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    It’s dark and a small light looks bright.

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    Rick Perry announces the 9/11 hijackers should have had public executions. J/K

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    Everyone should see Vermont in the fall at least once.

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    Any progressive that cites the debt as an issue need to check their sources more carefully. We are in a liquidity trap. Ten year treasuries are at 1.98. In effect, the treasury market is telling us moar debt please!

    Any stimulus less than $1 trillion/year actual spending will be too little, too late; especially for Obama’s campaign.

  • Side note: USFS

    The United States Forest Service is an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture that administers the nation’s 155 national forests and 20 national grasslands, which encompass 193 million acres (780,000 km2). Major divisions of the agency include the National Forest System, State and Private Forestry, and the Research and Development branch.

    Although part of the Department of Agriculture, the Forest Service receives its budget through the Subcommittee on Appropriations—Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies.

    Budget: about $6 million.

    We’re talking millions, small emm, pocket change.

    Id’s imagine we’d be in a better position to help Texas out if the USFS had a real budget.

    I know some tech people who moved to Austin. They’re not happy.

  • Keep in mind anything below $1 trillion / year stimulus leaves us short of where we should be GDP-wise.

    First stimulus was $500 billion with the tax cuts part removed. That was mediocre.

    This one will be $150 billion? It’s a joke!

    I can only conclude Obama doesn’t want to get re-elected.

  • What channel what channel? i gotta see this!

  • Our economic knights of truth, how I love them so. Thank you for dusting them off and laying them out so pretty.

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    Sorry, NP, should I quote the entire article above that I agree with at every point? I even think immigrants that are our new slaves should get to vote, as well. In fact, I think the voting age should be reduced to 16.

    I was talking to a young woman (white suburban) the other day. She has her first period when she was nine and birthed a disgusting noisy blob of flesh when she was 14. She works a minimum wage job and every cent she makes goes to her mother so they can continue to eke by. I lied to her and said one day she would be able to change things.

    I see this kind of thing all the time and I was under the assumption that anyone here had seen it too, or was at least aware of it. That’s why I thought studying the enemy and, sometimes, my allies, was worth commenting on.

    But hey-oh, you want to know what I think? I think we are all collectively responsible for millions of deaths worldwide. I think it’s a very good thing GWB led me to Quakerism because I am such a violent person inside that I might lash out aggressively at the latest flavor of neo-conservative drones. I think it is inevitable that the poor will set this country on fire and I am shamed that I know when that day comes I will be gloating.

    My father, 81 and a Friend, tries to calm me. But as this democratic farce continues to gyrate like an out of control top I acquire a much deeper understanding of the mind of Norman Morrison.

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    I read the comments section and I applaud the rationalists that tried to explain how the US got to the enlightened position of allowing everyone to vote.

    What’s disturbing is the otherwise intelligent posts that point to history under some truly repressive kings as A Good Thing. It’s very reminiscent of people who seem normal yet believe beating their child twice a day is the best way to raise them.

    Some of the posters were obviously strict constitutionalists yet they thought an exception should be made “in this case.”

    They are advocating social suicide.

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    Nice overview but I’d change the title to:

    Zero Job Growth Is No Surprise to Adults

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    I haven’t been following, sorry. “DNA testing performed during the original investigation indicated his innocence.” WTF? I’m googling, thanks!

  • Always answer a question by the police with another question. If it’s a statement, ignore it. If it’s a command, comply immediately.

    Those rules has served me well.

  • There is the faint possibility the Iraqi police were spreading disinformation. NOTE I said FAINT. 2006 Coverage from McClatchy

    REGARDLESS, 1) This picture should be on the front page.
    2) Where was the follow up? What happened to the preliminary report from Iraqi police? What was the US response to Philip Alston, the U.N.’s special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions?
    3) I have a personal plea:

    Stop the madness. Whether our troops are virtuous and heroic or evil and sadistic or anything in between we must bring them home now to save them, to save their souls. At this point we are doing more harm than good; the Middle-East can carry on without us.

    Just stand up on Labor Day and tell someone out loud the madness must stop. That’s right, get out of your chair and say something heart-felt to another human being. Don’t argue. Don’t try to persuade. Just let your words hang in the air. Give a real human voice to sanity.

    I know it sounds crazy, but I’m going to do it. I just can’t take it anymore and if I write one more comment, one more blog post, one more tweet about it then I think I shall go insane.

  • I wish Text-to-Speech tech was good enough to render this dramatically.

    Ms. George, very cool customer. I wish she was on our side.

    Oh well, blindness also strikes the talented.

  • Go Dan, best wishes. I hope he got my poem @ tarsands memorial pokey:

    Now listen to me closely, I’ll endeavor to explain
    What separates a whiner from a Hamisher, Jane;
    A view confessed by activists, illustrious or coy,
    Whether hip as Hoffman or daring as a Dan Choi.
    Martin Luther King knew best, and on this you can rely:
    You must defend your rights or all our rights will die!

    Dan, as a great man didn’t say, “Nuisance is the mother of Redemption.” Here’s hoping Obama promotes you from Lieutenant to General Nuisance. :D

    Also, Jane, excellent writing!

  • The more I read stories like this the more I’m inclined to believe the “US invented AIDS to kill gay people” crackpots. Just a little. A smidgen.

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    I’m sorry this post is torture!

    Delicious, delicious torture.

    I hate you.

  • Al Gore, Sr. was betrayed by block of conservative West TN democrats in 1970. It seems the sate and the Gore family have “issues”.

    Agnew called him the “Southern regional chairman of the Eastern Liberal Establishment”. He was against the Vietnam war and mandatory school prayer. He lost by 2%.

    Junior was only walking in his father’s footsteps. :(

  • I don’t think you need that much money to run for the House as long as you don’t play the media game they way they want it. Every interview you give and every speech you make you make completely true inflammatory statements. For example:

    “There is widespread corruption in the banking industry and it needs to be investigated. The bankers that are found guilty should lose their homes and be sentenced to hard labor.”

    “So far the only job proposal the Republicans and Democrats have come up with involves creating an industry around exterminating people we don’t know overseas. I fail to see how killing children in drone strikes is an economic stimulus.”

    “I support taxing the rich so heavily that they won’t have enough money left over to buy Congress.”

    “Members of Congress should have access to the same kind of medical care that the rest of us don’t have.”

    “In the old days filibusters used to work because congressmen would have to actually stand up and explain themselves at length to justify their obstructionism. Our wizards in Washington have made it so they can silently filibuster while sitting on their fat asses. The filibuster is not the problem; cowardice and sloth is.”

    “I’m for term limits. One to be precise. Incumbents now do more damage than good in their lust to stay in office. If I run for a second term then you’ll know I’ve been bought.”

    “White heritage is critically important to this country’s image. It is the bland background that makes our many immigrant cultures look so vibrant.”
    “Legalize pot and tax it. If it’s legal for you to buy me a beer then it should be legal for me to share a pot brownie with you.”

    “Mexico supplies drugs to our country. We supply Mexico with guns. I don’t call that being very neighborly in either direction.”

    The idea is to let the firestorm of controversy do the work for you.

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