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    Not to mention this gratuitous comment from Nocera: “It is great that there are charter schools that give a small percentage of public schoolchildren a chance for a good education — and a good life.” If the public schools were adequately funded, including teacher salaries, no-one would need charter schools in the first place.

  • Not only to make them more independent of the local royalty, but also to remove (discourage, at least!) the ability for priests to establish a hereditary claim on land/wealth.

  • This feels like the 15th similar article across lefty blogs lately — no offense, Jon.

    However, I’m at a loss of whether the Dems are dumb enough to think that choosing almost every policy option opposed by their base is their winning solution OR that their sole goal is simply to keep the status quo of continuing to enable the destruction of almost every progressive program left at the federal level. Either option is really reason enough for that party to lose.

  • “Jourminimalism” at its finest. National politics would be a lot easier if Barack Obama simply pulled a Ben ‘Nighthorse’ Campbell and switched parties. Whatever faint light used to be seen between this Administration and the GOP platform seems to be limited now (and even these reluctantly) to marriage equality and reproductive rights; on economics, the [...]

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    Thanks, Marion. In the “blind squirrel” category from The Mustache: “Remind me again what we’re doing in Washington these days to deserve such young people?” It clearly reminds me — as both a citizen and a veteran — how woefully inadequate VA funding remains after all of our nation’s recent ME misadventures. If the GOP [...]

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    Oh, if only we could take Lake Wobegon and scale it up… thanks for the funny.

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    Good point, re the task force ships with the carrier. Maybe the problem is bad enough for the US Navy potentially losing a $4b carrier that they don’t want to add the additional $[?]b losses of the task force ships too. How “bipartisany” for both Dim and Repug Administrations to both use lofty rhetoric before treating servicemembers like dirt.

    As for the plume, they’re acually talking a lot about it in marine-science world — there were some reports about it at this week’s international Ocean Sciences meeting in Honolulu (e.g.,

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    I spent five years as an adjunct before crossing over to tenure-track faculty, so I have experience on both sides. However, each institution’s financial situations are different — even after according for Division I/II/II or Carnegie System differences. There are clearly those institutions, with significant endowments or other financial resources, that are using adjuncts inappropriately, [...]

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    Not to be a spoilsport, nor denigrate the reporting here at FDL, but is any other news source reporting this? Usually, there’s a link provided to at least SOME coverage of this elsewhere…

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    While it’s a bit cynical, even for me, why wouldn’t some large corporation — which would potentially be hit with a big loss with a default — simply agree to fund a few years for Boehner at some little-show job at a conservative think-tank? He’d be then assured of an income, should he fail to win re-election, and he can probably make more in the “private sector” as a former Speaker lobbyist than he is as a current one.

  • x2. While it’s easy to simply blame the GOP on this one thing, the larger problem is that we’re ALREADY at the GOP budget, in the form of the sequester-level spending decrease.

    Woodrow Wilson — among others — was probably right: we need a parliamentary system.

  • This bit “shutdown and possible debt ceiling default could even threaten the Republican majority in the House of Representatives if he and his GOP colleagues can’t figure out some way to win the media war” did make me chuckle a bit. Um, didn’t we have both Houses and the Presidency at one point? I’m thinking that the Dims actually enjoy the “we can’t do anything because of the meanie Republicans!” hand-wringing meme.

  • Heck, just having a discovery period would be entertaining, if not actually informative. Besides, I’ve come to irrationally enjoy forcing Obots into mental gymnastics as they try to sort out policy inconsistencies on the fly.

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    A feature, not a bug. They had to have gamed this out six-ways-to-Sunday (Tuesday?) and seen the possible outcomes.

  • I’m assuming that there’s no appeals process, or that such a process has already been invoked (and denied)? Not that I have any doubt where the current SCOTUS would come down, but it would be an entertaining event.

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    Given all the various trial-balloons and on-the-table proposals, it’s with a good deal of discouragement that I count “inaction” by this group of clowns to be the best possible option at this point.

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    It would be quite entertaining for some intrepid reporter to a) look up the congregations these Congresscritters claim membership to and b) interview the priest/minister/leader whether they countenance the action by their parishioner regarding SNAP (among other votes).

  • Were this the first time this event has played out, yes, I’d give the Administration more benefit-of-the-doubt. However, what we saw from the White House was a concerted effort to cut social spending, despite the disproportional effects those cuts would have on the economy and the opposition to do so from the natural Democratic party base (note: not the DNC or party hierarchy). It’s therefore entirely reasonable to infer that the choice to take such an approach — while other approaches were available — was within the policy boundaries of the Administration. It’s also just as entirely reasonable to assume that a similar approach will be taken this time, given the additional and subsequent attempts to take actions (Syria, XL) similarly against his natural party base.

    As we’ve been told repeatedly, judge by the actions, not by the speeches or supposed “intent” — no more “eleventy-dimensional chess” smoke-and-mirrors. The Administration’s actions taken in all of these debt limit and budget negotiations to date have caused me to assume that their preferred policies are not my preferred policies.

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    How about the concept if we leave them alone they can solve their own problems?

    That’s just anti-MIC crazy-talk… without wars, we wouldn’t need military hardware or contractors. How dare you deny our overlords their due! /s

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    “Never let a good crisis go to waste. ” — Winston Churchill (repeated many times since by others)

    In a just world, we’d have a liberal counterweight to use this to the public’s benefit. I’m damn sure that it’s not this Administration.

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