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    What Dorothy Rabinowitz sees when she looks at a bicycle: h/t Kate Beaton, Hark, a vagrant, 331

  • Railing against the Missouri Milk Board is taking a, shall we say, expansive view of The State.

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    It’s all politics, man. Pfft. When did politics get all political? We don’t have to put up with that shit.

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    This newly popular thing where wingnuts say that Obama can’t bear to be the butt of jokes… Where do they get that? He certainly has a big smile on his face at the WH Correspondents shindig and that Gridiron Club thing, taking a few zingers and throwing a few of his own. Is it like “TelePrompTer,” a shibboleth wingnuts use to recognize one another?

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    Yeah, I love the way they repeat versions of this story: See that rich guy? He’s a wonderful man, and you should want to be like him! And they treat that as a normal human interaction. Um, well. I’m the same age as Marco Rubio. In my family, which wasn’t exactly privileged but didn’t have working-class authenticity either, we were quite happy saying, instead, See that rich guy? He’s an idiot and a crook.

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    A frustrated doctoral candidate purchasing weaponry to fend off imaginary threats? That has no potential to go awry.

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    To them “socialist” is a sophisticated way of saying “thief.” He wants to take their stuff, ergo he must be a “socialist.”

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    They don’t see it as contradictory, though. Their view is that the government _would have_ all kinds of money to do valuable things for them and people like them, if not for the fact that Negroes, illegals, and goldbricking public servants sucked it all up. In their minds, the government takes away the services they deserve and squanders that money on services for the undeserving, and that’s the reason why austerity is warranted, to cut off those lazy moochers.

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    Seriously. It’s like never getting over how RFK was a staffer on the Un-American Activities Committee. Until 50% + 1 of the country is open to ideas and policies to the left of Obama’s, it’s futile to wish for some kind of liberal cleansing rain to wash the scum off the streets of DC.

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    The part I’m most looking forward to is in 20 years or so when President Rodriguez is getting pilloried by the self-styled Internet left of his time for being such an accommodationist sellout. Not like Barack Obama, who really knew how to get shit done even with a hostile Congress. And the media keeps trying to sniff out tensions between Sen. Michelle Obama and Sen. Chelsea Clinton.

  • So when the Huffington Post, or Current TV, or good old FireDogLake, refers to “Pakistani Drone Attacks,” does that suggest that Pakistan is pulling the trigger, and they really should apologize for their terrible insensitivity? Or is it instead a matter of the way that adjectives work in the English language?

  • It seems no one ever explained to Jonah that Ron Paul was the Legalize It candidate, and he just assumed that Paulista passion was predicated on the gold standard and Austrian economics.

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    I remember this “too ham handed and provocative to be a real memo” defense being trotted out when someone found a badly written statement on the political advantages of the Terri Schiavo case for Republicans. The conservative blogosphere cried forgery then too. They were wrong; their staffers and true believers really are that zealous. A look back: Counsel to GOP Senator Wrote Memo on Schiavo (WaPo).

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    Strangely, I don’t recall a parallel hue and cry from Teh Korner about grave breaches of American freedoms when ACORN got a ton of bad publicity and backlash.

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    Selling at 72% off means selling at 28% of the original price. Perhaps a quiet tribute to the crazification factor…

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    When you have a tendency to overestimate or underestimate numbers by factors of 10, 100, or more, proper pricing could well seem like a divine mystery.

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    They represented the uniqueness and greatness of America — each one different and special in its own way, but collectively they blended in harmony.

    Doesn’t this kind of suggest an image of eating a big handful of jellybeans all at once? Otherwise they wouldn’t collectively blend into anything. Does anyone do that?

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    Name three things that are dense, round, and useless.

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    In 2028, Sarah won’t have any fans left. All her fans today are the teabagger geriatrics

    So Palin 2028 would be kind of like Angie Dickinson now?

  • Aren’t conservatives supposed to be the entrepreneurial party? If you can’t spend your way out of debt, how would a small-business loan ever work? For that matter, how would a college loan ever work? How would a home mortgage ever work? (Um, scratch that one now.)

    Yes, it really is true, sometimes you can borrow money, even while in debt, in order to parlay that money into _more_ money, after which point you pay down your debt. This happens every day in America and no one seems terribly perturbed by it. And yet conservatives go screaming blue bonkers when the government attempts it. Peculiar.

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