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  • I’m no fan of Dean but if it means getting a real Democrat over a “third way” corporate hack I’ll take it.

  • I wrote Dean off after he came out in support of the public-optionless health care bill and he really pissed me off when he thought Muslims shouldn’t build a mosque close to the twin towers site but if he can take a strong public stand and change his voter registration in a very public way I will kiss his feet. This could be the spark we need for a third party run against corporate loving/war loving Hillary and the next right wing idiot from the Republican side in 2016. I’m not one to have much hope but this could get me excited.

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    What type of person can take something as aggravating as a glitch and see art there? I stand in awe of this type of lateral thinking. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Bring on the glitches bitches, I’m ready for you now!

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    I’m a gay man and I can totally see your point. How many times have we seen young female school teachers caught having sexual relationships with 16 or 17 year old boys? Humans reach sexual maturity in their early teens and it is only natural for there to be sexual tension between adolescents and adults, especially when the age difference is insignificant.

    But is the answer to remove female teachers from classes that contain sexually mature males?

    Another point is that I see lots of straight, married men on Craigslist looking to hook up with gay men.

    Should we have some sort of sexuality test administered to straight men in the Boy Scouts to ensure that the boys are safe?

    The Boy Scouts have been closed to gays for decades and yet we have recently seen evidence that the Scouts are covering up past abuses committed by straight Scout Masters. Obviously, removing the gays has not stopped the abuse.

    At what point do you distinguish uncontrollable pedophilia urges as separate from normal human urges that can be controlled? At what point do you say that it is okay for straight men and women to be around children of the opposite sex?

    I understand your discomfort with gay attraction but don’t let it cause you to draw a connection between pedophilia and homosexuality. They are two entirely different things.

  • From Huffpost–Obama Hits Social Security In Fiscal Cliff Offer Friendlier To The Wealthy

    I had to laugh at’s response. They were the biggest Obama cheerleaders and told the rest of us to shut the f*ck up about criticizing Obama. Now they think they have leverage in this fight when Obama no longer faces re-election. S*ck it b*tches! He’s your guy and you own this.

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    I’m heartbroken. I’m an old timer from your Calitics days and have the deepest respect for your talent. I am happy to know you are able to reevaluate your life to find a better balance and deeper understanding. I have been going through that transformation for 18 months and I am a completely different person than I was when I started. I smile a hell of a lot more now! Good luck on your journey and thank you so much for keeping me informed.

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    I should also point out that the Repubs didn’t lose the female vote based on gender roles, they lost it because Rush Limbaugh called a brave young woman, who should be looked upon as a role model, a slut for demanding the right to contraception. Contraception is not a controversial issue with 90% of the public and it was an overreach by the Republicans to use that as a wedge issue. That overreach scared many women into believing Republicans were anti-women when in reality it was only the political hyperbole of a few Republican troglodytes in an attempt to play to a conservative base.

    I would think that if a poll were done, a large minority of women would agree with the idea that men should be the breadwinners and women should raise the babies. You won’t lose many votes espousing that philosophy.

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    I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this. I live in a conservative part of the country and have experienced this mindset first hand. One male acquaintance had to go to Mexico to find a woman sufficiently submissive because American women wouldn’t put up with him. He’s actually a decent fellow with a liberal ideology except when it comes to the roles of women and men. Can’t really figure the guy out but he has been happily married for twenty years and his wife appears to be happy in her role. He treats her like a slave and I don’t really understand the dynamic but she always has a smile on her face and a sunny disposition. She grew up in poverty, washing clothes in a stream, so her expectations are different than mine and I don’t see any need to force my liberal views on either of them.

    Which brings up the flip-side of the equation; there are many women, American and otherwise, who believe it is their role to be submissive and they are happy doing so. To make this an issue about those horrible anachronistic men is disingenuous. This is part of American culture and the desire of many men to have that 1950′s family environment which worked well for a lot of people at the time should not be shocking.

    There are a lot of ways to experience life’s journey and my way is not the only way or the right way it is just my way. While I certainly see the dangers of forced gender roles, we are not all of the same mindset and I have no problem with consenting adults deciding for themselves how to live their lives.

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    That photo is really creeping me out! Scary good compilation of the two men.

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    I almost stopped reading after this sentence;

    or the disappointing passivity towards the national security state that characterized his first term?

    This is characteristic writing of the Obama apologists–downplay the fact that Obama has aggressively augmented the national security state by flat out lying. In no way, shape, or form was Obama passive and the word [...]

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    Careful, shootthatarrow. Many before you have been banned here for lesser comments. And cloonan, any talk of third party candidates is against the site rules here, as is any talk of withholding your vote from the Democrats or anything that goes against the two party duopoly. This site has to make money and they can’t [...]

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    Yes, that’s it. You nailed me.

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    For me the downfall of Occupy was the fact they weren’t willing to take on the Democrats and their complicity in the rise of the 1%. It was hypocrisy from day one. The whole movement was about the fact that neither party was on the side of the people and if the movement had pursued [...]

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    I have found an effective way to shut up the obots, at least in person, is to tell them that you aren’t voting for Obama because he doesn’t share your values. The whole lesser of two evils pragmatism crap falls apart after that and you can just nod sympathetically as they try to claim the [...]

  • And here’s your response to my Primary Obama bus ad campaign back in April of last year.

    shekissesfrogs April 12th, 2011 at 4:14 pm 11
    This is a really good idea.

    LOL …

  • The reason conservatives are successful seems simply a matter of Republicans fighting for their ideals and holding their representatives accountable. No brain surgery there; no eleven dimensional chess. They primary lesser candidates and they withhold their votes and money if they don’t tow the party line. That is why Republicans fear their base.

    The Democrats, on the other hand, are so fearful, they will vote for someone worse than Bush in order to prevent a scary Republican from winning. If I’m betting on a fight, I bet for the guy/gal who is willing to throw a punch, not the guy/gal running around the ring trying to avoid getting hit and crying “Why can’t we all just get along?”

    We used to hear a lot of talk here at FDL about the importance of primaries but when the time came to put up or shut up, FDL shut up–no talks of primaries for Obama, no push to bring third parties into the main stream discussion, just silence.

    Most stories about Republicans on FDL mock their emotional, irrational, animalistic nature. Democrats are supposed to be superior to these baser instincts. Well guess what? Emotionality, irrationality and animalism are all very effective tools when it comes to politics so get over yourself.

    If you want change, have the balls to fight for it. Tap into that animalism and emotionality for once. Primary them, withhold your vote, withhold your money, withhold your support until they comply–throw the damn punch!

    Until progressives are willing to walk the talk they will remain a sideshow to be mocked by Obama and the Democratic leadership. There is no excuse for being outsmarted by the right-wingers. I couldn’t be more disappointed in my fellow progressives for being so clueless as to how to rectify the problem. Get smarter. Throw some punches and stop whining.

  • What a wonderful thing to read today. Thank you Dr. Lessig. As a lifelong scientist it is refreshing to see something proactive coming out of congress to deal with these issues. Your words were beautifully constructed.

    I loved the little slam on congress at the end. It must be a wonderful feeling to speak in front of that audience and have the opportunity to make such a pointed and valid criticism in your summation. Speaking truth to power is intoxicating.

  • It can be said credibly that LGBT fundraising has replaced Wall Street as a vein of support for the Obama campaign; that’s not really an overstatement.

    This is a ridiculous statement. I’m going to need evidence. In what universe is Wall St. pulling back from donating to Obama? He has been their biggest protector. And in what universe do gays have the political funds to match Wall Street?

    Please elaborate on where you are finding evidence that LGBT funds are replacing Wall Street funds. I can’t imagine this being even close to the truth and if it is then gay people have a hell of a lot of money to donate to a homophobe … and clearly their donations are misplaced.

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    I’ve been proposing a new strategy to my local enviro groups but they are not interested in facing reality. They prefer the feel good methods of public protest over more time-consuming approaches like consumer choice aggregation.

    Consumer choice aggregation is on the books in five or more states across the country and we are forming non-profit energy buying agencies that promote local solar roof power and other green alternatives instead of foreign tar sands oil. We are providing much needed competition to our local energy monopolies who rely mostly on coal and oil and we are forcing prices to be lowered by these monopolies while increasing green energy availability to consumers.

    California is a leader and Marin County has a CCA up and running successfully with San Francisco coming online sometime this year. The best way to stop tar sands oil pipelines is to decrease need for oil based energy. Look into CCA formation for your state and stop wasting time trying to get the politicians on board. They aren’t and they never will be. Time for citizens to change the way power is provided in America so we can stop all the wars for oil.

  • Too late to bitch about it now. The time to fight was over a decade ago and the Democrats did their usual spinelessness crap with most progressives joining the chorus to support the Patriot Act.

    Many of us decried the FISA vote and telecom immunity but we were extremists who had not understood Obama’s good heart. Pragmatism was Sesame Street’s word of the day.

    Many of us called and wrote to chairman Genakowski of the FCC to stand up for net neutrality but we were not joined by our fellow progressives who thought we could revisit this issue later.

    Now, we have progressives telling us we must vote for this Obama. I’m glad I don’t own a gun. Progressives have ruined this country.

    No, I’m not bitter.

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