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  • How about requiring all political candidates and those seeking to purchase a gun have to undergo a psychological exam at their expense!

  • While I agree that Republicans across the nation have been and are trying to use humiliation as a tool to inhibit women from getting abortions, I believe there is more to the current ultrasound legislation than that.

    The state is not going to pay for the ultrasounds, which I’m sure cost over $100 per procedure. The abortion procedure is already expensive, so this is an economic attack on those whom the Republicans think are more likely to be seeking abortions: the poor. Perhaps they believe–in that twisted logic they pass off as reason–that if abortion is too expensive, women will stop having sex. In their minds this works because, of course, it expected that boys will be boys…it is up to the female to say “no” to the expected advances of males. Fear of pregnancy will give women incentive to quit doing those things in the sexual realm…right?

    Why do republicans have such a great fear of women as sexual beings? And why do they ignore the reality that people have always had sex outside of marriage? Males and females have always had sex for the pleasure of it–not just for creating babies. Abstinence programs forced on teens by the republicans have had very poor success rates. The one thing that has most affected abortion rates is birth control, which they now are revealing as their next target.

    So finally the truth is revealed: republicans simply want to control womens sex lives. The question remaining is: why? Is it faith based? Is it a fear of losing longstanding male power?

    What do you think?

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