• DOJ too busy harassing local officials trying to provide legalized medical cannabis or busting dispensaries or generally supporting stupid, immoral and unsuccessful drug laws and policy

    Obama and Holder — both ridiculed the cannabis legalization movement as a bunch of stoners — they are clueless gits who are playing at being government officials we would be better off buying them a copy of sim city and getting them out of our hair.

  • In Sept Ahnold signed the law for decrim…but if you have over an oz you still face felony charges..and even though you may have less than an oz it is still grounds to search you car, person and house for other offenses including felonies.

    and by the way
    In 1975 then-State Senator George Moscone got a bill passed and signed by Governor Jerry Brown to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. oy vey deja vue

    I think the next try in Cal has to include forcing the Democratic Party to get on board. I think you should name the Prop after George Moscone and get Don Solem to raise money for it and get John Burton on Board – these are the people who worked on marijuana legislation in Cal in the early 70′s…in the state senate

    John Burton for National Democratic Chair..he is the biggest jerk in America –he is what the Republicans have earned and deserve

  • It was the top of the ticket candidates who were gutless. The assembly and probably the state senate are going to pass a marijuana bill.

    I never liked Dianne Feinstein and after hearing her say she was opposed to legalization because she didn’t what Cal to be known as a druggy state.

    I guess she prefers it be known as a state that wastes billions of dollars on enforcement

  • One of the major spokesmen for the campaign was a former deputy chief of LA and other the former chief of San Jose

    Short haired and in suits white and old

    what would you call it besides marijuana?

  • The way prop 19 was written each county would have decided its own rules.
    I think a lot of people heard the Oakland was charging 200k for a grow permit (for a huge warehouse operation) and got freaked out thinking they would be priced out.

    In the early 70′s there were the same rumors about big tobacco and the pot world. What the hell –there is room for Bartles and James and Screaming Eagle in the wine world same for pot.

  • It is not legal. Police use the odor to hassle people and to search them
    and if you are someone they want to hassle they can pretend they smell it.

    It poor public policy and costs the state of california a lot of money in courts and in jails not too mention police state time.

    And course Herr Holder thinks the feds should still be raiding pot clubs

  • I live in Western Sonoma County. The only people I know personally who did not vote for it are a couple of younger local growers of really great pot. They were afraid that they would be priced out of the permit markets
    and or there would be a corporate take over –rumors abound the Phillip Morris already bought 500 acres in Mendo.. true or not true I don’t know.

    The other factor was that people did not understand the law.
    ABC did a story on driving under the influence of pot — they pretended they didn’t now it was already illegal to drive under the influence and would still be illegal

    Sharon “I am so dumb I married Ozzie” Osborn said on national television that mj is a gateway drug and if prop 19 passed the school bus drivers would be allowed to smoke pot. CBS new talk show for incredibility stupid women –factless feckless drivel

    I think you should have reached out to the people who worked on the first state wide pot initiative in the early 70′s…you needed to show more old people :) Since apparently that was the demographic that didn’t show up.

    I am glad to hear you are going to do it again. The recent legislation making an oz or less a mismemeanor is good and I understand more leg. is coming

    I also think you need to get people to hold Obama’s feet to the fire on this issue. It is poor and very expensive public policy and he treats it like a joke.

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    Bloomberg is not a hard right repug.

    Mayor Mike endorsed and campaigned for Meg Whitman, the worst candidate ever
    He can go suck rocks before I would consider him for anything He is annoyinbg wealthy git who sometimes does the right thing just not often enough

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    Letters to the editor, speaking up in public forums, visit mass media news sites and post comments…no Gooper nonsense should go unanswered.

    I want to see John Boner’s expense accounts. I want to know every penny he spends on changing the speakers office and I want to see who Mitch McConnell is taking money from

    I think we should spread rumors about what the T party people are saying about the republicans and start lots of fights.

    I want to know what the alleged reasonable republicans think about all this
    Lincoln Chaffee better have a lot to say and where are all those Obama republicans like Susan Eisenhauer. I want these people to stand up and take responsibility for this mess

  • I’m with you..

    Every time Mitch McConnell opens up his big fat toad mouth the entire left wing should respond with crap in kind

    I want to know how Boner plans to drive back and forth to Ohio..or will he be flying? I think he should take the bus or train. I don’t think we can afford more.

  • Obama we are stuck with him. But we can get rid of the dreadful Gov Kane and let’s get the Democrats moving –bring back Dr Dean

  • I would contribute to a fund to hire Russ Feingold to talk about what an ass Mitch McConnell is…

    I think everyone should make their goal to be an obnoxious as possible about the behavior of goopers. Open up the health care bill — let’s go for single payer.

  • I say the first offer is always the best offer. If Republicans want to re open the health care debate – then let’s go for single payer.

    Calling Dr. Dean and the 50 state strategy

    I am embarrassed for the voters of Wisconsin.

    And Shrub is going on tour to rehab himself?????? Let’s be as vicious as e can.

  • Good job on prop 19 campaign…
    However people like Sharon Osborne were able to spew crap around including saying school bus drivers would be allowed to smoke pot

    and ABC news did a story on impaired driving..as if it isn’t already against the law to drive while under the influence.

    Ignorance apparently is bliss and people who voted against 19 are ignorant gits