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  • I’m not an expert, so maybe someone can clear this up, but I thought that they couldn’t use reconciliation without already passing the 2012 budget resolution (that sets an overall spending amount) and including reconciliation instructions?
    As an aside, a major unforced error by Dems was they didn’t include reconciliation instructions in the 2011 budget resolution, and thus the 2011 budget never got done, allowing it to get teabagged earlier this year.
    It seems to me that even getting the 2012 budget resolution passed through the house and senate will be a major hurdle. The House is gonna want a lot more cutting than the Senate is going to feel comfortable with, IMHO.

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    If what you say is true about Manchin signing on to the reform measure, I think he must see the benefit of becoming a dealmaker centered around the 50th vote.
    Without filibuster reform, the Lieberdems are just votes 49, 50, 51, 52, etc. out of 60, and they are letting Lugar or Snowe or Scott Brown get to do all the hostage taking.

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    Looks agreeable.
    I tweeted this to you, but I want to mention it again, because it is confusing to me.
    I am amazed that Ben Nelson wouldn’t be on board with filibuster reform. The only relevance Ben Nelson has in the Senate is being among the few final people that the majority has to convince to vote for a particular item.
    When there were close to 60 Dems, it made sense for Nelson, Lieberman, Landrieu, etc. to try and set themselves up as the 60th, or passing vote; this is where they got their “Cornhusker Kickbacks” and “Louisiana Purchases”. With only 52 Dems, you would think that they would be motivated toward establishing the 50th vote as the most important.
    Of course maybe being an A-Hole is more important for Nelson’s future corporate career options (given that this is likely his last term) than keeping relevant with Nebraskan voters.

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    As a pained former Redskins fan (first the overrated Spurrier and now the overrated Shanahan, not to mention years of crappy QB play, have made me decide it is better for my health to be ambivalent), I actually think Shuler is worse at his new job.