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  • Everyone should look at how they did their polling. It was of young Obama voters in three cities 18-29. The first two cities were of Hispanic and Asian voters. The last single women (I think) So, how can this be representative of what they are trying to claim ? Just another flawed GOP poll from what I can see.

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    He should go over as a special envoy since he is so concerned. You know however that when it comes to his own safety, it would never happen.

  • No, total cuts remain the same. If anyone thinks that taking 85 Billion out of the economy over 7 months is not going to have an effect is in La La land. And shifting it is going to cause some other outrageous shutdown of something else the Goobs haven’t thought of. Give it time and the GOP is going to own this since they are so happy about it.

  • When polled about the individual parts of the act the results are positive. As stated, most people don’t know what it contains.

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    Late to the party but if sequestration and further austerity is the rule of the day then the elites will just blame the economy’s faltering on the increase on taxes to the rich. They will not see that Austerity is the problem but higher taxes and round and round we go with lots of voters having no clue.

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    Most departments are cutting back spending in preparation for the sequestration cuts. My significant other works in contracting and they are stopping research spending and working only on necessary maintenance items. Don’t know what will happen in March when the maintenance accounts have been used up. This quarters GDP will probably be even worse.

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    Instead of focusing on the public sector, every working person should be demanding the return of a portable pension for them in some form. Companies are making record profits while the average worker sees none of the gains.

  • I agree with Rich. Gallup was in the toilet for RMoney and prob is on the take from the NRA. Other polls have come out showing that a majority of NRA members are okay with more gun control and that most Americans are for closing the loopholes.

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