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  • “Over the weekend both Congressman Eliot Engel (D-New York) and Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said they believe sending troops to Iraq may be necessary to protect US national security interests. Engel made his statement on Fox News Sunday and Kinzinger made his on ABC’s This Week.”

    US national security interests oddly to our US Congress equals Israel. There is something in this ISIS fight that goes right back to our original mission to attack Iraq which was to protect USA national security interests – ISRAEL.

  • Christie is a Republican who was sued because he played politics and scammed the public.

    Would it have made any difference if he was a Democrat? Would it have made any difference if Rendell as Governor of PA was sued and charged taxpayers because he hired an Israeli security firm to spy on Pennsylvanians who were against fracking, etc and considered them as terrorists. Rendell was lucky he wasn’t sued.

    Politicians are inherently crooked and will find ways to steal taxpayer money for their cronies, and to hire lawyers to fight claims of wrongful action. We need to fight the corruption instead of only fighting it if it comes from the other Party.

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    That’s interesting because Obama stirred the hornets nest in Syria at the same time (about 2 years ago) when he stated that Assad must go….thus kindling the current civil war. Every power hungry faction jumped on Obama’s (as it turned out) hollow words because they thought they could pick up the pieces of Assad’s government [...]

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    These “special relationships” that our USA pols get giddy and fawn over, (as with our special friend in the ME) typically end up screwing America and citizen constituents, because they represent entangling alliances that will have events manipulated so as to inevitably cost our country. The chemical weapons in Syria is but one example. We’ve face many over the last 12 years and they all cost Americans.

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    The threat of terrorism works to diminish all of our USA rights and to allow the government to consider all Americans as potentially guilty. We need to find out and determine why they hate us now.

    Most of us that are not completely clueless know why they hate us, and it is because of the actions of one country in the ME that holds our politicians accountable as special shills, and refuses to come up with an arrangement where it can get along with its neighbors. It is a behavior problem and it isn’t our problem, but we still pay.

  • If they think an armed revolution is needed it should be by the 99% against the 1%. The 1% are screwing America in many more ways than stealing our economy.

  • One Party urban government is the root of widespread city corruption. It needs to be Green vs Dems or Repubs vs Dems. But it needs to be much more than only Ds invited. Under those circumstances there is little oversight. Same goes in many suburban areas that are mostly Rs.

  • Another politician absurdly claiming to serve the public while he serves him/her self.

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    I have read that Schumer was the man responsible for the SEC cover up of one of his biggest contributors, Bernie Madoff. Crooked pols are the scourge of America regardless of their Party. Schumer is a political opportunist always protecting cronies with money first and rarely a progressive defender of the people, egalitarianism or common [...]

  • I worry that Americans will fail to learn just how much it has cost and harmed us to allow a LOBBY for another country that manipulates our government, our media, creates false wars, and corrupts and “cronyizes” our government, because then it will be too late.

    The Iraq War was for Israel, not the Iraqis or the USA people. It was created by moneyed interests for moneyed interests just as was the great recession of 2008. We’ve already lost our economy due to its outsourcing by the money people of Wall St. We as a people need to wake-up and say “Never Again” to lobbies and corruption.

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    It isn’t about jobs as much as jobs that actually pay average Americans a fair wage and significantly over the threshold of the poverty level, while the billionaire Wall Street types that typically have pols attention, (instead of the 99%) want the DNC to insert a plank about another country such as Israel instead of the shafted Americans.

    Let’s be honest and candid, what American really gives a flying #$%k about Israel and Jerusalem, other than those with lots of money.

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    Americans and Democrats recognize the problem, but have become neutered from having an ability to even criticize, just like citizens in a totalitarian country where one can’t criticize the symptoms because it offends the power elite.

    We should all be very concerned that the supposed convention rules can be violated at the whim of some, while the Party refuses to address American issues such as organized labor or prosecuting banksters, or the costly wars, or unfair trade practices or many other issues. But they can break the rules to take care of another country???

    The system in total is corrupt and twisted and it keeps us muzzled. As a trusted member of Daily Kos since 2004 (not a frequent poster), I was banned with no warning merely because I posted on several active threads that I was disturbed by this non-parliamentary work around that was not in the USA interest. It must have offended those that believe most Americans do not have the right to publicly criticize an unethical Party maneuver. They are wrong.

  • Who will directly benefit more from another QE versus who indirectly loses more?

    Who loses and who wins? Does “Joe & Jane Average” benefit more from QE by keeping or finding a job or do the Wall banker elite directly benefit more by creating a condition that forces more money into the stock market casino? Low interest rates have a big downside. They discourage saving and encourage taking on ever increasing debt. They eliminate secure investment options for pension funds and retirees.

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    Did you hear the end of the FoxLA news broadcast as the behind the scenes employees were asking, “why did she get air time and why did we let her go on like that”? The message is controlled in the USA for only the benefit of media agendas.

    The purpose of this was an attempt by the controlled media to pick out certain people to discredit the OWS movement. Why? Because the bankers are the target of the much anger and that won’t be changed, and last time I watched CNBC there is a disproportionate ethnic commonality. If the bankers were predominantly Mormons or Muslims or Baptists the attacks would be free game on the media.

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    While the USA politicians scrimp and cut internal FEMA USA disaster aid, these beholden traitors in Congress scramble to give more foreign aid to Israel and other countries that have much less debt per capita than the USA. Traitorous is not too strong a descriptor to be used against many in Congress.

  • Why the push by “Western Leaders” to prevent the Palestinians from having their official state 65 years after Israel got theirs carved out from Palestinian and Israel land? In reality there should be one country and with all peoples in that region and not an apartheid situation where Jews are permitted to be separate from others. This is especially true since Israel has now expanded beyond its 1948 designated borders.

  • I’d like to believe it is more than just lip service to a frustrated populace but I have strong doubts.

    Goldman Sachs and Wall St are intertwined with the power elite who have so corrupted the USA to their benefit. Over the last 50 years they’ve turned the USA Treasury into their personal piggy bank and the US military into sacrificial lambs to serve their personal interests. The entire War on Terror and 9-11 is another byproduct of this overall interest group.

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    Mubarak was a corrupt puppet of the USA and Israel, and the Egyptian people finally got fed up with it.

    The American people need to get fed up with it too and end our massive entitlement handouts to Israel, and to Egypt and Jordan to be nice to Israel. We can no longer afford both the cost of billions in direct support to Israel, and trillions in the “War on Terror” is a direct side effect from Israel and our one way relationship. Average Americans and our political leaders have been muzzled on this for far too long.

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    When are the Republicans and Tea Party members going to put an end to the billions we give away to Israel and Egypt as the first step in implementing austerity? When is the media going to demand it?

  • Should it make us feel good to see Dem VP Joe Biden running at point on defending TSA and telling us we need to feel good about being groped or irradiated?

    Its no wonder Democrats cant win elections. Populism should be their propellant, but instead they have guys like Biden who absurdly pass the baton to the right on this populist TSA issue.

    The problem with Democrats is that while populism is the blood of the old Democratic Party it is abhored by the new rich Wall Street type elitists that control and run the Party and its purse strings.

    The crux of it all is that you will never have a populist Party when elitists pull the decision strings.

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