.
    Nature favors females, including giving almost all responsibility
    for child bearing to females. Women contribute 57% to a child’s
    DNA when Mitochondria is taken into account. Males 43%.
    It’s always been my impression that females were a minimum of 54%
    of every population.
    This certainly is quite a war on women.
    And, as another guest on the show pointed out, females are being
    killed even before they are born via infanticide with new
    technology which identifies the gender of a child.

  • Obama will be only too happy to see Dean go.
    And what has taken Dean so long to make this decision?
    And, does he mention where he’s going?

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    The Last Best Chance for the Truth About a Lost War and America’s War-Making Future I don’t think this is our last best chance for truth — I think that we’ve known it all along. I do think this book will make it harder for anyone — even like Chuck Hagel to ever deny it [...]

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    The answers are all obvious — and being ignored —
    and the public has no leverage over our government because
    votes don’t count in the long run, only corporate/wealth
    power counts now.

    True, corporate money still couldn’t quite buy the 2012
    election, but it doesn’t matter because they own and control
    our Congress and our president which guarantees that the
    public will continue to be ignored.

    If we had a people’s government working in the public
    interest, we’d have universal health care and Social Security
    where the COLA’s would truly reflect the inflationary damage
    done to the dollar – and the FICA rates would be raised on wealthy.

    What we are actually talking about in all of this is corrupt
    government — government wich is actually organized crime — much
    as capitalism is.

    Unregualted capitalism is merely organized crime.

  • The Green Party in America were frightened out of their minds in the 2000 fiasco which nailed Ralph Nader and the Green Party for the rise of W Bush. Of course it was a lie – Al Gore actually won the election. And the computers were unable to do all the dirty work that the [...]

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    Presume this wasn’t 10 women who had 3.5 abortions each, but that these were ten women who had each had 35 abortions? QUOTE — Women who have had more than one abortion are often targets of public-health interventions designed to increase women’s use of post-abortion contraception, or, to put it another way, to prevent them from [...]

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    QUOTE — The right question is, rather, “how much must be taken from the wealthy elite to neutralize their excess political power?”. To speak of increased taxes on income without speaking of the more critical confiscation of existing wealth fails to address what needs to be done. Liberals refuse to address this issue. A debate that [...]

  • Odd title to this article —
    Does it suggest that Non-”progressives” are happy with their
    Social Security benefits being cut?

    US government has been lying to the public about inflation since
    the Vietnam War. And the COLA’s would have had to have been doubled
    in response to the 8 years of W Bush’s destruction of the economy.
    Of course, they wouldn’t do that. However, every $1 you had pre-W Bush
    is now worth 50 cents or less.

    And, basically, the total destruction of Social Security is going forward
    with the rise of fascism in America. The “chained CPI” COLA is just one
    more method to destroy the program — and seniors.

    We’ve been in a Depression for at least four years and I think probably
    half the nation understands that reality — i.e., with so many having lost jobs, unemployment benefits, homes — and with 50 million without health care insurance.

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    Amazing that in these past four years we have never heard
    the word “Depression” from the corporate-press —
    but even still today, that’s what’s going on.

    Citizens, communities, the people create economies.
    It is finacnial institutions, banks which exploit and manipulate
    those economies.

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    Can’t believe anyone is even watching these “debates.”

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    The violence of the rightwing/fascists is the only way they can come to power, now or ever. That it is so easy to abuse prisoners – including beating them – is something which should forewarn us. Certainly, demonstrators, activists, and those protesters arrested have also been abused by the police. Maybe not as severely, as [...]

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    Global Warming demands the shutting down of nuclear reactors across US and internationally — and that’s what the Japanese scientists and Fukushima government understood just before the Fukushima event — they were seeing increasing seismic activity — However, W Bush sent a team to Fukushima and when they left the nuclear reactors were still operating [...]

  • Yes, let’s not be naive about how close to election this “uptick”
    comes —

    Let’s also recall that Global Warming scientists have had their
    writings censored by the Bush administration — New Yorkers could
    be lied to by the EPA which told them that the city was environmentally safe after 9/11 — and our government hasn’t told the truth about inflation since the VN war — and, perhaps, we also fail to see the
    new chained COLA’s governing Social Security icnreases as lies?

    Some might call these events conspiracies, but let’s remember this is
    “conspiracy-free America.”

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