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  • felicity commented on the blog post Obama War Powers Treachery and The Founders’ Remedies

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    Yoo/Bush ‘drew’ on Hamilton who argued that the president can do anything the Constitution does not expressly forbid. In a sense, this implies that the President ‘exists’ outside the Constitution.

    The President (now) including the executive branch has become a behemoth with control over law enforcement, the military, economic policy, education, the environment and most other aspects of national life – responsible to one person. (Ironically, in the case of this article at least, it has been suggested that the ‘unnatural’ power now lying in the presidency has happened because we have been on a war footage for so many years.)

  • felicity commented on the blog post Marc Thiessen Laments the Republicans Dovishness At Debate

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    Mr. Thiessen, probably, has never met a tautology he didn’t like, like we must stay in Afghanistan in order to defeat those who do not want us in Afghanistan.

    And/or, Mr. Thiessen may not be aware that 200 years of Crusades still didn’t manage to tame or, better yet, wipe out the Muslim population – but nobody can say it wasn’t tried – 200 years worth.

  • felicity commented on the diary post Larry Summers Tells Us How to Fix the Economy He Helped Mess Up by Scarecrow.

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    If there is one thing (the only thing) Summers does well it’s babble. And, by the way, China spent 13% of its GDP on a stimulus package while the US spent 6%.

  • felicity commented on the blog post Can Politics Be Beautiful?

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    General George Marshall (in 1944) believed and said as much that a democracy could not “survive” more than four years of a war. America has been at war, hot or cold, since 1941. Is it any wonder that our ‘democracy’ is in shambles?

  • Last night Maddow ran through various scams Gingrich has been running through the years which indicates to me that his so-called run for president is/was just one more scam (to add to Rachel’s list.) However, I await with fascination the scam he’ll come up with to scam this latest scamming.

  • felicity commented on the blog post Manhattan DA Subpoenas Goldman Sachs Over Mortgage Bonds

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    This is breaking news? Its practice by Goldman has been known for at least a year. Does this signify a sluggy Justice Department, a sluggy Congress, or a dearth of personnel available at Justice to take up the case? I’m going for the latter, given the jihad launched by Republicans against ‘big government.’

  • Lord Acton was right – power corrupts. Should Christie land the presidency, which he’s not running for (?) with absolute power he will be absolutely corrupt. What’s new.

  • felicity commented on the blog post It’s Giuliani Time!

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    Well, the Bush behaved as though stupidity were a virtue and the Republican Party faithfuls have simply taken up his banner and all ‘qualified’ presidential hopefuls are running with it. Hey, it worked for George.

  • Well, Bush behaved as if stupidity were a virtue and look where it got him.

  • felicity commented on the blog post The Army’s “Sticky Note” SIPRNet Security

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    Secret? In 2004 information was classified at the request of president or designated agency heads 45.6 million times. Three thoughts come to mind – (1) is it humanly possible to keep 45.6 million pieces of information secret: (2) Is it really necessary to keep 45.6 million pieces of information secret: (3) Does a government operating much of the time in secret directly threaten the very existence of any semblance of a democracy.

  • felicity commented on the diary post Tea-GOP on Debt Limit: It’s Okay to Drive Off Cliff If Bond Holders Jump Out First by Scarecrow.

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    If it isn’t obvious by now, if should be: Republicans support a system/society in which the privilege of disposable income is contingent on the existence of disposable people. (How many people in that car headed over the cliff?)

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    Among my generation, Depression babies, the ’60′s bunch are called “children playing at being adults.” Probably unfair but given that other than the Nam War, that generation grew up knowing little if any hardship which has made many of that group, perhaps, want to escape into a life of ease, and, more telling, have the attitude that our present ‘problems’ are someone else’s fault, so don’t think about them.

    We, I, spent our formative years too well aware of the hardships of others literally witnessed on our front door steps, followed by WWII, the killing War (60 million world-wide, in fact.) Our men, millions of them, returned from battlefields forever scarred and they lived with us which made war very real. (Today, it’s anything but real.)

  • felicity commented on the blog post BREAKING: Republicans All Hate Newt Gingrich Now, Too

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    Fundamentalist movements, fundamentalism, is a narcissistic ‘faith’ concerned most of all with the wrongs suffered by the righteous and the purification of their ranks. It’s no surprise that Gingrich’s latest remark raised the shackles of the fundamentalists. However, it will be a surprise if Ryan’s plan to deep-six Medicare garners many votes from the populace, whereas Gingrich may have just secured more votes – and that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

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    Muslims do get the headlines even though the majority of confirmed terrorist attacks in this country were perpetrated by non-Muslims. Hell, binLaden himself killed far more Muslims than non-Muslims. Do we suppose he was actually on our side?

  • felicity commented on the diary post It’s all my fault… by twolf1.

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    Just put the damn picture in the classified bin. In 2004 information was classified at the request of the president or designated agency heads 45.6 million times, at a cost of $7.2 billion, so it’s not like it would be unprecedented.

  • The elephant in the room. What no one mentions is the Reagan (by the way) signed bill that no one can be denied emergency room service, nor are private hospitals allowed to ‘dump’ emergency room patients on to public hospitals. The service provided to the uninsured who show up in emergency rooms is paid for by the rest of us.

    It really is a fact that people get sick and since it was decided years ago that they have a right to receive care even if they can’t pay for it, it will be paid for by somebody.

  • There exists no argument justifying torture. Aside from that, torture more often than not will result in false information which will then be acted on, a complete waste of money, personnel, and time while the actual plans of the terrorists continue as planned.

    I can’t forget that past administrations, Republican no less, referred to Cheney and Rumsfeld as the “crazies.” Bush, a crazy of the first order, advised by two other crazies, all of whom should have been committed years ago, but instead were handed the reins of government, gratis.

  • Exxon-Mobile does pay taxes in countries other than the US. It seems to be surviving quite well, in spite of being “taxed to death” elsewhere – their tacit message to the US being that if taxed they’ll have to go out of business and/or thousands of US jobs will be lost, the favorite comeback.

  • felicity commented on the blog post Economy Adds 244,000 Jobs, Unemployment Rate Rises to 9.0%

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    Rather supports the Stockman take on the budget – “flimflam and swindle.” And his description of the appropriation committees – “cesspools of deceit.”

  • There’s a way to look at this. The greater part of the 51% of us who pay no income tax is the number of people whose income is so low it flies under the radar of the income tax laws. Assuming they’re working class, they work for a living, their low income is what they receive in wages and those wages are paid by mega-rich corporations and those incomes not being taxed by the federal government is a back-door way of subsidizing the mega-corporations.

    After all, a worker suffering from mal-nutrition and hypo-thermia and multiple illnesses won’t make it to work very often. A corporation is a corporation in name only if it has no work force.

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