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    Sounds like The Hague needs to add an international bankruptcy court, which could allow some of these debts to be discharged (and/or forward appropriate indictments of prior leaders to other parts of the city). However, I’m sure that “America – F*ck, Yeah!” would block it, just as it does with the ICC — only it can prosecute the financial crimes of its citizens, even when it clearly doesn’t choose to do so. (*facepalm*)

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    You’re not the only one who saw it that way — it’s a statement (of something, nothing good) when political satire and actual beliefs converge.

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    “NBC’S MEET THE PRESS: Preempted by Ryder Cup golf.” Best news I’ve seen yet this morning. (BBFs Graham and McCain must have other plans…)

    Thanks, Marion — enjoy your Sunday.

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    Exactly, TCU. So discouraging on so many levels, especially the pervasive gerrymandering almost ensures that the next Congress will likely have just as many Louis Gohmerts and Michelle Bachmans as the present one.

  • Nice work, Kevin — keep it up! Two observations come to mind immediately: 1) I’m surprised that the oil angle came up so publicly so quickly, and 2) a continued conflation of all NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) weapons as “WMDs” by government flacks for PR purposes. Regarding #2, we use chemical weapons all the time, even domestically (e.g., “tear gas”) and I doubt that even ISIS is interested in using nukes or biologicals. However, that bundling of all those forms into something presumably catastrophic certainly makes for lots of flashy headlines.

  • Just spit-balling here, but is there any mechanism by which they could force the issue by requesting a court-martial proceeding? Granted, MUCH riskier of an approach, but the one thing that the Administration(s) hate regarding GTMO is any approximation of public exposure.

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    A wonderfully cool 78 here in Fort Lauderdale, after what’s now “Invest 92L” passed over us last night with quite a light/sound show. Apparently FSM wants to remind us South Florida folks that hurricane season doesn’t officially end until the end of November.

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    I know, I know — restating a common theme here — but the Dems have no-one to blame for this situation but themselves for deciding to be a corporatist, GOP-lite party. Let’s bury that “woe is me” meme for the Dems forever, please.

  • Emma Goldman: “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” As long as LOTE controls elections per the first-past-the-post rule, there’s no reason for either legacy party to change it. Watch as both D and R parties unite in the fight to prohibit run-off elections.

  • Well, let’s not forget that Gen Alexander had a Star Trek bridge replica built at the CIA… maybe “phased” is just what they had in mind. ;)

  • No-one makes money on resettling refugees here, for starters, and I still feel that it’s not about the actual people in the Middle East as it is protecting the oil flows into the Exceptional American Lifestyle.

  • And I’m sure that some intrepid reporter asked the President, “So, if you admit that US operatives tortured, and we’re signatories to the UN Convention Against Torture, who will be held legally responsible for these actions?” (face palm)

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    Not to mention this gratuitous comment from Nocera: “It is great that there are charter schools that give a small percentage of public schoolchildren a chance for a good education — and a good life.” If the public schools were adequately funded, including teacher salaries, no-one would need charter schools in the first place.

  • Not only to make them more independent of the local royalty, but also to remove (discourage, at least!) the ability for priests to establish a hereditary claim on land/wealth.

  • This feels like the 15th similar article across lefty blogs lately — no offense, Jon.

    However, I’m at a loss of whether the Dems are dumb enough to think that choosing almost every policy option opposed by their base is their winning solution OR that their sole goal is simply to keep the status quo of continuing to enable the destruction of almost every progressive program left at the federal level. Either option is really reason enough for that party to lose.

  • “Jourminimalism” at its finest. National politics would be a lot easier if Barack Obama simply pulled a Ben ‘Nighthorse’ Campbell and switched parties. Whatever faint light used to be seen between this Administration and the GOP platform seems to be limited now (and even these reluctantly) to marriage equality and reproductive rights; on economics, the [...]

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    Thanks, Marion. In the “blind squirrel” category from The Mustache: “Remind me again what we’re doing in Washington these days to deserve such young people?” It clearly reminds me — as both a citizen and a veteran — how woefully inadequate VA funding remains after all of our nation’s recent ME misadventures. If the GOP [...]

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    Oh, if only we could take Lake Wobegon and scale it up… thanks for the funny.

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    Good point, re the task force ships with the carrier. Maybe the problem is bad enough for the US Navy potentially losing a $4b carrier that they don’t want to add the additional $[?]b losses of the task force ships too. How “bipartisany” for both Dim and Repug Administrations to both use lofty rhetoric before treating servicemembers like dirt.

    As for the plume, they’re acually talking a lot about it in marine-science world — there were some reports about it at this week’s international Ocean Sciences meeting in Honolulu (e.g., http://www.livescience.com/43631-fukushima-radiation-ocean-arrives-west-coast.html).

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    I spent five years as an adjunct before crossing over to tenure-track faculty, so I have experience on both sides. However, each institution’s financial situations are different — even after according for Division I/II/II or Carnegie System differences. There are clearly those institutions, with significant endowments or other financial resources, that are using adjuncts inappropriately, [...]

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