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  • I’m glad you called him on this lie.

    When the “reform” goes into effect, *I*, too, and some of my friends WILL greatly benefit from it.

    Right now, I’m not benefiting much, but I’m glad your son now has better coverage than I can afford (I have total JUNK insurance at the moment).

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    Did you ask John Tyner why he turned on the video prior to this ordeal?

    And did you ask him about the “I’ll have you arrested” part?

    Having been groped by the TSA myself, I loathe them. However…

    It would not occur to the vast majority of people to say, “I’ll have you arrested”, as Tyner did, let alone turn on this recorder before the groping was to occur.

    Your indignation over this is not entirely understandable.

    “At least one local TSA administrator wondered if Tyner hadn’t come to the airport prepared to create a scandal.”

    Well, dammitall, I thought the same thing. Why is this so unreasonable, Jane?

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    That explains the questionable timing of this farce.

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    You give Reid way too much credit.

    Nevada TV/radio airwaves were blanketed with “Don’t vote!” messages aimed at the Hispanic/Latino populations.

    These ads were insulting to the intelligence of voters. I witnessed pre-election-voting lines: All were OVER 50% Hispanic.

    Reid benefited from blind luck, primarily from the insipid, demeaning message paid for by his corporate-owned opponent.

    Never underestimate the Hispanic/Latino grapevine. If you challenge their intelligence, you pay the price.